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Wednesday 22nd

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  • Wednesday 22nd

    Morning all

    Dentist went well not cheap at £150 but needed to be done and so pleased I did not wait until May. Filled up with petrol on the way back and then did not a lot in the afternoon as my right lower back has gone again! Do not know how it happened but ached before I went out. Plus right kidney is not behaving again, always know when a problem as get an ache that gets worse. Taking it easy today with knitting and research/planning. Drinking more water etc.

    Researching tea staining on linen, so long since I have done this but want a vintage feel for some lavender sachets I have planned.

    Dog walk later but Lee can have him on the lead and I can walk gently along behind them.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! A few degrees warmer and dry but foggy and very dull. Possibility of sun peeking through a bit this afternoon, but otherwise much the same all day.

    Yesterday, after shopping got the rest of the pouches finished and put sewing machine away (floor around the area needs vacuum attention though! Spent quite a lot of time on more family tree tidying, and more knitting.

    Today, got the rescue pouches and nests in the wash so there will be some ironing to do later today. Someone from Brigg is taking a collection of items to the central point on Friday, so trying to get mine done today and take them to Brigg tomorrow. Found a puddle of water on the utility room floor near the fridge freezer - second time in a couple of weeks, so leakage or overflow somewhere. Fridge and freezer will need to be emptied and checked for probable cause. No other major plans, but as always there's plenty to do.

    Caroline - pleased the dental work done OK, but a nuisance about the back and kidney (assume there's a connection). Hope the rest and increased fluid intake was effective and you're improved today
    Dave - what's the situation in the cutting room? Hope the roof repair quote was not quite so high as the first one.
    Mo - day off today? Hope you get time for some more work on the birthday present
    Shelley - well done on completing the VAT. Hope you found some time to work on cards and boxes.
    Netty and Andrew - life very busy? Hope all is well.



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      Morning all.

      Warmer but foggy and mizzley first thing when I went into town a bit brighter now.

      Top up of essentials now back home. Pete has a pupil again today so have to dish up some home made soup and nice bread. I'm fasting today so a cup of bovril for me lunchtime !

      Sorry to hear your back has gone again Caroline, take care.

      Hope the puddle is nothing serious with the appliances Linda.

      Better get on with some pyro and ink today, need to wrap up warm it's freezing in the conservatory but it has the best light.

      Catch up later.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all...

        Mild here today, no frost.
        Just got back from walking the dog.
        Roofing guy came....was the father of the first guy who came....
        Decided to just have the back done, the sides and front are fine.
        The sort of tiles we have are flat terracotta looking types, trouble with them is, the frost gets into them and splits them, the back of the house sees no sun until late afternoon in the winter so the frost sits in them all day, the front sees it all, apparently these type of roofs only ever go in one place. Structurally it is fine, just a re-lath, felt and tile plus two new replacement Velux windows.
        Off to the flicks later to watch 1917....not been in ages.
        Situation in the cutting room pretty much the no rush atm..still looking.



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          Afternoon all,

          Dry and not so cold here today.

          Caroline very pretty new makes on FB, lovely colours. I am sorry to hear you are not 100% but good news on the Dentist apart from the cost hope your back improves.

          Linda again well done on the rescue pouches, sorry to hear about the fridge/freezer. Do you have one of those drain holes at the back? with the little stick thing to wiggle and unblock it? This was the cause of the only puddle I found when we first put the newer fridge in place ( it had been in storage for a while)

          Mo well done on keeping up with the fasting, hope you don't turn into an icicle. Enjoy your pyro.

          Dave keeping busy as ever. Ha that made me laugh, was the father cheaper? Still not settled on a new design to cut? I was thinking about you wanting to cut a Mucha and remembered that I have a Dover art series book that is copyright free drawings "in the style of" Mucha, Beardsley, de Feure and others.

          It is a Dover Colouring Book - Art Nouveau Style ISBN 0-486-24179-3

          I found my copy and when my pencil rolls arrive and I can organise my many coloured pencils, I am going to finish a couple of the ones I started, thinking about using one as a template for a tapestry.

          Andrew busy?
          Netty busy too?

          Today more work on the end of year tax, then later one or other of my now on the go projects. I have decided to make 2020 the year of finishing things - the embroidery (Commission on a denim jacket), the waistcoat and my crochet blanket. In amongst all of that lots of cards and other papercrafts. I feel reinvigorated for some reason about it all. Just need to get over my procedure in February and then on and upwards.

          Had a customer with some PAT testing this morning so thats all done, now for some paperwork.

          Take care, keep warm and have a good day everyone.

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