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Tuesday 28th

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  • Tuesday 28th

    Morning All

    Cold but dry atm, due for a load of rain with wintery showers later. Dog walk early then cleaning downstairs. Scarf knitting for the rest of the day.

    Hope you enjoyed your meal last night Mo, cooked by Chef Pete.

    Linda what are you brewing up today?

    Shelley back to the shop, will you get time to craft?

    Dave shredding paper like mad?

    HAGD x

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    Morning All! Dull again, although some brightness forecast. Very chilly feel and noticeable wind, possibility of precipitation very low.

    Yesterday, chores and shopping done, did get a small bargain at a charity shop - small bag of needlework stuff (plastic canvas, which I've been looking for to make a business card holder for my stall - assorted bits of Aida (not needed, but....), tapestry wools and stranded embroidery threads (again, not needed, but couldn't resist). Attention to family tree but struggling at the moment as trying to find person details rather than wider family and no membership of genealogy sites at the moment. Decided I'd rather sort out paperwork so all business and personal finance stuff as up to date as can be and have gathered some of the information required to complete the tax return when it is due in a couple of months time. Bit of knitting and not much else done.

    Today, usual clearing, but in a bit of limbo. Ought to look at using more of the fruit in the freezer as found another three bags of plums yesterday, but not sure I can be bothered.

    Caroline - hope the weather isn't too bad today and the scarf grows apace.
    Dave - Busy?
    Mo - Glad you enjoyed your birthday, and I forgot to say huge congratulations on the weight loss and well done for sticking to the plan.
    Shelley - I've had varifocals for years, so that's not the problem - I think it's a combination of age, hints of cataracts which were found about 4 years ago and too much screen time. I've been wearing specs since I was 11 and it is a case of put them on before I get out of bed and don't take them off until the light goes out or I just can't see anything more than 2 inches from my nose! Fab news on the pick tins - your crafting is turning into big business!



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      Good morning all.

      Still 2 deg and feels like -2 deg here according to google. Sun is out though but rain again later.

      Day off so back on the fast after Petes birthday dinner last night not to mention the Champagne. Become a lightweight though could only manage 3 small glasses all evening and then it gave me a headache. Never get headaches or hangovers, if that's what not drinking for a month does might have to go back to it to reaclimatise myself.......... only joking. Back on a fast day today or it's so easy to delay getting back on a diet then you've lost it. Have a normal evening meal to look forward too.

      Need to get on with the birthday platter. About half way around with the pyro.

      Better get on, catch you all later.


      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all...

        Clear here but bitter cold.
        Had an interview with the planning people yesterday about my roof and conservation regs....
        I’m not looked over by a public highway at the rear so I don’t need permission to repair as long as its the same size, front and side I can do if required as long as I use reclaimed tiles so contacting the roofing guys later.
        Amy’s birthday tomorrow so we are off to Chester zoo for the day.
        Caroline, I’m exactly the same specs wise, cant see a thing without them, worn them since I started school pretty much, now I’m one of the varifocal brigade.
        Eye test this Friday because lately, “I couldn’t smack a cows a**e with a banjo” they say.
        Amy is going away with ten friends so she has bought 10 canvas tote bags, such is the trend to have their initials on the bag at the top near where the handle straps are sewn on. So guess who had the glorious job of cutting initials templates...from 330gsm card by hand 😩...she will put them against the bag then dab acrylic paint over the holes, did some before, worked well.



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          Afternoon all,

          Dry, sunny but nippy here.

          Caroline, good timing with those earrings, being heart shaped just in time for Valentines. Very pretty. Enjoy the knitting, will it be going on sale?

          Linda well done on the charity shop find, I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to embroidery bits and bobs and wool, never know when it might be useful.
          Hope the opticians goes well, I was the same, specs from the age of five, on first thing, off last thing, blind as the proverbial bat without. All changed with my cataracts op, now only reading glass.

          Mo glad you had a lovely birthday meal and enjoyable evening, shame about the headache. Enjoy your day off.

          Dave, I suppose stencils are not a far leap from your usual paper shredding. Enjoy the zoo. Hope the eye test gives good results to get a better set of specs for you.
          I remember making our first stencil to mark all the speaker cabs ,amplifiers, boxes etc. I used stencil card, which is impregnated with oil or something similar so it lasted well. Used spray paint and it worked well enough for IDing stuff. I think I still have it somewhere.

          Today not much planned, more laundry on the go - result of complete bed strip. Will be at least 2 probably 3 loads. need to go out and stock up the fridge later. Made appointment for Flo to go to the vets on Thursday to get her nails done she has got to the age where she need to have them trimmed and get her a general checkup while we are there. Will take Meimei next week.

          I made another card Sunday, finished yesterday and started a Valentines card. Using some paper weaving on it, fiddly but looks interesting.

          Have a good day everyone.