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Wednesday 15th

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  • Wednesday 15th

    Morning all

    Slight sore throat this morning, all that chatting not used to it. Though Lee thinks I am!!!!!! We had a lovely time catching up on what everyone is up to. What with the Japanese and Norwegian cruises. Jackie with her cabin in Aspen, how the other half live. We are tethered by a dog with separation anxiety. Only joking would not have it any other way and love being in my home with all my craft stuff.

    Dreadful night could not get to sleep because of the wind and rain so noisy. Lee is checking the fences this morning as heard several bangs in the night. Plus had a power cut. Just hoping calms down today. How did you fair Shelley?

    What have you got planned Linda and Dave?

    Mo in the shop?

    Netty Library?

    Andrew working?

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning! Still breezy, but gusts much less dramatic this morning. No rain forecast and might even see a little bit of sunshine.

    Yesterday, fortunately the rain and wind didn't live up to forecast. Had some rain, but only short showers and although wind was gusty, not frighteningly bad.

    Got the first part of the seams on the rest of the pouches and linings done, then George decided my lap was the place to be for nearly all the afternoon so changed to crochet and knitting and watching recorded TV programmes. When George got off I turned through and ironed all the sewing stuff so last part of the seams will be easier. Didn't get to clearing under the table as sciatica still slightly more than a niggle and couldn't face wellies, working boots, boot grips etc and the dirt that goes with them.

    Today, weather looking more amenable so weekly shopping today and it will be a visit to Grimsby - still hunting for Seville oranges and will need more sugar to make the marmalade. Will see how I feel when I get back and may see if I can get the seam sewing finished and may even make a start on hems. Leg and knee still a bit painful so probably won't do much else.

    Hope everyone survived yesterday's weather without any damage to themselves, buildings or property and it didn't disrupt daily life too much.

    Take care and HAGO
    Back later


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      Morning all...

      ”What have you got planned Linda and Dave”?…We are out clubbing later aren’t we Linda? 😆😆
      Bright blue sky, nice and sunny here.
      Got to walk the dog...
      Bought some clear resin so might have a play..
      Halfway though a cut, got my eye on a Mucha or George Barbier that I did as a 3d card, still 3d but in all white instead...something Art nouveau or Arts and crafts anyway....
      A girl that I taught to cut has sent me a graduated grey pack of paper so I might try a layered cut...
      Got to dash...BBL...

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        Morning all,

        Much calmer this morning, grey, dry and only a gentle breeze.

        It all began to calm down after sunrise. Last night though it was very, very windy, the teepee poles fell over again but not all the way stopped by the rope we used and my poor garden bench which is now not good for much more than firewood. Simon thinks he can mend it, so I will let him have a go.
        I would like to save it as it has good memories becuase I found it in pieces in a load of wood we got given, once I recognised a few bits of the bench I went through all the bags (about 6) and found all the bits, laid it all out on the grass and showed Simon, he was quite impressed I had spotted it and helped me put it together using dowels and no nails or screws, lasted years and years till the stupid teepee pole squashed it. Now it has screws in it from the first time and will need more.
        The satellite dishes and aerial stayed put so thats a plus, no other damage to report.

        Caroline I am like you, for a short moment all the glamorous life styles seem appealing but then I think of what I have and am quite content with my lot. Would rather have my cats, crafty stuff, our home and business over lots of holidays. Oh yes and Simon Hope all is ok with you, no damage to any fences.
        Still waiting for the sewing machine service man?

        Linda glad the weather wasn't too bad for you. You had me laughing, I was thinking - My goodness what is the state of under the kitchen table that you need wellies oh and work boots... boot grips??? hang on she can't mean she is wearing them as protective gear, she must mean thats where they are stored and they need moving.) Once I worked it out it was even funnier.
        Hope you make progress with the pouches.

        Dave hope the dog walk went ok. Haha out clubbing, I can see that...not All your possible project sound wonderful, graduated grays sounds delicious. You seem to have come through the storms unscathed.

        Netty at the library again? or dinner lady duties?

        Andrew working?

        Today the start of the paperwork marathon, first and quickest do the PCI compliance and a deadline of the 18th, then on to the main paper sorting. Then spending some time with Excel, Caroline - the cartoon on FB made me smile.

        I did finish the butterfly card so both cards done just need to start the card boxes in a day or so once I have made a dent on the paperwork.

        The next couple of weeks will be fairly craft free but its about the only time of the year I have to be disciplined and put my nose to the grindstone so not a problem.

        Have a good day all,

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          Evening all.

          'Twas a tad windy here too last night although I seemed to sleep through much of it till about 5. Lots of flooding down this way though and some places have had quite a bit of damage with fallen trees etc. We seemed to have escaped lightly.

          In the shop today again with Jen so we blitzed the place of Christmas except for the new ST stuff which is on sale and we have to keep out till the end of the month. Some of it may just be living in a box under the counter. Everything else went in the bin, recycling or in the store for next year. Abe to move the shop around, restock and refresh, lovely feeling. Plenty of stock in again at the moment so making the most of it.

          Two days off now as I worked today as we had to do a stock take of new goods at end of play today. Didn't take long we don't have a lot. Did most of it yesterday ans then just marked stuff off if we sold any today. Case of pumping numbers through the till. Have a list of to do's and the big thing is to get on with my friends birthday present, a pyro and ink platter. Fasting day tomorrow and Friday so need things to take my mind off of picking at food.

          Glad you had a nice meet up with your friends Caroline.

          Hope you managed to find the seville oranges Linda. Be careful with your back.

          I hope Simon can do a good enough repair to save your bench Shelley. Look forward to seeing the new cards too.

          How did you get on with the resin Dave, what are you planning to do with it ?

          Have a good evening all. Hope those that had a disturbed night manage to catch up with some sleep.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Mo, that sounds very rewarding, I like that feeling too, out with the old and in with the new and space to move.

            Enjoy your time off and spending time on your friends present. Nice to have some uninterrupted creating.

            I also hope Simon can resurrect my bench.

            Have a good evening all.



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              Evening Mo...
              I haven’t had a chance to try the resin yet, I’m toying with the idea of small intricate paper cut work, in jewellery thingummyjigs....🤔