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Thursday 13th

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  • Thursday 13th

    Morning all

    Pouring with rain but feels a bit warmer. On the dog walk yesterday looked like a couple of Eskimo's with only our eyes showing, Lee still wore his Ray Bans!!!!!. Shiloh had his warm thunder coat on (yes used to calm dogs but does not work for him so use as a normal coat). He could not wait to get home then hogged the fire!

    Waitrose coming today but not until1pm as I stuffed up and for got to book a slot. Just had confirmation through all packed and they have everything in stock, yippee.

    Need to crack on with the final MD's cards today and get those sorted for publishing on the 15th. Then can start on Easter. In the hoop bunny treat bags.

    Hope you are all well. Online people are panicking about the 'C' virus, stocking up on face masks etc. We are just going with the flow and think the chances of catching it are slim atm just have to be sensible. I would hate to be stuck on a cruise ship though but noticed the latest one has been accepted into a port in Thailand, originated from Hong Kong.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all....

    Very mild and dark here but dry.
    Flo came home yesterday, passed with flying colours, they loved having her and would have no problem looking after her for longer periods. The company try to use the same sitters each time.

    Off to the opticians later to fetch our new specs...I hate getting used to new lenses. Got baby Daniel too today so he’s coming along with us.

    Completed my nieces wedding cut, did the same one for a Ruby Anniversary, just need to source colours to back them and grab some spray paint, one or two white craft fair frames have got marked but the finish is only like chalk paint so I’ll give a quick rub down, spray with “Plastikote matt”, good to go. The black ones usually smarten up with a Sharpie dabbed here and there on the odd nick.

    The supplier I use for paper has stopped selling one brand as only a few of us use paper around 90-100gsm to cut with and it isn’t moving off the shelf so I’m taking a job lot from them at a daft price, some I’ll use, some will be offered to Aunty San at the local craft shop.

    Had a “Smart hub” delivered by BT a few days ago, don’t know why unless its a national upgrade, what a nightmare swapping everything over, new password etc.....

    I’m not bothered about Coronavirus, I never ever caught Novavirus, or any of the flu’s, I just seem to be very resilient, must be 38 years of working in houses of people with all sorts, I seem to be immune to most of it. I get the odd headcold, that’s about it. I did read that Coronavirus and Novavirus are passed on by infected people touching surfaces more so than airborne so sanitising gel is more useful than a facemask. Probably why contained areas like ships, planes etc with large groups of people seem have a concentration of cases 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Stay safe if it gets wet and blowy...


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      Morning all! Lousy night with lots of heavy rain (woke me up at stupid o'clock), but the only evidence now is increased puddles on roads, gardens and a slight rise in water level in the dyke. Still breeze around but sun is making valiant efforts to break through the cloud.

      Yesterday was definitely a non-productive day. I did sort out OH's sock drawer - only been planning to do it for a couple of years! - and hanky drawer; managed to extract some stuff for the bin. Cleared a few other bits here and there in the house, otherwise nothing.

      Today, still not feeling hugely energetic, but have got a batch of caramelized onion chutney on the go, so cleared quite bit of space in the freezer by taking out 2kg onions. OH has said he might go to Grimsby today - need a new back door catch/lock as current one is jammed and only the deadlock is working - so I might use up some plums to make jam while he's out. No other plans, but plenty of family tree, embroidery and knitting to be done.

      Caroline - think the press are making things worse with this coronavirus thing with all the news items etc. Obvously only the "newsy" bits are being reported ad nauseum, so people who have little idea about how these things spread and affect people are going straight into panic mode before doing any of the, now so easy to do, research into things. I've not heard anything on the main news about what level of vulnerability has been present for those who have been severely infected, how many have recovered after infection etc etc.
      Dave - sounds like Flo has found a second home
      Shelley - hope you got the shop stock all sorted and out in the sales area.
      Mo - did you manage to rest your poorly back and leg a bit yesterday? Such a shame you have to be in the shop today as that will just undo any good your day off might have done.



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        Morning all,

        Rain and grey here, not so cold though.

        Caroline you seem to be back on course, completely over the migrain now? Easter treats, don't think I will do anything for Easter not much happens round here for it. Don't know any kids and the adults pretty much consider it the first long weekend to spend sorting the garden after the winter - weather permitting.

        Dave glad to hear Flo's test run went well. The trick to getting used to new specs is not to put them on till tomorrow, first thing in the morning as you would with your old pair - brain goes um still waking up that must be why eyes are weird and after a bit it all settles down because your brain accepts it as the norm. Worked for me for the 50 years I wore glasses.

        Linda hope your cooking plans go well,and the lock gets sorted, interesting that someone should have a hanky drawer, sounds sort of old fashioned for some reason.

        Mo hope works not too bad.

        Today hospital for me this afternoon, a bit stressed about it all, but hope I can have a few questions answered today so tomorrow is not so stressful.

        Just had some more coal delivered, sorted for a bit now.

        Not much else planned, hopefully some nice relaxing card making this evening, early to bed and face tomorrow as best as I can.

        Take care all and have a good day.



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          Evening all.

          Strange day weatherwise, supposed to be rain again but dry most of the day really cold though.

          Had a great donation today, three huge black bags of clothes and we only had to throw out three items, must be a record. Baldy need the stock, it was sorted, tagged, steamed and on the shop floor before we closed. Had a good sort out of some jewellery donations too. Most of it rubbish then at the bottom of a jewellery box were a good quality gold crucifix, a pair of sapphire and gold earrings with CZ and a gold ring with a pretty opal. All in all worth about £140.00, nice one.

          Hope your visit to the hospital went well Shelley and all your questions were answered and you feel a little easier about tomorrow.

          My new glassed went on at the opticians last week and stayed there. Never seem to have any problem getting used to them except when I had my first pair of varifocals when it did take a few days to get used to them.

          Don't think there is much you can do about the C virus except take normal hygiene precautions. Probably as with most viruses its the weak, young, sick and vulnerable that are most at risk.

          Hope OH got the front door lock sorted Linda, did he miss all the odd socks he was lovingly hoarding in case its mate turned up LOL ?

          My leg and back were a little better this morning and managed to sit down at work sorting the jewellery for a few hours too. Trying to rest it as much as possible as getting really fed up with it, never seems to get better completely and flares up sometimes for no obvious reason. Going upstairs is the worse putting my whole weight on it. Coming downstairs is not so bad. Hoping losing the weight will help in the long term.

          Day off again tomorrow and must get on with the pyro as Wednesday was spent cooking instead. Been cooking recipies from the Hairy Dieters cookbooks, really nice low calorie meals. Trying to pick another one for tomorrow evening but can't decide.

          Hope everyone had a good day.

          Good luck for tomorrow Shelley, hope all goes well.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.