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Tuesday 25th

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  • Tuesday 25th

    Morning all

    Dry here atm but due for hail, rain and possibly some snow. Oh joy! Not going out this morning will try again tomorrow. Staying in the warm and hoping I can get my mojo working to stitch up all the designs I have cut out. Enjoying the planning but not the doing.

    Went through and deleted a lot of programmes I used to record and watch. Just not into them any more. May give the Dawn French series a go, starting next week as like her. Not sure about the drama on ITV on Sunday again may give it a go.

    Funny how tastes change when one get's older.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all....

    Bright here but unfortunately the Severn has peaked higher than the last flood, the village is pretty much cut off. Our road is clear but shut off at the bottom, the cafe is under 3-4 ft of water for the third time.
    Need to travel out to find a post office now to post some papers, ours is in the middle of the cut off zone.
    Opticians this afternoon, new glasses, the left lens isn’t right...,damned varifocals! Somewhere between the test and the actual grinding of the lens something has got lost in translation.
    Oh well, might as well go out and walk the dog, see where its all up to....with my one good eye 😆
    Stay safe and dry all.



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      Morning all! Very chilly this morning, light rain, but not too much breeze.

      Yesterday was yet another bitty day, but cleaning etc all done and majority of packing sorted as well as weekly shopping - reminded me why I don't go on Mondays as it was like the Darby & Joan Community Club. Made it a slalom to get down some of the isles, couldn't see what I wanted, even had to turn round/reverse because isles were blocked by conversations (couple of ladies yakking and husbands/partners +trolleys cluttering up the area) ranging from Welsh cakes to hip replacement operations!

      Today, got up to realise OH hadn't put bins and recycle boxes out, so had to do that first thing. Final bits of packing done, brunch stuff ready for the frying pan (unlikely to have a stop on the journey unless desperate for the loo!), and as much tidying etc done as I can. Weather reports checked and looks like we'll be arriving to possible heavy rain, but several degrees warmer than here and not too windy.

      Caroline - hope your mojo turns up some time soon Must admit I find planning and research for things much more interesting than actually doing - somehow it all seems a bit deflated by the time you get to the actual making!
      Dave - glad you, Sue (how is the cold?) and Flo are OK, but flooding damage sounds horrendous in your area and I feel so much for those who are suffering. Trouble is, it doesn't end when the rain has stopped and the buildings are cleared out - there is far more to it and it goes on for years
      Mo - back to the grind today, but hope your three days off have allowed you to rest your leg and back a bit.
      Shelley - back to business for you too and looking forward to pancakes this evening?



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        Safe journey Linda.

        I agree the doing can sometimes be very tiring, on saying that have made this am a makeup bag, coin purse, wrist key fob and a tissue case. So doing well. May have a break now after I have done the photos.


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          Afternoon all,

          Saw the sunshine this morning for the first time in ages, now we have had hail, rain and sunshine, not too cold though.

          Caroline - yes, my tastes have definitely change as the years have gone by, but partially becuase there is so much more choice. We have never been into recording stuff and watching it later, not enough hours in the day to watch live and recorded tv. We tried once when VHS came out but we were always playing catch up, missing things to watch the recordings.
          Your unicorns are very pretty and useful.

          Dave you are making the news again, iron bridge in dire straights, highest floods on record possible. Hope you ok up your end. Did the opticians go well?

          Linda hope you all ready and looking forward to your trip south, sorry lost track of when you going, safe travels.

          Mo back in the shop today, hope its ok.

          Today more work on the cards. I had a bit of fly round with the duster and tidied up the living room ready for friends and pancakes later.
          Not much else planned today.

          On Saturday our shop bell after 40 years or so failed, I think it had failed a while back. There are 2 bells one in the living room near the shop and one at the back of the building near the kitchen and back door, so you can hear it pretty much anywhere on the ground floor and even in the garden.
          I had been giving Simon grief for not answering the door when he was closer and he kept saying he hadn't heard it. Well I was hearing the other bell near the kitchen and he couldn't hear the one near the shop, I complained he must be going deaf, we did have the odd cross word about it.
          Then I worked out the bell had failed and what I was hearing even in the living room was the other which he can't hear becuase he is a bit deaf.
          Anyway he spent almost all of Saturday afternoon and evening fixing it, ended up we have had to have a new sounder in the living room, sounds like very large birds squawking, makes me jump, after 40 years of the other one it will take time to get used to.

          Take care everyone and have a good day.



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            Yes Shelley, not good unfortunately, more people to be evacuated as they expect it to come over the defences.
            Opticians went ok, the varifocal lenses were too big for the style of frame so I could either stump up even more for next grade up lenses again or just chose a size and shape more like my old ones. Disappointed because I loved the frames but If I can’t see properly, no point.



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              Oh Dave, I hope they are not expecting you to pay for any of that, that is just the sort of thing they are supposed to advise you on.

              When I wore thick glasses the frames had to be chosen carefully or I ended up with specs that weighed a lot and made my nose sore and actually gave me open sores behind my ears.

              Stay safe.


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                Good evening all.

                Went to meet a girlfriend in Bath shortly. Day of catching up a nice lunch and a bit of shopping. Pity that it poured with rain on and off so no point ambing around looking in shop windows. Trains on the way home were all over the place as something happened on the line after Swindon so a case of standing on the platform and gettig the first train that came in which stopped at your station.

                Yesterday was a day when I was busy all day but didn't seem to have much to show at the end of it. Boxed and labelled al the celtic brooches Pete had made, cleared out more storage areas, found shoes I had forgotten I owned !!! More stuff to go to the charity shop.

                I agree with Shelley my optician would never have charged for a mistake like that. They always advise on the best lenses for the frame you have chosen. Reason I will never go back to Specsavers, tried then once and they were the worse glasses I ever had, the varifocal was completely in the wrong position the first time and had to be remade and they never fitted well. So although I had two pairs for the price of one from my usual optician they were useless. Lesson learnt and back with my longstanding supplier and always happy with the end product.

                Three days off in a row, going back to work for 4 consecutive ones is going to come hard tomorrow LOL

                Safe journey Linda.

                Hope you managed to get some time on the cards Shelley.

                Loved Dawn French in the Vicar of Dibley Caroline. Hope you found the Mojo lurking nearby.

                Enjoy your evening everyone, keep warm supposed to be down to freezing here tonight,

                Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                  The lenses aren’t actually thick, the problem is the physical area of each lens is bigger than my old glasses causing a “sweet spot” on the lens and a bit of an out of focus area either side of it drawing my eye. I always have the special thin and light lenses, expensive but worth it. I haven’t got to pay only the difference if the new frames are more expensive 🤷🏻‍♂️