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Wednesday 5th

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  • Wednesday 5th

    Morning All

    Coffee with sister went well, Shiloh acted like a puppy not an 8 year old dog! Paul played with him for ages, he slept most of the afternoon.

    Got a call from the hospital yesterday for Lee to go in this morning at 8.45 to the eye clinic, let's hope he now gets some answers. Leaving about 7.30 and could be some hours.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Very chilly this morning, but dry, very little breeze and looking brighter than yesterday.

    Yesterday, spent several hours driving around doing various chores and bits of shopping. Got some very nice Italian style meatballs from the butcher's but were very English and had them with cauliflower and mash! Not much done in the way of home chores, but did have another session on the family tree.

    Today, kitchen clear up to do, but nothing definite planned. Do keep thinking that I ought to browse the recipe files and books and look at using some more of the frozen fruit and veg; freezer is choc-a-bloc again now, especially since I stocked up on meat from the butcher's yesterday.

    Caroline - hope the hospital visit goes well.
    Mo - haven't seen you on here for a couple of days - hope all is well and it's just life getting in the way.
    Shelley - you also not posted yesterday, does that mean you had a busy shop day and no time to pop in?
    Dave - getting started on wedding cut? Hope your weather is reasonable and you and Flo can get out for a decent walk.

    HAGO all


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      Morning all...

      Clear, dry, cold here.
      Off to the coracle museum at 9.00 to see how its coming along, opens properly in March.
      I could climb the garden fence, cross the rail track and fall into it from here.
      Wedding cut started yesterday, running alongside the layered Vals cut but bigger than the last one I did to see if the layers keep shape or sag as they will be 3-4mm apart. Smaller design is ok, bigger design might need 160 gsm which is a nightmare to cut. I’ll use foam board to separate instead of small foam squares.
      Off to the flicks this afternoon to see “ Little women”....not my bag but Sue wants to see it so I don’t mind.
      Hope all are ok and busy.

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        Good morning all.

        Nice, bright and sunny here if a little chilly. Day off but had to go to the Docs again this morning for more blood tests back next week for the results. Shop has been dire this week and today town was empty again. It's like Brexit happened and everyone is pausing for breath. Hope they exhale soon or they will go blue in the face and faint away.

        Not been about as I have little time in the mornings I work, and Pete has had pupils so when I get home I'm making soup and doing a bit of a clean around. I could dust everyday and the following day it needs doing again, just the nature of what we do and the furniture production next door doesn't help. After that I just can't be bothered to plough through computer stuff and frankly I'm crackered and fall asleep in front of the TV after dinner. Went to bed at 9.30 one night and I'm really an owl but sometimes life just catches up with you and you need to chill.

        May get around to doing the mending I was going to do last week and try to finish the birthday platter.

        Hope the hospital visit goes well Caroline.

        Good luck finding some more tasty preserves to make Linda.

        Not sure crossing the railway track is the best route Dave LOL hope it's all you expect.

        Have a good day all.

        Mo XX
        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Ha, thanks Mo, the train track is disused at the moment, it only supplied the power station which has now been I’m pretty safe.
          The new coracle museum is very good, due to open in April. The people from the lottery commission turned up to do an audit while I was there, I got introduced.
          They want another cut doing to stick on the window or on a glass showcase as everyone thinks they are prints so will be completely see through🙄...there’s a compliment in there somewhere 😆...just waiting for the planning permission to be approved for the 2.7m high “ Sculpture” that I designed so it can be installed in the riverbank.



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            Left at 7.30 and got there at 8.25. The traffic was dreadful also the road works did not help on the A3.

            Anyway had the tests saw the Doc, his pressure readings are down but now want to see him every year to keep an eye on his eyes, so to speak. Still better to have the checks than not.


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              Afternoon all,

              Its bright and mild here.

              Caroline, I think the traffic is generally bad all over these days. Glad you made it on time anyway and Lee is down to yearly visits, gotta be a good thing. Also glad that your visit with your sister went well.
              Its amazing the differences in dogs, our dog lived to 18 so at 8 years old he was still relativity young and bouncy. He was an Alsatian terrier cross, so he looked like a german shepard puppy all his life, even at 12 years old people would say what a sweet puppy. Obviously if you knew dogs it was clear he was not a puppy. Still miss him.

              Linda glad you enjoyed your drive about and your Italian/English meatballs. Not everyday has to have housework in it, in fact I aim to have more days without housework than things I want to do. I am sure you will find some recipes to use up stock in the freezer.

              Dave its really nice that the museum is so close with your work in that you can pop over and see it whenever you want. The layered designs sound amazing. Its the latest in die cutting - multi layer die cutting, some are double sided, but you cut 3 maybe even 4 layers and build up the design. I really like them and have a few.
              Enjoy Little Women, its not for me, you are a hero for going, I wouldn't sit through it just to go with Simon but then that wouldn't happen, our taste in films etc are fairly close.

              Mo sometimes life just makes things difficult, it will change and you will have more time again. Enjoy your day off.

              Today all plans have changed, got a call from our friends in Poland, he will be landing tomorrow and will pop in and see us. So I need to do the things today I was going to do tomorrow, banking and some more laundry, run round with vacuum and tidy up. Once he is here its pretty much all consuming, he is one of those visitors that needs entertaining and constant attention. He can't sit still and is up and moving from one chair to another, constantly going over "old times" and reminiscing. Wears me down a bit, I have to admit. I don't mind the odd bit of nostalgia, but I am an onwards and upwards with the new type of gal, it can make me depressed so I keep trying to change the subject and distracting him - hard work.

              On Monday I was going to make twice baked spuds but after 1 and a half hours in the oven when cut in half they were all rotten, some worse than others, from black in the middle to a weird brown all the way through. So they went in the bin and we had soup As I still had everything else to make them, I bought a different type of baking spud yesterday to use today, good job too, I will have left over baked spuds to just heat up and serve with some beans and ham so I won't have worry how long he stays.

              So thats my day, maybe sneak some more card making in this evening. I changed my mind about the card base so doing a quick cut for the border and then it will be ready for building

              Have a good day everyone,



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                Here you go, I just have different words in the middle on red.


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                  Fantastic Dave, that works so well, excellent subject. Very delicate.



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                    Wonderful work as always Dave


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                      Love that Dave, very classy.

                      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.