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Friday 17th

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  • Friday 17th

    Morning all

    Machines all done took about 2 hours and my embroidery machine had to be hoovered out! He said I had been using it a lot, well? maybe! anyway all done and all work perfectly now. Need to check if there is a software update for the embroidery machine, think up to date.

    Today? back to sewing some tree of life free standing window hangers. Later this month Folksy are doing a ToL theme day and been meaning to do these for ages. That should keep me quiet.

    Got my b..bgram results back and all clear, breathe a sigh of relief.

    HAGO and hopefully be BBL x

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    Morning all! Dry-ish, slight breeze, but temperature as expected for the time of year. Yesterday's rain forecast was amended and there was actually very little rain so ended up being a reasonable day. Possible heavy shower just after lunch today, but could easily change.

    Yesterday, made beef casserole - at least enough for 4, if not 6, meals so plenty to go in the freezer. First batch of Seville marmalade made and potted, second lot of fruit cooked ready for another batch; did the second part of the french seams on the pouches, even managed a bit of family tree stuff and some knitting. Sewing machine decided to keep breaking the top thread all of a sudden and took a while to sort that; not sure if it was the thread or the amount of fluff that was collecting in the working areas - pouch outers are cut from an old flannelette sheet so plenty of fluff.

    Today, second batch of marmalade making, and third and last batch of fruit being cooked now ready for tomorrow. Need to turn and press the hems for the pouches, then can get those stitched, then washed. Not sure what else, but not going to get bored.

    Caroline - pleased your machines are done, and hopefully no unexpected expenses.
    Mo - sorry, got my days muddled, was thinking you were off Wed and Thurs, not Thurs and Fri. Hope you managed to get everything done yesterday and not too busy today with household chores.
    Dave - another busy day for you, but hope you found time to wield the scalpel
    Andrew and Netty - busy weekdays for both of you, hope all is well
    Shelley - more paperwork today? Hope it's all going well and you'll have time to play with your new craft toys when they arrive.



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      Mor........Afternoon now !!

      After yesterdays foul weather we have sunshine and a lightish wind, bit on the chilly side though but rather this than the constant rain.

      Been to Docs and whoopi I'm actually 4lbs lighter than I thought I was. Scales must be out but doesn't matter as long as they keep doing down. Then the Optician to order my new glasses. Had to wait a bit and saw a row of frames with 50% off. Wandered over to have a look and there was one pair that looked very similar to the ones I had chosen except they had a silver top frame, which when on my nose you hardly see. Grabbed those and compared them with the frameless ones when I got to see Steve and little difference in look. £60 saving at least brought the total nearer £400 than £500. All in all a good morning so far. Quick trip to the supermarket for some basics and veg or dinner tonight and now I have the rest of the day to get on with my friends gift. Still a lot of planning to do. Practicing the various flowers and butterflies, each one will start with a letter in her christian name, Cynthia, so the finished design will have a secret meaning in it.

      Glad the machines are up and running again Caroline, time to fire up those batteries again.

      Looks like Linda has found the same batteries as Caroline. No problem I hardly know which day is which these days. Might be a bit better now the silly season is over and things get back into a routine.

      Hope all the paperwork is going well Shelley and you can make some time to do all that crafting you have planned and play with your new gizmos.

      Dave, cutting just to keep your hand in ?

      Hope Andrew is coming along well with their plans.

      Have a good day all.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Afternoon all,

        Its been dry, sunny but a bit nippy and breezy. Better than continuous rain and wind.

        Caroline glad the sewing machines are back up and running smoothly, good job too as you seem to have plans for them to be running 24/7 well almost The ToL projects sound lovely.
        Glad your result are back clear.

        Linda you had a busy day in the kitchen, glad to hear your marmalade is progressing well. Dinner for days eh?
        I did that yesterday too, had loads of spuds, half a bag here and half a bag there, so made a big pot of mashed potatoes and cooked up some mince and carrots. We had mince and tatties last night and now there are 2 medium shepards pies in the fridge for tonight and tomorrow, probably add some green veg, maybe broccoli with it tomorrow.
        Well done on your efforts with the pouches. I see the rain is finally falling there and hope to an end is on the horizon.

        Mo, well done on the pound shedding both on the glasses and the scales. Your plans for the decorations sounds lovely and very clever.

        Dave busy? have our posts crossed? Did you decide on new one to cut?

        Netty at the library? or is it dinner lady day? I have lost track.

        Andrew last of the working week? plans for candle making this weekend?

        Today for me more paperwork, done most of the VAT, just some things to check and doing the maths, then onto the year end tax. Its going well.
        If I get enough done today I might do some crochet or work on my embroidery project with feet up in front of the fire and watch some telly this evening, the snooker is getting good now.

        Right then, back to the spreadsheets.

        Have a good day all,



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          Afternoon all....

          Been to town to do some banking....
          Got Amy dropping Daniel off as she’s go and get 4 tyres fitted ( why do they wait until they need four? 🤷🏻‍♂️)
          Got a couple of cuts on the go which go well at Pete’s but still undecided on my next one as I’ve got about 4000 images to go through yet 😆
          Framed “ Morella” yesterday, black bespoke frame and non reflective glass, white slip mount and black top mount..
          Roofer dropped six tile samples to match nearest to what is already in place for the re-roofing...
          Everyone sounds nice and busy...