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Sunday 16th

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  • Sunday 16th

    Morning All

    Well a wild night will send Lee out later to check on damage and find the bird feeders, which are no longer where they should be. Check fences etc Still going and think at this rate we will be blown into the middle of next week. My sister and BIL are watching the weirs as they live right on the rivers edge, if the weirs are opened it puts Guildford at risk so has to be done in co-ordinated fashion both up and down the river Wey. We are not far from the source of the river way in Alton but more a stream at that point. The mill controls are river water.

    Did well on the sewing front yesterday, able to finish another Mother's Day card and one of the storage boxes. will try, electricity permitting to finish off the other 2 this am.

    Hope you are all safe from wind and water. How are you coping Linda?

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Extremely wet outside, especially where it shouldn't be although not raining at the moment; wind howling around and blowing the trees in a very agitated dance. It's not exactly dark, but not really light either.

    Thanks for asking Caroline - was woken during the night by horrendous wind and rain, sounded like someone throwing buckets and buckets of water at the windows. The dyke level has risen by over 30cms overnight, the well/soakaway outside the back door is just about at the top (ground level), and the house is sitting in large puddles of water. The surrounding land, including the garden and farm fields, look more like everglades than anything else; the moorhens and coots are having a good time, but the other birds are not happy.
    On the plus side, I think we are over the very worst of it here, a bit more rain to come late morning but think the dyke has just about enough capacity left to cope. Water in the dyke is very muddy looking so indicates that flow is good - just not sure it's got anywhere to go!
    Looking at this morning's forecasts I think Dave, Mo & Pete and I are going to get away lightly compared to other parts of the country. Caroline and Shelley look like they've got quite a lot more to cope with so fingers crossed there are no drastic events down there. Will be keeping an eye on the forecast during the day.

    Yesterday, got the jars labelled and some paperwork done, including online stuff. Ordered three items from the big online department store - two of the items are ingredients for preserves that I can't get at reasonable price round here, both from the same company/importer; one item attracts free delivery, the other I'm being charged p&p. I expect they'll send out two different parcels on two different delivery times/routes too. Go figure!
    Rest of the day spent on family tree.

    Today, yesterday's labelled jars to pack away and put on the list of what is where, but otherwise doubt I'll do more than more family tree stuff and keeping an eye on the weather.

    Stay safe everyone and don't go out if you don't have to.


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      Morning all....
      Well, what a night that was...
      So much water in a short space of time, drains couldn’t cope, the old water course over the road broke its banks, the culvert under the road that takes it to the Severn must have been struggling so water backed right up to our house....we are raised above the road so it needs to be biblical to get in our door but the cafe at the end of the road had around 3-4 ft of flood water. Now its all gone but the flood defences are back up. The other end of the village, Coalport of china fame also got hit hard...
      Nothing much on today, staying in, too wet & windy.
      Stay safe all, don’t go out unless its necessary.



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        Not good news, Dave. I've seen reports of roads to be avoided round here because they're under a few feet of water.
        Also seen one person panicking (think a newcomer to the area) because the surface water is near the house and previous owner has put gravel down. Not sure what they think can be done.
        If you're going to live in an area called New Holland I think you can expect it to be fairly wet!

        Had a brief shower of rain half an hour ago, but it wasn't heavy and didn't make any visible difference. Still waiting for the dyke level to start reducing.



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          Morning all.

          I was woken by the wind and rain last night, seemed to be Worse than last weeks storm which I slept through. Still hammering down with rain. We are off to meet up with Pete's sister and BIL for lunch about 30mins away. Don't think any of the roads we have to travel are too bad. Plenty of surface water obviously but we will take Valerie, bigger, heavier and higher up than my little Colt. Anne and David are coming over from the other side of the Severn Bridge so hope they can make it.

          Glad the dyke seems to be coping Linda. We are above the road level too Dave so are safe from flooding. Rain supposed to ease later but will believe that when I see it.

          Stay safe and warm all.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Afternoon all,

            Well the wind and rain rolled in and is still here.

            Not much damage here, the teepee poles fell over, Simon put them back and they are now precarious but still up. Can't wait for them to go to their new home, not sure when that will be becuase they are 40 ft long and will be difficult to get to Spain. They would make good logs

            Caroline hope it all stays dry with you and you don't lose power. I saw the little mouse on FB, very sweet. Just wanted to mention and please don't take it the wrong way but it looked more like a rat to me, I thought at first it was for this Chinese year of the rat. I think if you want it to look more like a mouse the tail shouldn't be pink, it needs to be the same colour as the body so it looks like it has hair, thats one of the main difference between a rat and mouse (apart rom the size) I just think it would be more mouse like.

            Linda glad to hear you feel you have got through the worst of it without any major problems. Thats a crazy way to run a business, one hand is not washing the other, a quick look and they would realise it is going to the same address and combine postage.

            Dave glad you feel it has to be biblical to be a problem, its like that here, it would have to be really bad as it would have to rise 30 ft and spread 1/2 a mile from the river to us. Please don't let me put you off Dave, my cold feet have warmed up in the light of day. Does this mean your visit to the solicitor has prompted you to take that walk down the aisle? Vegas wasn't it?

            Mo hope your journeys out and about weren't affected by the weather and you had a nice time.

            Today I have been finishing off the boxes for the butterfly cards. Even though she probably won't be collecting them anytime soon as her mother died a couple of weeks a go, I decided I wanted get done and put away so I won't have to worry about it.
            Nearly done them, flowers next. Going to make a pile of them and then build some cards with them.

            Hope you are all well and safe and keeping the weather at bay.

            Have a good evening all.



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              If I’m flooded put it will be coming down the chimneys of those at the bottom of the road....still pondering the other, yep Vegas or bust 😆..or Vegas, end up bust 😂😂

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                What's with this weather. Howling gale and lashing rain last night. Pouring with rain this morning, came out of the resturant from lunch and bright sunshine then a howling gale again about 7pm. Now all is calm and quiet once again.......................

                Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.