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Saturday 29th

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  • Saturday 29th

    Happy Leap Day. Been a wild and wooly night, rain hitting the windows and wind battering the house. Think our bird feeder may have fallen over, again.

    Finished the tea cup coasters, have enough fabric for a tea pot coaster. will get that done today. Still waiing for the black cotton for the yin and yang coasters but have taken out another FQ for a gift set.

    Hope you have caught up at home Linda, clearing DH's mess.

    Mo enjoy your break you could do with it now.

    Dave hope you are okay water wise and still cutting.

    Shelley, pleased they have sorted your meds. and well done on the sale of your butterfly card, so pretty.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Tail end of the early morning rain at the moment and very dull outside. Temperature feels reasonable but it's due to head downwards from now on until it reaches zero or below late afternoon. Wind not too bad at the moment but we could be in for some strong gusts this evening. Still being very lucky and escaping the worst of the storms.

    Yesterday, not much mess to clear up, but didn't get round to washing the kitchen floor so must do today. OH didn't go out in the end, as he's coming down with a cold, so vacuum cleaner didn't get used either. Consequently I spent a lot more time on the family tree and had another early night.

    Today, need to pop into town to get milk etc, and farm shop for some eggs; got some laundry on the go and must clean kitchen and utility room floors. Don't have the mental energy to think about doing anything non-essential, but if we get a bit a sunshine later that might spur me on to do something.

    Caroline - a teapot coaster sounds a great idea and it would make a great set with cup coasters. I can imagine it will sell quickly, especially with the VE Day celebrations due in a couple of months
    Dave - see the hardworking engineers etc have managed to repair the flood defences, and report that river level has gone down a bit. Of course, it won't stay that way but hope preparations will be enough to avoid anything more severe than has already occurred. Hope you, Sue and Flo are still safe.
    Mo - you must be extremely tired by now with work and rushing out to craft things too. Hope today isn't too bad in the shop and you can put your feet up for a bit when you get home.
    Shelley - hope the revised medication plan is still working and you're feeling better during the day. And yes, I'm back in favour with the cats - it's me filling the food bowls again, so top of the favourite person list with them



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      Morning all....

      Quiet and still here today. Not noticed any rough weather last night apart from a good old downpour, dry today.

      The village is getting back to normal as the water level has dropped a couple of feet and they can now get back in to properties to asses the damage.
      The replacement barriers are being fitted because the old ones buckled, more rain is forecast so its just a precaution in case it rises again. It might but I don’t think it will rise to previous levels.

      Cuts on the go, got the Artisan market next month and a couple of new outlets on the horizon so need to be well stocked to supply both so I’m busy, busy.
      Need to go to HC later on a frame run and to the gallery for some A0 mountboard.

      Have a goodun all, BBL



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        Afternoon all,

        Dry and sunny here, not that warm though.

        Caroline, love the teacup coasters, very pretty material. Yes I do think that taking them at night works well, at least I can function during the day and worst of the side effects are while I am asleep. The butterfly cards do seem to be popular, I will have sold 6 to the same lady and some to another few people.

        Linda glad you are missing the worst of the weather, we had wind and rain last night and its still windy now. The shop door keeps blowing open. Yes its always the food bowl filler that has the greatest attraction, I make Simon feed them occasionally just for that reason, or at least he puts the bowl down in front of them
        I am sure you will catch up with the HW and mucking out in good time, it will still be there.

        Dave glad the barriers held if only just, replacements sounds very sensible as there is lots more rain to come. You sound all on the go as usual glad its going well with the markets and outlets. Both recovered now?

        Mo a day off.. Yeah.. enjoy.

        Today has been really busy in the shop, which is good, January and February are always quiet and so its good to see things picking up as normal.

        I am still working on the cards. I have a plan to rearrange my office space - yes again. I need more desk space I have ended up with 2 small spaces to work in, not enough space for my A3 light pad or trimmers or guillotine etc, not all at once but not even one at a time. I may tackle that this weekend.

        Take care everyone and have a good evening.