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Monday 20th

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  • Monday 20th

    Morning all! Very cool this morning, hopefully temperature will reach a positive number by midday. At least it's not breezy and not raining although still plenty of water around on roads and fields.

    Yesterday - finished the chutney, then printed labels and dealt with all marmalade and chutney jars (about 50 in total). Not much else apart from usual clearing up then more knitting and sewing up nests.

    Today - going to try and get the fabric pouches and liners finished ready for laundering, and vacuum cleaner needs to visit all parts of the house. Waiting for OH to go to his mother's - I get on so much more quickly when he's not here.

    Caroline - hope the Folksy sales continue to trickle in at a steady rate.
    Dave - is that crafting space tidied up and ready for the next project?
    Mo - back to the shop and the weekend donations today How is the birthday present project getting on?
    Netty and Andrew - life overtaken enjoyment again? Hope you are both OK.
    Shelley - sound like you've had a busy time sorting your craft room. Plenty to keep you occupied with the rediscovered projects


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    Morning all

    You did well yesterday Linda, long may it continue with the recharged batteries.

    Dry but very cold atm, yesterday the wind was biting when it died down quite warm. Lee spent a long time in the garden taking leaves off he beds, so many bulbs coming up already. He left the wooded area as the hedgehogs are always in there hibernating. He learnt his lesson last year when picked up a load of leaves and got pricked.

    I undid the knitting in the end as the mistake was so far back taking longer to pick up. Not many stitches so all back to where I left off now. Did not do much else, very lazy.

    Have a hole in a filling at the back, that wine gum did it, not my fault at all, lol. Ringing the dentist at 8.30 and hope can get in today. Not causing pain but worried the rest of the filling may give way. Keep biting my tongue and painful.

    Bought a slow cooked piece of brisket from Waitrose last week, had it yesterday and was delicious. Lee is having the rest in sandwiches. All done in a tray with a delicious sauce. Not had beef for ages. Yorkshires, roasties and carrots, delicious. Would get again as only £5 and so easy to cook.

    Not sure what I am doing today as may be going out will just go with the flow.

    HAGO and BBL x


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      Afternoon all,

      Sunny, dry and cold here today.

      Linda well done on the many jars of finished, labeled and stored goodies. Again well done on the nests. Hope you got your vacuuming done and now settled with cats? nest? or family tree? or ?

      Caroline did you get to the dentist? Is now sorted? Hope your going with the flow is going well

      Dave busy? Found a Mucha yet?

      Mo back at the shop? Pete busy?

      Andrew back to the grindstone?

      Netty busy?

      Yesterday after tidying my craft room and finding the wool for my tapestry, I put it back on the stand and did some more on it. It was very satisfying.

      Today I am doing the VAT and then later some more work on the boxes for the butterfly cards. I will do some pictures of the tapestry to share.

      Not much else planned, just a quizzy evening in front of the telly later.

      Have a good evening all.



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        Evening Shelley. Dentist tomorrow at 10.30. They did offer me this afternoon but do not like driving in the dark.

        Well done on the tapestry, I need to restart my cross stitch.


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          I know what you mean Caroline, I will if I have to but do try and avoid driving in the dark if possible. Take care to eat on the other side.

          I have just posted some pictures of the waistcoat. Took ages becuase I had to delete loads of old pictures and still could only post those 3 pictures. Not sure why we are so restricted with the number of pictures we can have. It says I have exceeded my groups allowed data.
          I am sure it wasn't like that before "the big change" earlier last year.

          I wonder if happens in this thread - test coming up.

          No problems at all, I think it must only be in the Your Projects topic. Now I know that if I want to share things with you all, I shall do it in here.



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            Evening all.

            Frosty and bitterly cold this morning, stunning sunrise though.

            Shop day today and tomorrow then hopefully I can get back to the birthday platter on Wednesday. Still in pencil stage, this one is going to take some time.

            Pete has three pupils this week so really busy and not much time to get other stuff done. He has though made a shed load of Celtic Brooches and components of Earring stands for stock.

            Just 10 days time and I will only have a year to retirement, not that I'm counting the days LOL

            Keep warm all.


            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.