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Sunday 19th

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  • Sunday 19th

    Morning all! A very chilly morning, but dry and calm. Might reach the heady heights of feels like 1 degree by middle of the day but it's not going to last.

    Yesterday, quite productive, not only finished the last batch of marmalade but started off a batch of Aubergine & Garlic Chutney. Also finished knitting one of the little nests for Australian effort, and managed a bit of time for reading.

    Today, finish the chutney, print labels and get them on the jars before finding some storage space; sew up the little nest, then see about getting hems of pouches and liners stitched. Think that will do me for today, along with the usual clearing up and cleaning.

    See Caroline is online now so probably doing her first post of the day. Will call back later and see what's happening.


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    Morning all

    Saw you on here Linda so thought would wait a bit. You are on a roll with marmalade and chutney.

    I completed the stitching of 2 tree of life hangings, one dried and able to add the hot fix crystals. The other still a bit damp. Stitched out a cameo pendant now waiting for the blanks to add to it and some chain.

    Planning Mother's Day atm, keep adding to the list but will have to draw a line at some point. always say not going to do too much for these theme days as stuck with them for a year if they do not sell.

    Just checked have had 11 sales so far on Folksy this month so not bad going.

    Checked my knitting (scarf) and found I purled on one stitch instead of garter. got to find a crochet hook to correct as about 4" down. May tackle that next as cannot continue until sorted, so annoying.

    HAGO and BBL x


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      Morning all...

      Cold and frosty here but clear.
      Nothing much doing, cutting...obviously,
      Amy will probably come for a flying visit this afternoon, her brother was making sounds about coming too....
      Finished one yesterday, need to cut a double mount for it...
      Outlet footfall is slow, roadworks, cold weather, roll on Spring!



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        Glad to see others are up and about

        Caroline - you've got at least double charge in your batteries! Well done also on the sales - Folksy was definitely a good move for you

        Dave - finally found the cross stitch Mucha designs I did years ago - from someone else's pattern
        Not sure if both will show up here - don't understand the system for uploading photos at all, and sorry, they're not very good photos (another skill where I am sadly lacking!)

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          Ooh, very nice. Love anything Mucha...I’m sure I saw some like that in his bio in wikimedia...
          I’m looking to do a lounging lady in a big peacock backed chair I think, I quite fancy a bash at that...



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            Originally posted by 3dDave View Post
            Ooh, very nice. Love anything Mucha...I’m sure I saw some like that in his bio in wikimedia...
            I’m looking to do a lounging lady in a big peacock backed chair I think, I quite fancy a bash at that...

            Best get started then - can't wait to see that one



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              Best see what I’ve got then 👍🏻😉😁



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                You are on a roll with marmalade and chutney.
                Going to give it a rest for a little while - sick of the constant washing up and sickly smell of sugar or overpowering garlic, vinegar and spices! LOL!

                Next time I'm gifted for see for sale at bargain price some lush looking fruit or veg I'll be off again! Still got loads of plums and other fruit in the freezer too........



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                  Evening all.

                  Our day off together today and decided to go to Bath on the train. Such a quick and easy way to get there. No hassle trying to find a parking space that's not out of town, 40mins to drive there, fuel and extortionate parking charges.

                  Nice amble around some of the Interior shops to see if anything inspired us by way of trends, shapes or designs. Very disappointed overall, same old, same old, bland poor quality items in beige and grey. If we were looking to buy furniture for a new home I don't think there was anything we would have considered bar a couple of lamps and a sofa.

                  Last of the sales with big reductions although we didn't go there for that reason, but Pete got some nice leather gloves and a pair of trousers and he bought me a pair of wide leg trousers and a cardigan thingy to go with it in Phase Eight. Also got a pepper mill as ours had broken a couple of weeks ago and a new set of scales hoping they are more accurate than the old set we had. Lunch at The Ivy made for a very pleasant dry, crisp winters day out.

                  Dave we saw a lovely large peacock display piece in House of Fraser today made entirely of paper, very effective. Not relevant to your cutting but your comment just reminded me of it.

                  Horrified at the price of curtain fabric and wallpaper in Laura Ashley, so out of date with all of this. If I ever have to make some curtains I'm going to have heart failure at the price of the fabric, not that I would buy LA anyway.

                  Think you deserve a rest now Linda from the cooking. That's what I dislike about making chutney the lingering smell of vinegar, seems t hang around for days. Found some I had made three years ago in the back of the cupboard before Christmas, all still beautifully sealed and very nice it is too.

                  You are doing so well with Folksy Caroline, great decision.

                  Have a good evening all.

                  Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                  Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                    Evening all,

                    Its been a sunny but cold day here.

                    Linda you have done well with the marmalade and chutney. It is very good of you to make the little nests, I am sure there will be happy little Joeys and koalas and more thanks to your efforts.

                    The Mucha cross stitch look lovely. I too like anything by Mucha, and the arts and crafts movement.

                    Caroline well done on the sales and finishing the ToL pieces. I am also planning Mother's day and a few for Valentines, as you say make too many and you end up with them for a year.
                    Interesting that a crochet hook will fix your knitting but then I fully admit knitting is one craft I cannot and will not do.

                    Dave I agree, roll on Spring, hope you are enjoying your recent makes and find the Mucha to start soon.

                    Mo busy working on your friends present? Pete ok?

                    Andrew got any further with the candle making?

                    Netty any crafting done or still sorting Lego?

                    Yesterday evening I put in a couple of hours in to tidying my craft room, it got a bit out of control over xmas and what with my hospital stay it got put at the bottom of the list and was a convenient dumping place for all the things displaced by xmas.
                    Got the worst of it done, now just need to get the heavy pile of magazines downstairs, there is a large pile so far and a few more to come of the book shelves. Discovered I had been keeping old (more than 10 years) magazines on everything from dolls houses (an old passion) to astronomy and more. They are so old I don't think I can even donate them to anyone. So they can be recycled.
                    It means I will get some more shelf space and that means I can sort more of the other things onto shelves.
                    I found lots of things I had been wondering where they had got to, including the wools for my long, long term tapestry project, which is a waistcoat, 2 panels done in a really different stitch, gives a 3d effect, called the Bizarre stitch or the 7 leg herringbone stitch in shade of blues with black.
                    I will do a picture of what I have done so far later.

                    So what with resurrecting my hand embroidery and the waiscote along with my 2 crochet projects and the card making to be done, I have no excuse to be bored.

                    This evening a bit more work on the tapestry, then maybe some box making later after dinner. I think I will get my universal tapestry - embroidery stand down (also found that) and put the tapestry on it.

                    Have a good evening all,


                    P.S. I put an ad in the Motorcycle newspaper and have 2 enquiries so far about my bike, so maybe a sale soon?

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