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Monday 3rd

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  • Monday 3rd

    Morning all! Dark, very breezy, not very warm. At least it's dry.

    As Caroline isn't here at the moment I'm grabbing the chance to start today's thread

    Yesterday. had a longer period of rain than forecast, but most of it was quite light. Got both new table covers and 31 bags ironed, as well as doing OH's shirt; also de-labelled a bowlful of jars some one had given me so now ready to go through dishwasher. Other than that a few more "few minute" jobs and knitting. Got two event bookings sent off and two declined.

    Today, need to fold and put away the table covers and sort the bags into different sizes and get packed away. OH probably going to his Mother's today so time to give the vacuum cleaner a good work out. This afternoon a friend is returning from a weekend in London but needs to be collected from the bus and taken to garage to collect her car. Will take the opportunity to go somewhere for coffee and a natter (likely to be a lengthy session, she doesn't do "quick" ).

    Caroline - hope you are OK and had a productive day yesterday; well done on another sale
    Mo - hope you and Pete have recovered from the demo and travelling. Congratulations on the weight loss - definitely worth continuing keeping an eye on empty calories if results continue to be good.
    Dave - hope the stencilling went well and results are looking good.
    Shelley - never get used to the sound of rain beating down on the roof - been here nearly 21 years and it still wakes me up. I like to go to the fairs/events otherwise the only time I go out of the house is to do some shopping. I've met some great people at fairs and seen some lovely countryside and buildings as well. I even found out a bit about our house from one customer at a fair years ago - it was she who told me about the well in the yard (it had been covered over with paving/concrete). Hope you had a restful day yesterday and managed a bit of crafting time.


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    Morning all

    Late as overslept again, finally surfaced at 7.30. This is getting bad. Just booked the MOT for 24/3 while you wait £45 this time but better than £54.85 that others are charging.

    Cleaned upstairs and had breakfast now what? Did a lot of prep work yesterday but not actual sewing.

    You were busy yesterday Linda it feels good when we do get something sorted, enjoy your coffee and chat.

    HAGD and BBL x


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      Afternoon all,

      Dry and grey here, not too cold.

      Linda, I can understand the enjoyment from going to fairs, if I was 10 years younger I would probably be up for running around doing fairs too. These days I enjoy a quiet life. I have a friend whose dad has a well in his garden, best water I have ever drank. It was more the temperature than than anything. Also tasted "clean" As I hate water, don't drink the stuff, makes me feel sick, so from me this is high praise indeed
      Hope you had a good natter with your friend.

      Caroline, late again eh? Makes me laugh 7:30 is still the middle of the night for me But hey we are all different and it would be boring if it wasn't so. Made me think that if the whole world got up at the same time it would be very, very busy.
      Hope you get to some sewing or something today.

      Dave busy? More paper shredding?

      Mo back in the shop, hope you have recovered from your busy weekend.

      Today a lazy start to the day, more work on the cards, I made good progress on them yesterday. Going to do twice baked spuds for dinner so will have some for tomorrow as well, so easy dinners. Hopefully lots of crafting, another row or 2 on the waistcoat, some more embroidery. need to remake the boxes for the butterfly cards but no rush there as my friend who they are for, her mum died on Thursday sadly, so all on hold there for awhile. I only made one box but didn't like the way it came out so going for a different style.

      Have a good day everyone,