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Thursday 20th

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  • Thursday 20th

    Looks like Caroline is having a lie in this morning, so I'll start off.....

    Morning all! Very windy, dull and pretty cool, but dry so far. Forecasting a heavy shower later today, but as yesterday's was nowhere near as bad as predicted I've got fingers crossed today's precipitation won't be too bad.

    Yesterday, finished the first lot of chutney, went to make second lot and found I had only half weight of plums required so topped up with bullace. Freezer now empty of last year's plums! Had to go to farm shop for apple and shallots so walked there and back to get some exercise and fresh air. Second batch made, ingredients labels for all chutneys and jellies printed, but got side tracked onto family tree stuff so other labels still to be finished and put on jars.
    OH went for his "65 year old male abdominal aortic aneurysm" scan and came back to tell me he was normal. Hah! These people don't know what they are talking about - he's never been "normal" LOL!!!! Seriously, apparently his measurement is in the middle of the acceptable range, and very little danger of it getting any worse.

    Today, not planning any cooking today, got some laundry to do and will potter around clearing and cleaning bit by bit. Bits of paperwork to do and computery stuff to update, but that shouldn't take too long. Had a couple of boxes of dry ingredients arrive recently so store room needs a bit of rearrangement to accommodate those.

    Caroline - hope you are OK and now have a pile of finished projects instead of WIPs
    Mo - back to the shop today, after your tremendous efforts on the craft work yesterday.
    Dave - how are the water levels and flood defences? Hope nothing drastic happening around you, and the idiot car drivers have been prevented from causing more disruption and damage.
    Shelley - hope your heartburn has calmed down overnight and you have a more comfortable day today.


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    Morning all...

    Waters are going down now, some roads are open again, will be a while before it is back to normal. If this has highlighted one thing its that the area where the power station was and fields around it is mostly underwater. So the building of 1000 houses, roads, infrastructure plus the digging out of 1000’s of tons of gravel quarry which was a natural soak-away only highlights the extra run off that a huge estate will produce for us a few miles overall downstream at times like this. The Environment Agency are now raising concerns about the construction and the neighbouring council has objected.

    Coughs and colds are getting better here slowly, still getting very little sleep, not that I need much so I’m not really tired in the day but there is no fun lying there watching hours tick by.

    Cutting to do, just getting some prepared for the likely more into the high street unit.

    Have a goodun’ all, stay dry and safe.



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      Afternoon All. Spent ages writing a spiel on here at 6am, come back and gone!

      Oh well better late than never. Shiloh had to be man handled out the back door by Lee, such a wimp were rain is concerned, plus blowing a gale.

      You did a lot yesterday Linda, I finished off some things then got distracted. This morning have finished all the WIP's and now have downloaded a design for tomorrow/ This time a Jersey Cow sketch embroidery design. Want to put in a box frame with some decoupage flowers, a name tag of Daisy, faux grass and some miniature milk bottles and churn. The plan will come together. Have 2 fun hares/rabbits to do in the same way.

      Talking of water Dave my sister got a phone call at 1:30 in the morning Sunday, woke them up, stating that the water could flood over the banks. They were lucky the house was okay but a lady further down the road her garden got flooded. The sand bags saved the house. Scary. They flooded a field at Farncombe to save some cottages and think that helped my Sister as well.

      Back to some more tv now, hope everything okay Shelley. Saw your cards on FB very good and can recognise your style.


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        Afternoon all,

        Wet, breezy but not too cold.

        Linda, freezer emptying, store cupboard filling up Good news about your owl being normal, well normal as can be expected Simon was offered that but declined as he didn't like the idea that even if you were just outside normal range they would recommend treatment even though this might be normal for you and it would be unnecessary surgery. He has done 2 colonoscopy checks though, all clear so ok. He won't go to the doctor unless his leg is falling off, or worse He is not overweight by any stretch of the imagination 6ft and just about 11st. Doesn't drink but he does smoke so 2 out of 3
        Thank you for your kind comments on my pictures on FB.

        Dave hope you are keeping dry, more wet stuff on its way in your part of the world, yellow and amber warnings. Glad you are feeling well enough to start some cutting, hope Sue is on the mend too.

        Caroline, hope you are ok and just running late. Hope all your wips are now done and you are on to pastures new.

        Mo hope its not too bad in the shop today, you certainly got a lot done yesterday, must be satisfying to get so much done.

        Yesterday I got the pictures done and found myself playing around with Instagram, never used it before, ended up posting the pictures to FB sort of by accident and then realised that is quite a quick way to get the pictures on line. Might have to take the long route to get them on my business page, not sure.

        Today thank goodness the heartburn is gone, went yesterday evening after dinner, didn't eat much but I think it helped. Working on flowers now, doing a couple of test ones then hope to get on with a production line.

        A bit of HW to be done, cleaning the bathrooms and have some laundry on the go. Going to make a couple of pizzas tonight so easy dinner tomorrow.

        Quiet in in the shop today, think its the weather, been quite quiet all week. Jan and Feb always the slowest times. Simon had a callout to one of the clubs we work in, sorted out a couple of problems and made a sale, new CD/mixer so that helps.

        Have a good day everyone, and take care.



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          Evening all.

          Shop today but the weather has put everyone off. Two big hail showers, the last one just before I left the shop, piled up like snow and very slippery. Had to do an old lady walk to the carpark as it's down a hill and has long winding steps to get down to it. Made it back home safely but so strange coming home to an empty house. Pete is on his way to Kent to do a demo, I couldn't get the time off to go with him. He should be arriving there about 6.30ish. Everything is so quiet and still here, hate it. We have only been apart for 14 nights in 8 years, when I was in hospital and when I stayed with my sister when her husband passed.

          Glad your flood danger is passing Dave and so is the cold. Feel so sorry for all those poor people with flooded homes and businesses, once the water has receded that is just the start of their problems and it takes so long to sort out, clean up and start all over again.

          Not been on FB yet Shelley will have a look when I get off of here. As Caroline said you have a very distinctive style which is lovely. Glad your heartburn has gone.

          Hope you enjoyed your pottering day today Linda.

          Got a few things planned to do tonight to keep my occupied or it will be a case of watching mind numbing TV.

          Have a good evening all.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.