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Sunday 23rd

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  • Sunday 23rd

    Morning all

    Wild and wooly with rain again! Puddles round the trees and plants looking battered. Looking at the widgets not due to end any time soon.

    Did research yesterday, played Sudoku and read. Very lazy but feel better for it. Changing the bed linen today will get washed and dried, thank goodness for tumble dryers. Do not use that often apart from bedding and towels a must if cannot be hung out. If not raining would chance it as would be dry so quickly.

    Frame ordered from HC think I mis read the sizes but never mind The apperture is quite big.

    Not much else planned, will BBL, HAGD x
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    Morning all! Had some serious rain overnight - puddles and lakes in garden and fields are visible again although the dyke and well had space to cope so surface water can run off into them. Dull outside but little breeze around at the moment.

    Yesterday - much of a continuation of previous days. Laundry done, bits and bobs of tidying and clearing, long periods of family tree while I was watching history programmes on TV.

    Today - need to go and get milk so will drop in a brother's while I'm in town, decide what to have for tea, and do more towards getting ready for trip "down south".

    Caroline - watch your back with the bed linen changing, but another "lazy" day will do you good, I'm sure.
    Dave - hope Sue is feeling a bit better today. Getting back into the swing of cutting, floor will soon be littered with confetti again
    Mo - hope the shop wasn't too bad yesterday and you're treating yourself to a lie in at the start of three days without the hassle of sales targets and smelly donations.
    Shelley - pleased you had a good business day, and hope you enjoyed your evening. Todday catching up with jobs and a bit of time to devote to the cards?



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      Morning all.

      Wild and windy here too but the rain appears to have stopped and it's milder. Going to make the effort and have a trip out to Tyntsfield House outside Bristol. Beautiful old house stopped in time. Been there before but a lot to see without having to go around the gardens which you wouldn't want to do today. Wind supposed to ease by midday, fingers crossed.

      Enjoy your 'lazy' days everyone.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Evening all,

        Its been dry, bright and mild here.

        Caroline, glad you enjoyed your feet up day. Trying to work out what a cos is never mind quite a big one
        I always put everything in the tumble dryer after hanging it out, in the winter it goes on over the radiators on racks and then in the summer on the line, but regardless of how dry the laundry is, it always goes in the tumble dryer on the 20 mins warm air cycle. It makes sure things are bone dry (I hate that musty smell of damp clothes) and does most of the ironing of which I don't do. Jeans and t-shirts don't need ironing.

        Linda hope your trip out to see you brother went well and you are better preped for your expedition down south.

        Mo and Pete hope you enjoyed your day out, nothing better than a wander round someone else's home But seriously its fascinating.

        Dave keeping well? Sue better? Been busy making confetti today?

        Today not much planned, been having a last go at the flowers want to get the colours right so I feel I have worked out the basic principle before I stop on them for a bit to make some more butterfly cards. Two for my friend and another in pinky peaches for stock. I will be using some flowers on them so it a worthwhile project.

        Have a good evening everyone and stay warm.



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          I have not got a clue what cos is Shelley but have changed to what it should have been. Shiloh was nudging me at the time for his breakfast.
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