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Thursday 27th

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  • Thursday 27th

    Morning all, pouring with rain and cold, brrr! Have upped the temperature in the house to 21 the last week and have noticed the difference, plus the heating came on in the night. Must have dropped below 17.5. Love my Hive!

    My frame arrived from HC, can mount the cow today and decorate inside the box, the fun bit. The mount cutting can be boring though.

    May cut out another gift set as well, see how I go. Would be good as ready to stitch up tomorrow. Found a load of zips so need to match the fabric to the zips to save buying more.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Despite the air-conditioned room it feels much cooler today. Sky looks "full of snow", so think we might see some of the less good weather before we head north, but hopefully will escape anything too bad.

    Yesterday, had a lovely couple of hours driving around the north part of the New Forest, lots of sunshine and blue sky. Plenty of fields now turned into lakes and marshland, and a huge humber of tree damage evident - going to be a major job for the forestry people to clear that lot. Stopped for a very nice lunch at a pub and that was about it.

    Today, had a slightly better night's sleep so should be able to stay awake until we get home later this afternoon. Not had any calls from OH so assuming he and the cats are surviving without me

    Caroline - still busy, and glad that you've got zips etc in stock that you can use for your new projects.
    Dave - Got far more than your fair share of water in the area; saw pictures of the river flow at the iron bridge and looks decidedly dangerous for man and beast. News programmes indicate there's no major panic among the community, and most are pragmatic, but will be so much effect for so long and really sympathise with people.
    Mo - another day in the shop - has the weather had a major effect on the numbers of people out and about?
    Shelley - glad you're not finding the new bell sound too strident and irritating and hope you made progress with the cards.



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      Morning all.

      We have snow. Bit lighter now, started about 7am. Forecast says it will turn to rain and dry up for a bit of sunshine this afternoon. Bloomin' freezing at the moment though.

      Shop again, 4 days in a row this week, then back to normal next. Quite a good day yesterday less people but spending more, sadly unless we get some donations in we won't have stuff to sell !! Bit erly to put out summer in a charity shop even though some of the larger stores have done.

      Glad you had a pleasant day yesterday Linda. The poor old market gardeners around here will need to plant rice this year.

      The gift sets are looking lovely Caroline, should sell well on Folksy.

      Have a good day all keep warm and dry.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Afternoon all,

        Sun is shining, but its quite windy.

        Caroline its amazing how small a geographical distant there can be for the weather to be so different, you have rain and we have sunshine. You sound like you are back in the swing of it.

        Linda, glad you enjoyed the NF and had the weather for it. Safe journey back.

        Mo, your not that much further north are you? and you have snow. Crazy British weather - all the weather in one day somewhere. Hope its not too bad and doesn't upset things too much.

        Dave hope you have not succumbed to the water, I know you are safe but its really looking iffy for everyone else. Flood barriers really not coping now, not just wiggly but leaking and overtopped in some places.
        Hope all is well with you and yours.

        Today I went to see the doctors because I wasn't happy with one of the side effects of the beta blockers, breathlessness - which is not good when you are asthmatic.
        I was prepared to go with it till my procedure but as it was canceled I would have another 3 weeks of it. The cardiologist I saw the day before my cardio inversion was going to change/stop them depending on the result of the procedure. As it was cancelled that didn't happen. The doctor I saw today understood and has written to the cardiologist as she doesn't want to jeopardize my procedure by changing my meds without his say so.
        Until we hear back from him on Monday or so, the doctor and I came up with a plan for me to take them at night so the worst of the effect is while I am asleep becuase they also make me tired.
        So going to push the time round to when I taken my second dose of thinners at 11pm, hopefully that should work.

        Not much else planned for today, more card making and then do the stuffed pancakes which I didn't do yesterday as I felt so horrible (which is what prompted me to see the doc).

        Take care everyone and hope the weather doesn't get you.