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Saturday 15th

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  • Saturday 15th

    Morning all

    Raining hard already and the winds are picking up, going to be a wild day again.

    Lee has another appointment from the hospital for the 9th March this time for an abdominal aortic aneurysm screening. Another visit but this time to the local hopsital so not as bad. He also got his yearly appointment for March next year at 8.15 for his eyes. They seem to be getting organised!

    My appointments are much better coffee and chat at the local pub Monday pm.

    You all made me laugh about bedtime, Lee used to be a night owl when he worked and would be a real problem to get out of bed the next day, now he is like me in bed by 8.30 and up by 6 at the latest. He admits he prefers mornings now and loves in the summer to get up early, dog walk with the wildlife, breakfast on the patio then some gardening. Must be his age! LOL.

    Today back in the sewing room.

    Watching Marie Kondo on Netflix about tidying. It struck me yesterday that I hoard things that do not wear, use etc and feel guilty letting go. Now not going to keep things that no longer bring me a spark of joy. Springtime the big clear out begins. 2020 is going to be the year, will try and loose some weight as well but find that hard as only eat before 2pm each day and am probably not getting the calories I need to loose weight. That will have to be revisited. Slimming clubs do not work for me as the last one was a disarrster.

    Well better get the bacon sandwich dones, have a good day and be back later x

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    Morning all! Calm before the storm here, although the wind is picking up quite quickly and lots (14 hours) of continuous heavy rain in the forecast.

    Yesterday, finished the jam, got labels created and printed, lots of family tree stuff, brother and partner visited early afternoon.

    Today, been out and cleared leaves from a specific part of the gutter on the extension (single storey) as OH shows no signs of doing so. Get an absolute cascade of water directly onto utility room window frame every time it rains - another thing I've been moaning about for a couple of years. Down pipe drainage needs sorting and re-routing - the joys of an old property with multiple extensions! Must get jars labelled and packed into storage. Not likely to do much more than moan about the rain when it comes and mop up the puddles that appear inside the front door (something else that needs fixing!).

    Caroline - glad to hear that one part of the NHS admin is working well - having worked in NHS admin for many years I know how lackadaisical and uncoordinated much of it can be. OH has recently had a letter about going for an AAA screening - not sure he'll go though, he's a real ostrich when it comes to health. It will be a big catharsis when you get that spring tidy done - been there, done that
    Mo - shop today? Hope not as it's not a good day to be out and about, although haven't looked at potential weather for your area.
    Dave - think you're right in the firing line for some of the worst weather this weekend. Stay safe and hope there's no further major damage.
    Shelley - presuming your weather is similar to Caroline's so fingers crossed you are safe and no damage occurs in your environment.



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      Morning all...

      Wet here, that fine stuff that soaks you. The heavy stuff is due this afternoon. Flood defences are going up again apparently.
      Did the log run over at Kev’s. I’ve known him years. He’s. Right character, funny as hell, it’s worth the 20 mile drive to have a cuppa and a chat with him and his family. He’s tells me he is as poor as a church mouse ( they own 15 houses, a complete cul de sac, he no longer delivers logs, couriers do, daily nationwide, he makes and supplies charcoal by the skip full to a load of steak restaurants every week and his honesty box system for bags of logs sees easily 40-50 bags a day go at a fiver a bag 😆) He’s also got an orchard and makes his own cider, “Don't drink it until you hear the first cuckoo of spring” ( yeah, right Kev, good luck with that one 🙄) rough as you like, pressing the apples with a board and the bucket from his tractor 🤷🏻‍♂️ “ Those presses cost a fortune Dave”....

      I stopped off at the farm on the way back, only one tray of eggs left. They are in a shed by the sheep pen a bit further down. Another “ Honesty” set up, this one has an open box, full of £5 and £10 notes, a sheet of paper and pen for IOU’s, a pair of glasses that you buy in chemists that suit everyone so you can see to write the IOU....and a huge carving knife, there every time, all on the table with the trays...I kid you not!
      I went to the farmhouse just to tell Mrs. Pugh (80 y/o, detected at her farm for years) that I’d had the last tray, did she have any more and that there is a load of notes in the open box ( I always do, she’s more trusting than me) roped into going with her in her Range rover to the unit a couple of fields back where they lay but forage outside, to fill the car with trays of eggs, come back and help to fill the shed up again. A good old chat and another cuppa and a warm by a logburner big enough to house a tree, another hour later....finally got home.

      Framed up the Ruby wedding cut, got to deliver that Sunday.
      Got to cut a few biggies, owl, bridge, cat, tiger all A3 ready for the big ask for the outlet in the high street, craft fair if not.
      Nothing much on today.

      Have a goodun’ all
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        Sounds like a wonderful day you had yesterday Dave Used to be few honesty boxes for produce around here, but think they've all gone now - had spates of all sorts of thefts in recent years, everything from farm machinery to honesty boxes And of course "nobody uses cash any more" - except me! LOL!!!!!


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          Afternoon all,

          Windy, rainy and grey. Wind speeds picking up, the worst to come yet.

          Caroline its nice you share the same hours, not sure how well either of us would cope though with going to bed at 8:30pm, that means in the summer you would be going to bed in broad daylight, about that time I am finishing up pottering in the garden at the height of summer.
          I am also going to have a deep sort in the spring, get rid of most of what is my wardrobe and half of whats in the drawers. I never wear it and the clothes I do wear spend their life either on or in the laundry or in the clean laundry pile. As William Morris said "Have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be either beautiful or useful" I strive for that but am continually coming up against the "oh that might come in useful" so the shed is full of possibly useful stuff.
          Enjoy the bacon sarnies.

          Linda hope its not too bad for with the rain and puddles. Our front door doesn't fit the hole anymore, its needs a swift kick or 2 to get it to close to lock it and during the day it keeps blowing open - ghost customers. Only thing to do is to wait till it drys out in the summer and repaint it to stop the water getting in and swelling it. Need to do the frame too. The whole thing is fine in the summer, in the winter you can actually see the water seeping through the wood panels and making the floor damp. So glad its only the shop and the rest of the house is warm and snug.

          Dave sounds like an idyllic day if the weather was better, bet you don't eat shop bought eggs now you have been spoiled Did you ask about the reason for the knife?
          Sounds like a nice bit of work to keep you busy over the stormy weekend.

          Mo in the shop? Can't imagine much passing trade today. Hope it doesn't go too slow.

          I going out in a bit to brave the weather, not far just Sainsburys, to stock up for the weekend. Then back to batten down the hatches and get stuck in to a weekend of card making, lots of flowers to start with and then put together some MD cards. I also want to do some photos, so that is me sorted for the weekend.

          Take care everyone and stay safe. Have a good day.



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            We are up later in the summer Shelley, normally in the garden. The winter I find my body aches and more comfortable in bed, sometimes reading or watching tv.


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              Ah makes sense Caroline. Sometimes we do that, go and watch a film in bed.



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                Correct Shelley, shop bought eggs don't get a look in any longer, they don’t look right without dark orange yolks....don’t know what the knife is for but nothing ever gets pinched, the money is in a large square lidless margarine tub 😂
                Yes Linda, I’m the same, “ Cash is King” 😉😁
                Caroline...I’m awake at about 5am but don’t get up until about 10:30....the dog tells us then that she wants to go out for a run...Sue wakes at around 9am..



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                  Evening all.

                  The only time I go to bed early is when my leg/back/everything is so painful I need to lie down with a hot water bottle and Pete pampers me and I'm propped up on pillows and cushions so I don't turn over on my left side as then I will wake up every couple of hours with the pain. I'm a natural owl and so is Pete but we have been going to be earlier mainly because I have to get up to go to work at 6.30am so like to be asleep by midnight. TV is defunct in the bedroom but when we get it replaced sometime in the future may go to bed earlier.

                  Don't you just love the old ways Dave. Sadly not may people have an honesty box way of payment around here either. Used to be a lot in Cornwall too but Pete says a lot have had to shut down because of theft, sad reflection on society today.

                  Pete did the Sainsburys run this morning as we are going out to lunch with his Sister and BIL tomorrow so no time to do it before. Really windy here now. Surprised I took as much as I did today but nowhere near as much as I should have.

                  Weekend so I can have a glass or two of wine tonight which i nice and relaxing. Pete is Chef for the night. I managed to rustle up a three course meal last night for Valentines day even though I was on a fast day. Ate more than I should have done and no more losses this week but hey, life is more important and there is always next week.

                  Have a good evening all.


                  Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                  Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                    Enjoy your Sunday off Mo and take care of that leg.

                    It is a shame all these things have had to end, honesty boxes. In the states out in the middle of nowhere they have replaced them with vending machines and they take card payments too.
                    Not only eggs, fruits and veg but one sell pies ready made from farm produce.

                    Modern life - good and bad.

                    Everyone enjoy their evening.



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                      We still have honesty boxes in the village. Several of the bungalows the old boys grow far to much veg and leave outside the front gate with a box. No prices just donations. I put one out for something once and all paid.