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Friday 31st

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  • Friday 31st

    Morning all

    What a dark dreary day yesterday, made me feel so tired. did get some embroidery done but not much else. TBH not even sure what I did do. Finished the scarf not doing the other one as a bit boring. Onto more embroidery and the shawl to start today.

    HAGD x

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    Morning all! Still more dark than light outside, but temperature almost balmy. Bit of breeze around and heavy shower of rain forecast for late morning. Hopefully won't last too long.

    Yesterday peeled, chopped and froze almost 5kg onions, all gifted from lovely generous neighbour. The space in the freezer I'd cleared by using some of last year's plums is now filled with bags of onion. Settled down for half an hour (ended up as over 2 hours) on family tree and ended up finding a whole line of cousins in South Africa and Australia that I didn't know about. Added over 100 names to the list to be checked and sorted. Evening spent knitting.

    Today, after clearing and cleaning I need to sort preserves that are close to/past best before date and reduce price drastically, also got some paper bags and carriers from wholesalers to find space for in the office/store/dumping ground. Trip to Barton needed and trying to decide whether to go before the forecast rain or leave until early afternoon. Also have a couple of selling event offers to consider and reply to.

    Caroline - dreary days don't help the mood, I always struggle and it gets particularly bad at this time of year. Look forward to seeing pictures of the embroidery and shawl when completed
    Dave - getting sorted for the market on Sunday? Got plenty of stock to take?
    Mo - how did the demo go last night? Hope it was a good evening.
    Shelley - re the cup - I was told to I'd need a re-useable cup so took one of mine (I only have ceramic), then this woman said I couldn't use it. OK, their rules, so I said I wasn't bothered and would leave it and that's when she tried to flog me the plastic one. I hate people not believing what I say when I've made a decision (cuts off nose to spite face many times, but that's how I am) Sounds like you had a really productive day yesterday. Hope today goes as smoothly for you.

    Back later


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      Afternoon all,

      Grey, dry and mild here today.

      Caroline, sometimes the weather just gets to us and its hard to lift our spirits but for me it soon passes. Hope it has for you. You may get round to the other scarf another time when it doesn't seem so boring. Enjoy the embroidery.

      Linda, that must have been surprising, you have just decluttered the family tree, only to find a whole new branch. I think that is actually terrible - you must use our PLASTIC, not your reusable ceramic mug and pay for the privilege, stupid.
      Hope your trip went well and now all stocked up.

      Dave busy?

      Mo, how did it go? Did the demoing go well? Hope you weren't too late into bed, and up off to the shop this morning not feeling too tired.

      Today not much planned, my friend came and collect his bike seat, I will post a picture later so you can see what I did. He may have found a buyer for my bike, not going to get too excited, but you never know.

      More work on my woven valentines card later.
      I was so pleased with Flo's visit to the vets, she is much happier with her nails not getting caught up in things and so am I

      Off out in a minute for some food shopping, then hibernate for the weekend with some crafting.

      Take care all and have a good afternoon.




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        Afternoon all...

        Not too bad today, dry, bit nippy.
        Me and Sue had eyes tested today...usual thing.... “ Eyes are a bit more worse than last time....” happy for me to use the magnifying lens still...
        Grabbed a Vals day template from Rebecka in Utah, a 9 layer one with one, with spaced layers, that’s framed to go, 6” frame. I might mount the frame on card so it opens up as a 3 panel card, the frame being the centre of 3 panels...just an idea.
        Might be out tonight for Amy’s birthday, table is booked but I might watch baby D instead as I don’t really feel comfortable in small packed restaurants, I’m not really keen at the best of times as I get a bit claustrophobic....I need to be able to flap my elbows 😆😆.
        Need to get ready for the craft fair, thanks for the heads up Linda, I’d totally forgotten 😂



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          Need to get ready for the craft fair, thanks for the heads up Linda, I’d totally forgotten 😂
          That's not good - it was only yesterday you mentioned it in your post!



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            Good evening all.

            Got to bed just after 1am so felt a bit lethargic this morning which hasn't improved throughout the day. Demo went really well, nice club with some very favourable comments afterwards. Left at 4pm and the traffic has horrendous so got there by the skin of our teeth fortunately they were a bit behind too. 3 hours demo then off again about 10.30 to come home.

            Shop day and I had a couple of hours help. Lots of crappy donations, one woman gave us 9 black sacks full and I saved just 11 items. 9 pairs of the most revolting flip flops you have ever seen, mud encrusted coat, jeans and jacket, shirts with collars I could grow potatoes on...................... Thank goodness I can get rid of the Christmas sale stuff now and use the space for proper selling. If only we could get some decent donations to sell. Big flurry after Christmas now very sparse again. When I left today almost everything we had that was saleable was out on the shop floor bar 15 pieces of saleable clothing that came in today. We are firefighting at the moment, items in, steamed and on the shop floor same or next day.

            Tomorrow we have to leave at 6.30am to drive to Coventry for an all day demo. At least I will be sat down to give my leg a rest and it's poor Pete who will be standing up all day demonstrating. I will take the big birthday platter and may get to finish painting it by the end of the day. At least we should get away by about 5 - 5.30 and home before 8pm if the traffic is kind.

            Sunday will be a day of rest.

            I don't like February at all, dark and dismal and have had enough of winter.

            The Valetines cut sound beautiful Dave look forward to seeing it. Likewise Shelleys cards.

            Hope your Mojo comes back Caroline. Think you could do with a rest though.

            Linda hope the sorting and reshuffling of produce goes well.

            have a good evening all.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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              Originally posted by craftdancer2 View Post

              That's not good - it was only yesterday you mentioned it in your post!

              ....That’s retirement for you 🙄😆...