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Sunday 2nd

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  • Sunday 2nd

    Morning all! Woken by heavy rain pounding on the roof during the night (no attic space above my bedroom so sounds like buckets of gravel being chucked on the ceiling). Still very dull and dark outside, but not much breeze.

    Yesterday had a spurt of energy and did a few of those "won't take long but I'll do it later" jobs. Dyed a couple of old but serviceable sheets for new table covers for the stall. Hadn't intended to but also chucked in a lot of the bags I was making last year, that were from old sheets/pale fabric - interesting to see the range of colours I've ended up with according to the type of fabric.
    Decided against doing a couple of my regular fairs this year - Council run and they've hiked the price by 20%; add that to the complete mess in the admin and them breaking part of the contract last year, I can't be bothered with the hassle. Will have to look for something else around Easter, and early November to replace these.

    Today, lots of ironing to do - table covers and bags Will probably pop out to Barton for a couple of bits just to get out of the house, then more pottering.

    Caroline - having a lie-in this morning? Hope you achieved everything yesterday and your back is OK. Just seen you're on-line, hope we don't both post at the same time.
    Mo (and Pete) - hope you had a successful day in Coventry. Looks like you made good progress with the platter Mo.
    Dave - Another busy day today? Must be planning to invade Wales again soon?
    Shelley - Did you get your relaxing time and some crafting done?

    Back later

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    Morning all....

    Dry but dull here, bit nippy.
    Nothing much to do today, bit of cutting as usual, got a niece getting married in March. I have a wedding template that can be personalised so I’ll set that up ready to go.
    Amy is coming later wants me to help to paint the initials through the stencils on to the tote bags...There will be fireworks, always is.
    Not been detecting in months, lost the buzz for it a bit, tend to come home with my back and hips aching so its died out a bit....still, done it for 10-12 years now.
    Wales is calling, about another six weeks and we’ll be back, seems like forever since we were last there...can’t wait.



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      Morning all

      Overslept this morning and only just caught up. Almost time for coffee!

      Had a sale late last night, another Valentines fabric post card.

      The card order done and posted along with Jenny's Birthday card. W & P the next sale will pop to the post box later. They collect from this one about 7.15am.

      Cut out a gift bag for Mother's Day, tissue case, make up bag, eye mask, key ring, face pads, mug rug, and a gift card all ready for embroidering. Also will do another 4 MD cards ready. Will do another MD set with the gift bag etc, just have to decide which fabric to use. If they do not sell can split up afterwards as all basic design apart from the bag and mug rug. Fingers crossed someone likes them for their Mum. Good to use up pieces of fabric, clearing space for more, lol.

      I don't blame you over the fairs Linda, hence why I now only do the 1 as cannot be bothered and Folksy, fingers crossed is working fine for me. Gone are the days when I sit for hours for a pittance.

      Enjoy your day stencilling Dave. Not stencilled in years but used to love it. The right brush was always the key and the correct paints.

      HAGD and BBL I hope x


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        Good morning all.

        Late getting up this morning and its dull and damp outside.

        Got up at 5am to go to Coventry and back about quarter to 7 so not late. Tiring for Pete rather than me as he is standing up demoing all day but I managed to get a fair bit of the birthday platter done which was good. I tend to bring my stuff with me as it creates more interest as its new for most clubs. We did succumb to a bottle of wine between us when we got back as now dry January is finished I am only going to have a drink at weekends also it's just empty calories for my diet. Lost 1stone 2 lb so far so don't want to skupper it at this stage.

        It's difficult to find good local events Linda and even if you are only doing it to cover your material and time costs you don't want to pay for the privilege. Hope you find some worth while replacements.

        Well done on another Folksy sale Caroline.

        Maybe you will feel better about the detecting when/if the weather improves Dave. It's been so miserable for months on end no fun being outside scanning fields. Hope the stenciling gets Amys approval. If not she can of course do it herself !!!

        Trip to the supermarket to stock up then no idea what I'm going to do for the rest of the day apart from a little mending. Darned moths are got the a cashmere jumper, repairable though.

        Have a good day all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Lol, thanks Mo, I’m just overseeing this one....😩😁 always know better 🙄



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            Afternoon all,

            Dry, brightish here. Not too cold.

            Linda, I suppose you are used to the "buckets of gravel", I am not very good with that sort of thing, if its windy and rainy and there is a lot of noise against the windows or down the chimney, I am up and down all night checking on things. The noise of heavy rain on the Velux in the loft sounds horrendous and always wakes me up.
            Its nice when you have a day of finishing off all those little jobs to be done. Feels very satisfying.
            Enjoy your ironing, funny enough I quite like ironing, I just don't get on with getting started, lugging the ironing board around and setting it all up.

            I don't do any fairs but am considering one at the university this November, less than a mile away and possibly a more suitable customer.

            Dave, things change just becuase you did detecting doesn't' mean you always have to maybe when the weather changes you will change your mind. Hope there aren't too many fireworks and the stencilling goes smoothly.

            Caroline hope you had a good lie in and are feeling refreshed and ready for the day. The MD gift sets sound like a seller, well done on another sale.
            Saw the pretty purse on FB.

            Mo I think you deserved a lie in. I am glad it went well and I saw the pictures on FB, well done on the platter, must be nice to have something worthwhile to do while you are there.
            Well done on the 1st 2lb loss, yes ow is the time to keep at it you have made good progress so far, don't let it slide.

            Today a nice quiet day. Yesterday I had another pile of PAT testing arrive out of the blue, never mind its fairly easy to do and its reasonable money. The customers needed/hoped to have it for today, so I just went at it all afternoon till it was done. The paperwork almost takes longer than the tests. They were able to collect yesterday just before we closed.
            The rest of the day slipped by with dinner and zonking out in front of the telly, kept meaning to pop in but time got away with me.
            Oh I did make a tool out of an old plastic craft mat to help with mat and layering, it always drives me nuts trying to get an even margin on layers, hoping this works.

            Today more work on the valentines cards and relaxing.

            I found some pictures of me and the bike, sharing here just for fun - enjoy

            Have a good day all.