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Wednesday 26th

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  • Wednesday 26th

    Morning all! No idea what the weather is like at the moment as the air conditioned hotel room and tinted windows rather detach you from the real world.

    Yesterday - had a pretty good journey south yesterday, elderly aunt is doing OK, changed batteries in clocks etc and checked all is OK with her finances. Rang OH and all is well at home, had some rather nice fish & chips for tea.

    Today - Sleep was no worse than I usually get at home, but did miss the lump of a cat trampling all over me for 10 minutes before settling down for a sleep. Had to turn off the air con because the noise was keeping me awake. Aunt has expressed a wish to visit a specific area of the New Forest as she doesn't get there in the normal course of events. Won't be going to her place until late-ish morning and have decided will probably have lunch out at a pub. Expect we'll be back by mid-afternoon as aunt starts to tire quickly after a few hours. Just taking things as they come the rest of the time.

    Caroline - expect you'll be posting any time, hope we don't clash (have difficulty connecting to the free wifi here so having to post when I can)
    Dave - hope you soon have the specs sorted - I had a similar problem once and it caused me a lot of discomfort etc. Currently have varifocals with a larger than usual close work area (my choice), but planning on reverting to standard after check this may as I think current version is causing me a bit of eye strain.
    Mo - well done on all the boxing and labelling of stock, and also on yet more decluttering, especially that wasn't specifically planned!
    Shelley - what a nuisance about the shop bell - after 40 years a different noise is going to take some getting used to!


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    Missed this post Linda, we can continue on here as you posted first.


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      Not a problem Caroline