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Sunday 26th

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  • Sunday 26th

    Morning all

    More gentle decluttering for me today. Found some Swarovski elements earrings had forgotten about, starting to photograph and post over the next few days. Just goes to show could be more treasures hidden. 2 more drawers of the white chest to do, getting there. If warmer would move everything into the garage and sort back onto shelves from there but too blooming cold. Plus DH insists on the car in the garage at night which means would have to do in a day. Maybe if still going strong in the spring will have a blitzing day to clear the rest.

    The stock boxes will be last as not harming anyone and the goods are all on Folksy.

    Not much else to report, my back woke me in the middle of the night think could have slept to heavy in one place.

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! Usual dullness, but little breeze and dry at the moment start to the day. Managed to escape the rain yesterday, but an afternoon of 95% possible heavy rain in today's forecast so doubt we'll be that lucky again.

    Yesterday, after clearing up apathy set in and spent most of the day in the armchair with the laptop (paid for it with a numb backside and stiff back). Did get the chutney labelled and taken to the reserve storage area - which now needs minor rearrangement because I've got three boxes of jars on the floor and they should be on shelves. Too cold down there to encourage staying for very long.

    Today, eyes very tired after so many hours on the laptop (family tree again) yesterday, so going to try and keep away from screens and close work for much of the day as focus isn't good. Apathy still abounds, and no sunshine likely so looks like a soak in the bath and an early night.

    Caroline, hope your back has eased off now you're up and (presumably) moving around. Stay with the gentle decluttering - it all helps, and you never know, there may be more little treasures to be found.
    Mo - day off today, so fingers crossed you get some time to work on the birthday present and not too much household stuff to be done. How is the weight loss programme going - would be encouraging if you're seeing some results, no matter how small.
    Dave - glad Flo was fine with the visitor, and the mount board stock has been replenished. Any plans for today? Must be due to go to Wales very soon
    Shelley - Yay, a sale Caroline's influence must be reaching across the county! Boxes done now? Bedding change - not a thrilling prospect, but needs must



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      Good morning all.

      Dull and damp here with the promise of heavy rain this afternoon so staying in today. Lazy lie in this morning now Pete has gone to pick up a few bits at the supermarket. Hope to get on with some more of the pyro today but it's so cold in the conservatory. Might clear my desk off and bring it in here instead. It makes my hand hurt after a while and if they are cold as well it's much worse and I have to give up sooner.

      The weight loss is going great guns thank you Linda, I have lost a stone now with two inches off my waist ( where it used to be anyway ) and the same off my hips. Not finding this 5:2 diet difficult at all and according to my Doctor it has lots of benefits other than weight loss. Obviously you have to watch what you eat on the non fast days it's no good binging, but nothing is banned you just eat normally. I have my chocolate fix and the odd treat. Dry January helps too I dare say.

      It's amazing what you can find when you have a clear out Caroline. I found all sorts of things I had put away safely or in a hurry when I had a bit of a sort out of the conservatory after Christmas which became a glory hole for the season.

      Congratulations on the sale Shelley. May you have many more. Hope the boxes and cards are coming along nicely now the paperwork is done.

      Glad Flo passed her test with flying colours Dave.

      Have a lovely Sunday all.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie