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Saturday 22nd

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  • Saturday 22nd

    Morning all from a very windy Hampshire. Kept me awake most of the night, when will this end?

    Took Shiloh for a walk and froze, Lee decided when we cam back he was going to cut up the old garden seat. Ended up sawing his finger and I got roped in to help! Took ages to get warm as so collllllld.

    Finished the cow embroidery now have to source a frame and wait for the embellishments. Need a 3mm depth for the box part will check on HC. Must measure the embroidery first, lol.

    Starting the lemon kitchen hand towels today. The towels are white and the toppers will be lemon polka dot with an embroidered redwork lemon in the design panel. Matching mitt as well. Will see how they go.

    Not much else to report, HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all, wet and windy in Wiltshire too again.

    Shop day again but then I have three days in a row off as my Assist has to have a minor Op next Wednesday so I will be in the shop for the rest of week from then. It would be nice for us to be able to get out and go somewhere on Sunday in the dry instead of staying at home. Not been out for a couple of weeks except to work. Pete has a pupil on Monday and I am meeting a friend in Bath on Tuesday so thats the three days taken up. Roll on retirement LOL

    Towels sound nice Caroline look forward to seeing them.

    Hope Shelley gets time to craft, Linda can sort her store out again and Dave gets on with his cutting and his Oh is vastly improved on the cold situation.

    catch up this evenig.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Morning all

      Dark, wet and windy here.
      Colds are better, mine is anyway, Sue’s is still hanging around..
      Finished one cut, started two more....
      Don’t know what todays storm is bringing to us, I imagine not floods, the levels are going down quite quickly, just depends what the run off from Wales brings.
      The village is getting back to normal, a few outlets that put stock above the flood water have been sanitised and had new flooring, back up and running, the cafe our end, some pubs in Coalport will be out for a good while, “ The boat” pub ( aptly named) is notorious for getting the worst of it. Been there forever, flood water to the top of the door! The cafe on our road has flooded every single time, most owners get flooded out twice then sell up, I’d say the cost of flood damage insurance on it is prohibitive as the premium must be so high now so they must all just risk it without, cheaper to renovate....just can’t understand why they all buy it when its got one of the worst flood damage track records🤷🏻‍♂️, anywaaay....
      Batten down the hatches all, stay in, stay safe.



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        Morning all! Brightened up since I got up, but very very breezy which is making it feel pretty cool. Dry at the moment although local forecast is showing heavy rain shower for about now.

        Yesterday, trip to "town" straightforward and none of the roads were flooded so the circular route I used wasn't a problem. Rest of the day spent on laundry, clearing, cleaning and family tree.

        Today, likely to be much the same as yesterday, except I don't need to go out. Will be starting to collect things together for my trip south next week, and making sure OH has got enough food for him and the cats in house.

        Caroline - still busy on creating lovely pieces for Folksy and the occasional local fair - each as lovely as the rest. Hope Lee's finger is sorted and on the mend.
        Mo - shame about being in the shop today but a treat to have three consecutive days off despite having things to do on those days. Fingers crossed Sunday stays dry and you and Pete can get out somewhere for an hour or two
        Dave - sorry Sue isn't recovering as quickly as you, but hope she is definitely on the mend. It's all go with outlets closing and opening, but definitely needs to be on your terms (I'm the same so actually don't supply anywhere except a very small local rare breeds farm who is happy to take what I've got a couple of times a year, despite requests over the years).
        Shelley - I don't do window cleaning either, but just occasionally the gunge needs clearing. We have a lovely chap from the village to do the outside of the windows once a month, so only insides need wiping down now and again. Glad your friend was so pleased with the cards that she ordered more



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          Afternoon all,

          Its been milder but blowy and wet. Not really rain just water in the air, makes you wet.

          Caroline you take care, you don't want to do your back in again. Hope the garden seat is now in pieces. The kitchen lemon set sounds lovely.

          Mo three days off - enjoy, hope Sunday is dry enough for you to visit somewhere interesting and your visit with your friend goes well. Maybe time for a bit of crafting too

          Dave, hope the the colds are better. I never understand the hope that springs eternal when people buy into flooded properties. Doesn't anyone tell them, I am guessing not the person selling but doesn't someone have to by law in the survey? ( and yes I have just realised the spring eternal pun, sorry)
          Hope the cutting goes well.

          Linda hope your day goes well and you get some feet up time with a cat or 2. I have to admit to cleaning the inside of the kitchen window fairly regularly, but thats easy to get at and hot water is only a sink away It get pretty grotty becuase of the steam.
          Yes it was nice she liked the cards enough to order more, even said so on FB, so thats a good bit of promotion. She messaged me on whatsapp to say the first 2 have taken pride of place on the recipients mantle pieces and have remained as a piece of art long after the event. The 2 she had the other day went down very well at her Mum's funeral, she got everyone to sign it and it went with flowers, people remarked on it but she said she felt it wasn't the right place to discuss selling my cards to her friends. She said she will another time. I agreed and was just happy she was happy.

          So I need to make a start on another 2, might prep for 3 and have one in stock, she likes blues and purples, I may do one in pinks too.

          Its been busyish in the shop, now need to go and do some food and get on with the evening. Simon is watching the snooker.

          Take care all and stay dry.

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            Yes Lilly, they are advised its on a floodplain, the usual insurances are in place but flood damage insurance is optional, you can have the usual insurances but they won’t cover flood, many just don’t have it due to the cost, it averages £7000 pa apparently. Their flood damage repair costs more than that....but chances are it won’t flood every year, on average its been about every 6 years..
            They know about flooding before they buy, its Ironbridge, notorious for it....but still they buy 🤷🏻‍♂️



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              Wow its been awhile since I got called Lilly, just worked out you were talking to me Dave.

              I wonder if the asking price reflects the problems of buying in a flood area? Maybe thats the attraction and the fingers crossed hope that it won't happen to them.



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                Lol, just noticed, sorry Shelley....path of least resistance, Lilly is easier to spell at that time of night 😆😆
                Good point, I don’t know the value to be honest, wouldn’t have thought they go cheaply, the cafe was empty for nearly two years after the last owner left.