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Friday 24th

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  • Friday 24th

    Morning all

    Had 2 sales yesterday, one of the items only made the day before. A very good customer. Think may start a loyalty card as have a few that keep coming back.

    Decluttered 1 drawer, yay and put in the new cabinet. Think going to take and age at this speed may increase when it gets warmer. Another drawer empty and in a box for me to go through today.

    Need to make a Birthday card for the 2nd Feb.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, dry, no breeze, not too cold. Might even get a hint of sunshine this afternoon.

    Dropped in earlier, but Caroline was about so did some chores and answered a couple of messages.

    Yesterday, Rescue stuff delivered to drop off point, should be going to Lincoln today. Still knitting nests, but no fabric for pouches and liners at the moment. Not too worried as group has over 5000 members, nearly all making stuff and getting friends and family to make too. Did go for a poke round in several charity shops in Brigg, but didn't find anything useful. Started the confit, but was still too liquid to pot by the end of the afternoon, so finishing off today.

    Today, already cleared up, laundry load just finished, need to finish and pot the confit then do the labels. No other major plans.

    Caroline - well done on two more sales Like your idea of a loyalty card. And some more decluttering and tidying done!
    Mo - shop again? Last day this week or do you have to do a stint tomorrow?
    Dave - Another busy day yesterday - think you've got the same brand of batteries as Caroline!
    Shelley - Congrats on getting the tax return done - I'm always wary if it all goes smoothly and think there must be something I've missed, despite double and triple checking!



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      Afternoon all.

      Damp but fairly bright day after the fog lifted. Day off so Hairdresser first thing, a quick wander around the Charity Shops which was quite disappointing, bit of food shopping so I can make some soup for the freezer and a birthday card for #1 daughter. Load of washing on and I will start the soups after lunch then maybe do a bit of pyro and ink as it's a bit warmer in the workroom today.

      Well done on the sales Caroline, you're really flying.

      Hope the confit sets Linda.

      Back later to see what everyone is up to.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all..

        Damp here, bit nippy, no frost.
        Got a lady coming today to see out Flo. The lady runs one of these dog boarding companies where a host family have your dog while you go on holiday etc so needs to see how she behaves with strangers etc, Flo is generally daft as a brush as long as you have two legs not four and you don’t want to sniff her bum....then she gets a bit lively πŸ₯ŠπŸ₯Š πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.
        Got to go to the gallery later for some A0 mount board, run out again...😩
        Got all of the outstanding jobs done, logs and eggs galore, good to go.



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          Afternoon all,

          Grey, and miserable here, but not so cold.

          Caroline well done on the sales, things flying out the door Decluttering off to a good start too.

          Linda hope the confit has set. I know what you mean, it seems too good to be true if it all goes well, but as you say I did double/triple check especially as it was going so smoothly

          Mo glad you have another day off, you seem to have been working a lot lately, maybe it was the pre-xmas Sundays that didn't help. Enjoy your pyro this afternoon.

          Dave all set - logs, eggs, and some time to get on with some cutting. Interesting idea - dog sitting with another family.

          Today I hope to do a complete bed strip, turn the mattress, install the mattress topper and remake with a clean set of everything including the quilt. I have 2 quilts so I can keep one clean. With even just the 2 cats this is an important thing to have, all it takes is one hairball and you need a fresh quilt. The 2 girls at the moment are not as bad at this as were the boys, I would change the quilt about once a month, not having to change for about 4 months makes me want to do it anyway. This is the longest time it has gone without not needing to be changed. It all depends on how the day goes, if not today then tomorrow, at the worst by Monday when we are closed.

          I cut the boxes but am now waiting for my heavy weight acetate to arrive on Monday to finish them off. Might start on Valentines cards later today. Some more work on the PTFs (projects to finish) too.

          We had a coal delivery today, fridge is full, craft supplies topped up so that is us set for the next few days.

          Have a good day everyone,



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            I see Caroline is sharing her battery supply around !

            Made two lots of soup, one for tomorrows lunch for Pete an his pupils and the other for the freezer to cope with the next two tuitions in a couple of weeks. Got a nice lot of cheap fruit and veg from the market yesterday as they were packing up so must make the most of it. Also made a large fruit salad and a batch of banana and blueberry smoothie.

            Fast day today which may have been scuppered by the tasting of the above during cooking. Lamb steaks tonight and really looking forward to my evening meal. That's the end of fasts for this week now, next one on Tuesday. Fridge is full here too Shelley but run out of yoghurt as hadn't intended to make the smoothies.

            Did a bit more on the platter for our friend's birthday, this is going to take some time may need all of the four weeks I have left in between work. Shop again tomorrow so won't be doing anything then, the light is not good enough in the evenings even with my lamps apart from the fact it bloomin' freezing out there.

            Look forward to seeing the PTE's Shelley.

            Hope Flo passed the test with flying colours Dave and noone tried to sniff her bum !!!!!

            Have a good evening all.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.