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Tuesday 3rd

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  • Tuesday 3rd

    Morning all

    Got all the bits and pieces bought yesterday the store cupboard is now full. Still having a delivery of fresh stuff on Thursday. Good to browse the shelves sometimes, the stores were empty. Sailed through the lanes and hardly saw any traffic, it was just before 8 am.

    Bought some more cardinal tetra's they are very tiny compared with the others but seem to have settled in well. Lee got a snow shovel, not for snow but to clear some gravel at the back of the garden. This area is his project for 2020, may have to get Bill the builder in to help with some things, will wait and see.

    Back to sewing today, the HW can wait until next week as cannot be asked! So boring.

    Lee's cousin sent me a text, she wants a new peg bag, it hangs on her shoulder her's is just about finished. Have some taupe canvas which is very strong. If happy with that colour will make a start this week. Should not take long, her old one has PEGS printed on it thought would embroider on the front fro her.

    Not much else to report, hope everyone is well and OH getting better Linda.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Lovely bright sunshine again (due to hide behind clouds for most of the morning though), breeze at very cope-able level, dry but very chilly.

    Yesterday - obviously the talking to I gave myself worked - OH did go to his mother's and during his absence I got caught up with most of the regular HW, but also did a little bit of reorganising/sorting in my "craft" room (now wondering why I think I still need 9 or 10 lace pillows - three would be plenty as I rarely do any lace work these days!), washed settee covers, got some bits sorted elsewhere in the house and in the process cleared quite a bit of stuff out of the house - either rubbish or recycling. Quite pleased with myself so spent the afternoon on the next sub-section of family tree tidying. OH did the small tasks in Barton, so I didn't need to go out.

    Today - have some bargain buy lemons in the fridge to use and trying to decide between chutney, marmalade and a small test batch of lemon ketchup (sounds interesting, but not sure the customer base round here will consider it - might be far too exotic). If it stays dry and clear as it warms up I'll see about getting the yard brush out and clearing some of the dead leaves that have accumulated outside. Only other thing is changing bed linen so more laundry to do.

    Caroline - you've got plenty of things to keep you busy by the sound of it, and Lee too. Hope you get everything done.
    Mo and Pete - just jealous! LOL! Hope you're making the most of it.
    Dave - water still receding I hope. How are the coughs (all the dampness in the general atmosphere won't have been helping recovery), and is Flo's claw fully healed now?
    Shelley - hope the crafting area reshuffle is completed and you've got space to work - at least for a while until it gets cluttered again.

    HAGO - back later


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      Morning all....

      Nice to find out Mo and Pete are in Malta, we used to go a lot, I love Valetta, have a great time.

      Coughs and colds nearly gone, river is high although the roads are open and the risk of flooding is minimal now.
      Yes Linda, Flo has something resembling a claw growing back now....until the next time.

      Finally getting to mount and frame up today, after that I need to have a clean up, I can’t move for boxes, frames, packs, display stands etc.....



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        Afternoon all,

        Dry, bright but a bit chilly.

        Caroline on a roll again, you sound ready for the week, food in, projects sorted, and HW put to one side leaving plenty of time for creating. Nice to have a plan for the garden.

        Linda glad you got the mucking out done and you managed to talk yourself into getting things sorted, that is rather a lot of lace pillows even if you did a lot of lacemaking. Hope the lemons turned into something yummy, nothing so boring as lemon curd for you

        Dave, you sound back in the swing of things, water and coughs gone, cutting room needing sorting, all go again.

        Today finishing off the office reshuffle, just a bit of fine tuning. I need to order some bits and pieces for the shop. I also need to vacuum the floor in front of the front door to get the last of the sawdust up from the planing. Its taken one sweeping to get up the big bits and then it will have had to have 2 goes with the Hoover.

        Finished both butterflies so just need to get to work on the rest of the cards this evening.

        Have a good day everyone especially Mo and Pete soaking up the sun.