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Tuesday 11th

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  • Tuesday 11th

    Morning all

    Dreadful day weather wise and health wise. Said I felt blrrrrgh then developed a full blown migraine. My head today feels fragile and due for a hair cut tomorrow may have to rethink that if does not improve. Did nothing just listened to music with an eye mask on in a darkened room. Soup for lunch, will see how I go today.

    Hope your drive to Barton was okay Linda. We had trees down round the lanes, miss the army as they always used to come and clear now have to wait for the council. They are very good but had a lot of work to do yesterday.

    Have you got a day off today Mo? to recover from the late night and demo?

    Dave and Shelley safe ?

    HAGD x

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    Morning all....
    Freezing cold and wet here. Went to the park for a walk yesterday, 3 huge trees been uprooted and toppled. The wind through the park next to the river has been fierce since they dropped the cooling towers on the other side....another valley funnelling into the river valley...
    Was going to go to Llangollen today, that will have to wait..too wet.
    Hope the migraine clears up sharpish Caroline...
    Back for a catch up later.



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      Morning all! Still blowing furiously here - probably more intense than yesterday - but no additional rain overnight so water levels in dykes and wells reducing slowly. Feels chuffin' cold though.

      Yesterday, thank you Caroline - trip to Barton was fine, but lots of standing water around on fields and verges and a bit on the roads; no evidence of major damage. As usual spent some time on the family tree, but also started work on creating a business card holder for the sales table, using plastic canvas and cross stitch (materials from my recent charity shop bargain bag). I have ambitious ideas to somehow incorporate the name of the stall, copied from the actual cards, on to the holder but am still in the thinking stage on that!

      Today, first thing before feeding cats and making coffee had to go out and pick up the general rubbish bin that had blown over and collect all the stuff that had blown out onto verges and road. I told him last night to do something to prevent the lid coming open when it blew over but was informed "it'll be alright". Now he's moaning because he "thought the storm would be over by now"! Grrrr!
      Weekly shopping day today; winds are worse than yesterday but only rain in sight is a possible light shower mid-afternoon. I'll have to take it steady as most of the roads are rather exposed and there is nothing to break up or stop the wind howling across the landscape.

      Caroline - sorry to hear about your migraine, hope it all clears today and you can get back to normal routine.
      Dave - sounds like it's worse than ever over there. Stay in and stay safe.
      Mo - hope the demo went well and you got home safely and not too late.
      Shelley - busy getting everything sorted at home before your hospital internment? Hope everything goes well for you.
      Andrew - nice to see you back again. Had a quick look at the site and initial reaction is it's well thought out, not cluttered, easy to navigate. Only thought is that it might be an idea to put a temporary notice up to say the site is still under preparation and trading is scheduled to commence on (whatever date) in some form, rather than have a sales page of "out of stock" - just thinking that anyone coming across the site and not knowing you are still building the business may not be prepared to come back and peruse/purchase when you are up and running. Also pleased to note I didn't spot any spelling errors (one of my pet hates) so shows attention is given to quality of presentation, and therefore to manufacture of product.

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        Afternoon all,

        Sun is shining still a bit breezy, but dry.

        Caroline, yes ok here, thank you. I am sorry you had such a terrible migraine and hope you are on the mend.

        Dave, sounds like a mad idea going to Wales, given the coming weather, this weekend another wet and windy one this time called Dennis. Much better in front of the log burner safe and dry. Maybe get some paper shredding in too

        Linda glad your trip out yesterday was uneventful. We had wheelie bins blowing down the road but they were empty. I have also been trying to get Simon to put the teepee poles back, they are precariously balanced on my washing line at the moment. Apparently "its ok for the moment" well that was 2 days ago. Time passes at glacier rates for him and other times its practically rocket fueled. There is no accounting for it.

        Andrew nice to see you have been busy, I have to agree with Linda the website is looking good, nice clean and easy to navigate. I also agree that perhaps an "under construction" sign rather than out of stock would be better.

        Today need to go out and get petrol, food and pick up my repeats. Tonite long soak in the bath for me to get ready for the hospital. I go in on Thursday afternoon for some tests and then depending the out come of those I will be given a time on Thursday evening to come in on Friday. So if all goes well no overnight stays. Will know more about it all on Thursday.

        Yesterday I reorganised my dies by theme rather than by make, not sure why I thought it would be good like that but now its much more sensible, flowers together, decorative frames, nested shapes, doilies, 3d, chinese and more.

        I have got to go out now and brave the weather, its still very windy here.

        Take care everyone and have a good day.



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          Well, I went out shopping - all went well. decided to pop into the charity shop on the way back to the car from picking up my repeats.
          Rummaged around for a bit on the shelves and what did I find?

          A mount cutter 45 and 90 degree for £1.50 with 3 spare blades (a Jakar in pale blue plastic) yeah - thought of you Dave

          Next shelf - 4 pieces of A4 plastic tapestry grid stuff for a £1.00 a piece bought 2 - thought of you Linda

          Thought I better find something that makes me think of Caroline - there were some lovely artificial flowers which did make me think of you but not really for me

          Just wanted to share

          Have a good evening all.



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            A mount cutter 45 and 90 degree for £1.50 with 3 spare blades (a Jakar in pale blue plastic) yeah - thought of you Dave

            Next shelf - 4 pieces of A4 plastic tapestry grid stuff for a £1.00 a piece bought 2 - thought of you Linda

            Thought I better find something that makes me think of Caroline - there were some lovely artificial flowers which did make me think of you but not really for me
            LOL! And that makes me think of the TV advert from yonks ago - the catchphrase was "I saw this and thought of you" . Couldn't remember what the advert was for, but have Googled a bit and think it was a Royal Mail Christmas ad campaign.



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              Evening all.

              Sadly Caroline had to go to work today. We hot back about 11.50 so not too bad and I slept through till 5.45 so good night for me. Sorry to hear about your migraine you have my sympathy. Thankfully I only get the flashing lights now, no headache to speak of.

              Shop was a bit busier today. Lots of donations 70% crap as usual. A nice man has been donating lots of new outdoor items as he has packed up his business. Planters, garden lights, expensive battery candles, even hanging hammocks. Saving for a fabulous spring garden promotion.

              No discernable damage around here apart from overturned pots and small branches thank goodness.

              Day off tomorrow and looking forward to a rest not least for my leg and back. Really need a couple of weeks R&R but it just ain't going to happen till I retire. So spoilt though, came home to a roaring wood burner, the house full of candles, insense, the ironing and hoovering done and dinner planned. I have a keeper here LOL

              Hope everyone is sade and sound.


              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                Mo, hope you have your feet up now in front of the roaring fire with a glass of something.

                All those garden donations sound wonderful, especially as you have a plan for them in the spring.

                Take care and sleep well everyone.



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                  Shelley....£1.50, bargain, I can probably buy two blades for mine for that 😆😆