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Thursday 16th

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  • Thursday 16th

    Morning all. A dry day but colder but so much better than the wind and rain we have had. Our fences and trees are intact but the neighbours not so lucky. The clean up begins today in the gardens.

    I have the sewing man coming today to service my machines. Think will be here all morning but much prefer to get it done in one go. They have been used a bit this past year, lol. Have to test them out tomorrow.

    Whilst he is here I am knitting. Did a lot of nothing yesterday. Keep having dreams about carrying more and more stuff. Lee thinks clearing out my workroom is getting to me and being weighed down by actually making a start. Whilst Barry is here going to take one drawer and sort through. The props are a problem as too big to send through the post, so may end up doing a boot sale when warmer. 2020 is the year to clear clutter once and for all.

    Downloaded a lovely design today for a wall hanging of lavender themes. Not very big which is fine and may do for a card as well as a gift hanging.

    Not much else to report so HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Quiet and dry at the moment, but things could change this afternoon, although as usual local forecast is much less severe than national indications.

    Yesterday, most of the morning spent shopping - finally found some Seville oranges (yay!!), not many on the shelf but I have 3kg. Had to get some sugar - usually buy from one of the "pound shop" type places as much less costly than supermarket - and in the process found a new charity shop. Shop is beautifully clean, well laid out and tidy, and additionally found a few books to read, a small melamine tray and a new handbag all at very low price and the young man on the till was attentive, polite and efficient. I will be popping in again when I am in the area or when I have some clear out stuff to pass on. George decided my lap was the place to be for most of the rest of the afternoon, so it was family tree and knitting to keep me occupied. Spent the evening, without success, trying to find a couple of nights accommodation in July for an event I've been invited to. May have to decline if I can't find anywhere affordable.

    Today, first thing I saw downstairs - cat chuck, bleurrrgh! However, everything is now cleaned, disinfected and sorted ready to get on with things. First batch of oranges are ready to be scrubbed and cooked, and a beef casserole to be made for OH. George is already on my chair and Bert also trying to get on my lap! Can't have a cup of coffee in peace round here Hope to get next step of the wildlife pouches done this afternoon.

    Caroline - hope the machine servicing goes smoothly and no expensive problems arise.
    Mo - another day off today - did you get time for any pyro and inking yesterday?
    Dave - plenty going on to keep you busy
    Andrew - still toiling away at the day job - soon be the weekend and you can concentrate on the craft side for a while
    Netty - must be worn out with library, dinner lady work and family stuff
    Shelley - paperwork time - hope it's all straightforward for you



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      Saw crates of Seville oranges at the local farm and thought of you Linda. If you were closer......


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        Good morning all.

        Damp and windy here still but calmer than it has been with more of the wet stuff forecast for later today so Pete has gone to fill the van up and pick up a few bits from the supermarket while its still relatively dry.

        I was in the shop yesterday Linda as we had to do a stocktake so I have two days in a row off now which is lovely. Bit of housework then pyro and ink day, need to design my friends birthday present. Finding it hard to make a decision as I obviously want her to like it LOL Have to book an Opticians appointment to order my new glasses and for a Sunday lunch next month to meet up with Petes Sister and BIL. Their turn to come over our way and our turn to pay !! Also need to get some info to a turning club I'm demoing at so they have time to get together all the things they need to have a go at pyro and ink.

        Like the rose cushion Caroline perfect for Valentines day.......................... there's a pheasant strutting down the drive. Should make a hasty retreat mate or the next door neighbour will have you for dinner, I digress ...............Hope the sewing man finds nothing wrong and you are all up and running tomorrow.

        Glad you found the oranges Linda, love marmalade. Fast day for me today so trying not to think about food till this evening when I will enjoy my omelette and salad.

        Have a productive or relaxing day all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Morning all....

          Dry here today so I’m sawing up the old wooden garden furniture then taking the rotted stuff to the skip.
          Sue is at the Sam’s shop this morning then off for a new “Do”...
          Just took the dog for a long walk, can’t go ball fetching until her nail bed has hardened again.
          Cutting when I get a gap....
          Need to wash the car and book for an oil change...
          Sue joined us up in the Scottish National Trust, just waiting for our cards....
          Got to dash... recyclers are in the street...BBL



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            Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
            Saw crates of Seville oranges at the local farm and thought of you Linda. If you were closer......
            If only.............


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              Morning all,

              Calmer today, grey, colder and a bit blustery.

              Yesterday they recorded winds of 93 mph at the docks and they closed for 15 hours, causing all sorts of traffic chaos because the lorries were arriving and couldn't unload or load so just sat around town blocking up the roads. This coupled with more than normal roadworks meant the usual traffic jam outside our front door lasted for 3 hours instead of the normal 1 to 1 and half hours.

              Caroline, hope the machine servicing goes well and you enjoy a bit of knitting. Sometimes making a start is worse than the job itself, spent 2 days stressing about doing the vacuuming becuase of uncertainty what my new diagnosis would mean when exerting myself, as it happen it was all fine and I felt a bit of a silly bod.

              Linda glad you found some Sevilles, enough to make a start Haven't had to deal with cat chuck for awhile, the girls don't do a lot of it, that was Peppers speciality, oh well Hope the pouches go well.

              Mo nice to see you have time to do some of your beautiful pyro, your friend is very lucky and I am sure she will like whatever you choose to do. Keep your hands busy and the need for food will be forgotten

              Dave does the rotten wood not burn in a wood burner? We just burn the lot in our multi fuel burner. Never tried peat but most everything else. Aha everything stops for the recyclers Made a decision on the next cut?

              Today more paperwork, did most of the ins yesterday, finish them off and then do the outs today. Do some maths and jiggery pokery, put your left foot in and shake it all about and out falls the VAT Now I am just being silly but I do feel quite happy for some reason.

              I have ordered a new A4 cutting plate for my machine to do the boxes for the butterfly cards as mine is very warped and marked and I would like a clean one for this. Its supposed to be arriving on Monday so ready for when I finish the paperwork, my little reward

              Also bought 3 pencil case rolls which hold 36 pencils each to sort all my coloured pencils and maybe some of my pens.

              Very pretty colours and useful, should encourage me to get back to some colouring.
              Also got some more chinese character embossed card and some velum ordered which should look lovely.

              Right need to go and get on with some paperwork, been interrupted by quite a few customers this morning, never mind, that what we are here for

              Have a good day everyone.


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                Hi Shelley, yes, rotten wood will burn but Its soaking wet, too much trouble so the good dry stuff is in the pile, crumbly wet stuff has gone.



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                  Ah yes thats true, Simon leaves damp wood in the hearth to dry out. But when its thats rotten its no good.