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Tuesday 4th

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  • Tuesday 4th

    Morning all

    Up on time today, set the alarm in my fit watch but already awake! Sister and BIL coming for coffee this am, made some cakes yesterday so just need to whip the hoover round.

    Still not sewing or knitting may get my mojo back tomorrow. Still the rest is good but feel getting a tad lazy. Have decided to leave the rest of the workroom until the spring when warmer, could leave the car out for 1 night if not completed then. Lee will not be happy but tough!

    Not much else to report, wishing you a good day and hope to BBL. x

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    Morning all! Late up this morning - hungry feline alarm clock didn't activate Dry but very blowy outside, NW wind making if feel bitingly cold.

    Yesterday, did get craft table cloths and bags sorted and repacked, and also tidied up and cleared the various boxes I use for storing stuff and for carrying the preserves to and from events. Found a few bits to go in the rubbish, some stuff for recycling and a couple of bits for the charity box.

    Today, weekly shopping day and trying to decide whether to do usual small shop in Barton or go to bigger town and do shop to replenish cupboards. More tidying to do in the jars/boxes etc storage area. OH didn't go out yesterday so vacuum still needs to come out when I get chance.

    Caroline - enjoy visit from sister and BIL; nothing wrong with being lazy now and again, I'm sure the workroom will soon be done.
    Dave - Got started on the wedding cut yet? How is Flo's foot now - hope all is fully healed and she's back to full exercise regime.
    Mo - shop again today? Hope the donations pile yesterday yielded some useful stuff, and that you've now got all the Christmas sale stuff out of the sales area.
    Shelley - sounds like you had a lot of crafting planned for yesterday, hope most of it got done.



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      Morning all...

      Looks like its been frosty here, yesterday late into the afternoon it went bitter cold.
      Got the bags done with Amy, not as traumatic as I thought 😁 black eyes 🥊
      Wedding cut is printed, I’ll start that today, can usually do it in just under two days bar the framing.
      Flo’s foot is much better now thanks, half a nail, its slowly growing back so she it back to normal...she is off on an overnighter on the 11th to stay with two people that are part of a company that take your dog and take it to “ Sitters” who have it at their home while you go on holiday, quite a wide network, all local people, if you want they send you videos etc of your dog in their house so you see that she is happy etc...
      Washed the cars yesterday, might give them a waxing if the weather holds out...

      Have a goodun’ all