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Wednesday 26th

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  • Wednesday 26th

    Morning all

    Had a smattering of snow and very cold and icy. Got to go to the chemist in the next village to collect repeats this am, had been going to walk but as all uphill thought no too cold. The car will go into shock as not been used for about 2 weeks.

    Completed the Oriental gift set now onto yellow tea cups. Good way to use up my FQ's and think could be busy for some time.

    Hope you got South safely Linda and did not meet any bad weather on your journey.

    HAGD and BBL to check what you are all up to x

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    Thought I'd managed to post before you got here Caroline, but you were hiding in the wings. Can't be bothered to copy all my drivel into this thread as need to get myself up and dressed instead of lolling in bed! Yes, arrived safely, thank you, and trip to New Forest planned for today.

    Will try and check in later, but wifi connection here a bit temperamental.



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      Love the NF Linda, Burley is a favourite haunt of ours.


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        See linda's earlier post carrying on with that one.


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          Morning all...

          Well, the Severn peaked at 6.7m, flood defences were good for 6.8, over the top at 7m. The defences held but the pressure of water was such that the straight line of barrier was forced into a long wiggly line of barrier, should all subside now.

          The new proposed outlet in the high street has been in touch, definitely want my work in there and paper cutting workshops etc as part of the core of regular workshops they are going to offer along with an art cafe, book club etc, a whole range of activities...hence the “ Crazy cat lady” cut, got to increase the range to see what will fit with the venue ( tourists) along with dark stuff, local image cuts venues equal new audiences, what turns out to be pop, what doesn’t, always changing.



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            Afternoon all.

            Seeing as Dave has posted and having read Linda's post, I will post here.

            Today bright sunshine and dry but on the cold side out of the sun and in the wind.

            Linda glad you made it safely to the south, welcome Hope your proposed visit to the NF goes well, can be a magical place.

            Caroline, if you use up all your crafty stash, you will have to buy some more What fun. Its always lovely to buy crafty goodies.

            Dave, saw your wobbly defences, mentioned on the news. They are now evacuating the residents just in case they give way or it tops them. There are a few small leaks apparently. Even though you may be high and dry it must cause you problems not being able to get around and shops closed etc. Hope it all holds and everyone gets away with it.
            Hope the cuts work out and are popular.

            Mo, bit of a shock to the system - back in the shop, hope its not too bad.

            Today not much planned, make the stuffed pancakes later, some shop orders to do and work on the cards.

            New door bell still chirping away well. Its actually quite pleasant.

            Take care all and stay dry.