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Friday 21st

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  • Friday 21st

    Morning all

    Let's see if this post disappears!

    Cold but dry, dog walk today and starting a new project a pretty Jersey cow. I love their eyes. All my WIP's are done but the former will be another one as need to order the embellishments etc. Still providing I make sure everything is organised should not have a problem.

    Apple crumble and braised apples for me to do this morning. I always use eaters for crumble as Lee hates Bramleys. Must admit with the eaters need hardly any sugar. I slice and cook in the oven that way they do not go to slush.

    The guns have started again seems to be a normal thing now just before 7am. Although some miles away you can feel the vibrations through the house.

    Not much else to report started a new series on Netflix and Aussie production called Secret city, very good so far although a bit confused. Hopefully all will become clear.

    Hope the water is behaving Linda.

    Cold almost gone Dave.

    Mo shop today or time to create?

    Shelley card making?

    Lee has his AAA scan on the 9th. Like your OH Linda he is not normal and getting worse as he gets older.

    HAGD x

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    Morning all! Still dull, very breezy but not raining. No rain forecast and temperatures looking to be a little higher than recently, but that comes with increasing wind speeds and gusts.

    Yesterday - jars labelled and packed away, a long period off line while OH had yet another row with internet provider; every time he says he's going to change, but does nothing. Nothing major achieved, but odd bits of tidying etc done.

    Today - got some laundry to do, front room windows in serious need of cleaning - almost at the stage of not being able to tell if day or night outside Need to pop into Barton for a couple of bits and planning on doing that before the wind gets too strong.

    Caroline - you certainly pushed ahead with stuff to get all the WIPs completed. We rarely eat puddings (prefer to fill up with veg and savoury), but do like a good apple crumble.
    Mo - shop again? Hope it's not too bad, and hope Pete had a good demo and uneventful journeys yesterday.
    Dave - what's the water situation? Hope the levels are going down noticeably and danger of recurrence is reducing.
    Shelley - very quiet this time of year for many businesses I think, but nice that Simon made a sale yesterday. Any joy with the flower making?



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      Morning Linda

      I seldom eat puds but love apples with cinnamon and greek yoghurt. The crumble is for Lee. I am a savoury girl. When young and went to Birthday parties, the kids always went for the jelly, ale etc. I loved the sausages on sticks.

      Safe journey to Barton the winds are due to pick Up here mid morning. Is there no end to this weather?


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        Morning all....
        Cold has nearly gone, just got a tight chest. Sue is still poorly.
        Flood water levels are dropping so things are getting back to normal again, roads are all open.
        Pete announced yesterday on the local FB group page that he is closing his unit, now I’ve got a second one wanting my work in theirs too, we’ll see. I like to be occupied, I don’t like to be busy and I don't do deadlines so it’ll be on my terms not theirs if they want me there, I’m not that bothered, one will do. Latest one is on board, its opposite Pete’s unit, the other, don’t know yet until ( if) they contact me, its still hush-hush but I won’t be paying for space, I learned from the last one.



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          Morning all.

          Weather is ok here at the moment. Day off but have to pop into town in a minute for a few essentials.

          Pete is on his way back, left about 8.15 so should be home before midday. Demo went well but we were chatting on line till 1am, shades of the old days on here LOL big kids that we are.

          Not got a lot planned for today. Fast day so not eating till tonight then it's fish pie I think. Acquired a load of wood Ikea hangers so starting to change all my good clothes onto them. Always used to have good quality hangers makes such a difference to how they hang with less creasing and more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic ones. Such a little thing that pleases me !! Problem is they take up more wardrobe space so may have to have another clear out of clothes. Maybe I should ditch the biggest ones then I won't have them to fall back on ?

          Our landlord used to get commercial window cleaners in Linda as we are so high up on one side of the appartment but she has stopped that so I can't reach them at all. Noticed the other day when the sun made an appearance how awful they looked. Can reach the other side of the building as that is at ground level, yes it's a weird place.

          Glad your cold is nearly gone, poor Sue still suffering though, hope she recovers soon too. Good idea to sell on your terms. A friend is opening a small mixed craft shop and the deal is this is our price add on what you like. If she adds too much neither of us will make money but at least we won't be paying for the privilege.

          Prefer apple crumbles with an oaty topping as I'm not a fan of pastry and pies in general.

          We can hear the guns on Salisbury Plain from here at times and we are miles away and two miles down the road it used to shake the windows of the house. You get used to it though.

          Better shake a leg and get going.

          Have a god day all.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Afternoon all,

            Dry and brighter but still cold.

            Caroline, Jersey cows sound fab, they have such doleful eyes and huge eyelashes. Apple crumble is big favorite round here, with Bramleys picked fresh of the tree and in the oven within 20mins. Lashing of custard to finish it off, mmmmm real comfort food. Might just have to buy some shop Bramleys and have one tonight.
            We always have a sweet, but I have mandarins in grape juice and he has an aero pudding, so easy to do. Freshens the pallet having a piece of fruit and in juice out of the fridge even better

            Linda did you get to town before the winds? Window cleaning - not for me, never done ours, have a window cleaner for the shop windows so just get them to do the others every so often. Even in my healthier youth it was just a clean too far for me. Although this summer I did clean the inside bathroom window when I took down the horrible filthy venetian blind and put up lovely fresh new nets with butterflies and flowers on.

            Dave glad the waters are receding and you are on the mend, hope Sue catches up. Hope the new outlets do well.

            Mo you do sound like a pair of big kids We have spent 90% of our lives together as we live and work in the same place. In the beginning he did go off for a couple or 3 weeks at a time when on tour with some bands, other bands were one or 2 nights and me and the dog would go, that was my training on the job Now apart from my hospital stays we don't spend any time apart.
            Hope Pete is back safely and you got your hangers under control. Somewhere I have a bag of unruly metal ones that are almost an unusable birdsnest. But if all goes to plan I will need less in the spring after the big clear out.

            Yesterday my friend came and collected her butterfly cards, she also bought one of my tins, with a drum kit on it. She has also ordered two more cards, so need to get on with those, flowers taking a back burner for the moment, I have made a few, but need to change the colours. not pleased with them at the moment.

            Today need to go out and get some shopping in. Will do some prep on the cards. Easy dinner, pizza made yesterday in the microwave.

            Not much else planned, maybe some silly tv later in front of the fire, Oh Yes, just found out that in 2023 wet wood and coal will no longer be sold. Needs to be dry wood and coal nuggets, he's not going to be happy about that.

            Take care all and have a good day.