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Thursday 23rd

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  • Thursday 23rd

    Morning all

    Damp and chilly this morning. So dull yesterday felt tired all day. Dreadful night will probably fall asleep in the chair this pm.

    Today Waitrose delivery, then? not sure may do some more sewing. Then again may just go through drawers from the workroom. My back is better just have to be aware of how I move. Lee has insisted he lifts anything heavy. Been given my orders.......

    Not much else to report, HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Dark, dull, damp but not icy or breezy. Haven't noticed any fog despite the national forecast indicating some.

    Yesterday was mostly finishing off the pouches and nests and family tree. Also sorted trip to Winchester - now late February, Shelley (accommodation sorted) - as brother is also going and has offered to drive.

    Today - have arranged to take the rescue stuff to a lady in Brigg as she's going to the central point in Lincoln tomorrow. Kitchen a bit of a tip so clearing up will take a while, and found a recipe for plum and red onion confit yesterday. As I have all ingredients in house may try making that - will be a new one for me and don't expect it will sell much, except possibly at the vegan festival in May.

    Caroline - glad your back is much improved, but as you say, you will need to continue to take care
    Dave - what a palaver with the roof; hope it's soon sorted and everything is watertight and windproof again before much longer
    Mo - back in the shop today, hope there are no nasty surprises in the donations
    Shelley - head full of figures, hope it's going smoothly.

    HAGD everyone


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      Morning all....

      Just getting light, foggy, damp, no frost.
      Sue has just left for a shift at the Sam shop...
      Iโ€™ve got to walk the dog, haircut, log run, grab some eggs at the farm...
      Went to the cinema yesterday to watch 1917...great film.
      We had our cinema upgraded when they extended the can even buy a pint and take it in now plus the seats are leather electric recliners....practically lying down to watch it....feet up!...canโ€™t wait to go again ๐Ÿ˜
      Roof is ok, only minor damage still waterproof but won't get better unless its fixed.
      Caroline, watch that back...( again ๐Ÿ™„)
      Linda, good luck..
      Catch up later



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        Afternoon all,

        Its grey and drizzly here, last night quite misty.

        Caroline, glad to hear your back has improved, Lee is quite right, no heavy lifting for you. Hope you decided on what you are going to spend the afternoon doing.

        Linda glad you have sorted your visit, hope it goes well. Pouches all finished and delivered?

        Dave sounds like the cinema decided to make it like your own living room. Not been to the cinema for years and years, sounds like its changed.
        Found a new design to cut yet?

        Mo back in the shop?

        Have Andrew and Netty got sidetracked by life? Hope they are ok.

        Yesterday I finished the end of year tax and submitted it. I found I had done so almost by mistake, I decided to make a start and see how far I got before I discovered a missing piece of information, but there wasn't one so I just progressed smoothly to the end and found it was ready to submit so I did.
        Now that is done earlier than expected, I feel in a bit of quandary as to what to under take now. I think it will be finishing off the boxes today.
        I have to go out and get some food in, it is Chinese New year on Saturday, so I will make my chinese chicken meal for us.

        Have a good day all and stay warm.