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Thursday 30th

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  • Thursday 30th

    Morning all

    Yesterday was expensive, ended up with loads of things I did not put in the trolley or on my list. Lee has decided he wants a store cupboard for all his goodies/snacks. Filled a drawer already. He plans to have another stock increase on the 14th Feb when we go shopping again!

    How did the trip to Waitrose go Linda? we have a lot of Waitrose stores around us and spoilt for choice. Yet to go to the flag ship store in Guildford but supposed to be huge. May have to save up for that if taking Lee.

    Fun at the zoo Dave?

    Well done Shelley on finding a way to add piping to the seat cover.

    Hope Mo is okay and not hidden under a pile of donations.

    Home for me today and sewing some fabric storage boxes for the kitchen etc. Must take some more pic's of the earrings and get them posted.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Definitely warmer than yesterday, but still a chill around at the moment. Might seem better when daylight breaks through.

    Yesterday - chores in Barton took longer than expected as encountered a problem with something - sorted now; spent lots more at the wholesalers than intended and now have 30kg of granulated sugar as I hadn't realised how much I already had in store at home! Met my friend for coffee and had a good natter but didn't peruse the store as took offence at someone trying to flog me a paper and plastic cup for £3.00 in which to put the "free" coffee. Didn't actually need to get anything as OH went to local Tesco for something else and got the necessities. Friend gave me a large bag of jars which she'd had in her garage (returns from customers etc) and didn't have time to deal with, so I've got a good number of jars I can use once cleaned and sterilised; sadly a few went in recycling because I don't have new lids to fit. Neighbour brought me another half sack of spuds and another bagful of home grown onions

    Today - decided I need to deal with the onions as I still have a large bag of same I was given a few weeks ago. Best bet will be make another batch of caramelized onion chutney (always sells) and prepare the rest and put in the freezer (in the space I cleared recently by usings some of the plums!). Not sure what else, if anything.

    Caroline - still busy with the creating - is there no end to your ideas? Lee will be needing a visit from those TV people who do programmes about getting people to eat more healthily and cutting down their food spending! Not really; I'm sure you'll keep him in check
    Mo - a busy week, hope you're still on track with the eating regime and weight is reducing steadily. Nearly the end of the month now - will you continue with some form of the diet?
    Dave - hope the zoo visit was a success; did you see lots of the animals featured on the TV programmes? No doubt they are only a very small number of the entire populace of the zoo.
    Shelley - I've been wondering if there was any interest in your bike and kept forgetting to ask. Very creative thinking on the seat highlighting for your friend. Hope all the PATs went well - thought you'd taken on an apprentice to help with things like that - presumably that person no longer with you.

    back after the onions


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      Good morning all.

      Sorry but yesterday I didn't even switch my computer on when I got home. I was in the shop lone working all day and had enough of being sociable LOL

      Damp morning again here but a lot milder.

      Half a day in the shop today finishing at 1.30 as we have to go to Hereford tonight for a demo. Late night will get back about 12.30am but I have tomorrow off.

      Waitrose if fatal for me Caroline and I avoid it whenever I can. Lovely one in Truro we went into last time to stock up and they have a local produce area which is fabulous. Lidl and Sainsburys usually for us with the occasional farm shop.

      Lost track what everyone is doing but gather Dave went to the Zoo.

      Better get going have a good day everyone will catch up tomorrow.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all...
        Cold but dry and clear here...
        Had a great time at the zoo, lots of animals were inside their “houses” because it wasn’t the warmest day but we found them all in the end. Little Daniel and his mum had a great time, stopped off for dinner on the way back.
        Giraffes are my favourite but blimey, do they smell 😆😆
        Sue is at the Sams shop this morning, I’ve got a few things to do and walk the dog.
        Bit of cutting on the go, few things to finish up, Artisan market on Saturday.



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          Boohoo realised I don't have tomorrow off after all because I'm not the in Saturday as we have an all day demo in Coventry !!

          I will be continuing my diet Linda have a long way to go yet. Maintained the weight this week but not a good one with my birthday and can only do one fast day, no chance when I'm working.

          Right better get packed for tonights demo.

          Have a good evening all.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Afternoon all,

            It been a drizzly, grey and damp day.

            Caroline, very pretty change to a rose? is it a rose? You had concerns about the mysterious items appearing in the trolley and you were right Ah well if thats what he wants why not. Simon's treats are on the counter in the kitchen in some unused shop display stacking units. Looks like a shelf at the sweetie shop. As he says if its not out, its not moving
            I finished the embellishment to the seat, it wasn't piping I added, I just whip stitched the coloured thread (orange) through the original stitching.

            Linda glad your day out went reasonably well, yes the free coffee that costs minimum of £3.00 The tea is disgusting, not worth it. I only go to Waitrose to get one sort of cat food they don't sell in Sainsburys, I get a months worth at a go so don't visit very often. Waitrose was the only supermarket we had for awhile locally, okay in a pinch for some basics but I prefered to travel a few miles to Tesco becuase it was so much cheaper and I don't want any of the fancy smancy stuff they do, its all highly dangerous for nut allergy sufferers.
            We do have a repair person but I can do the PAT tests and there not a lot of money in them so its better if I just do them.

            Mo oh boohoo indeed, thats a shame just when you could have done with it. Never mind, just fall into bed when you get back, I am sure Pete will be the hero and sort everything out. Hope it goes well.

            Dave glad you enjoyed the zoo, I am guessing that the smell from all the animals was a bit of a surprise as we don't have smelly telly yet, so everything you see is odorless.

            Today was a strangely productive day in lots of different things. Finished the PAT tests and all the paperwork this morning, did some more on the seat. Took Flo to the vet - she got a clean bill of health and her nails cut, she is now sulking on the bed.
            Did some hires in the shop and finished the seat. I have been working on a Valentine card using some paper weaving, I don't half make my life difficult

            Take care all and have a good evening.