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Tuesday 14th

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  • Tuesday 14th

    Morning all, what a night thought the roof was going to come off. Kept having nightmares about storms and flooding! so have woken up tired.

    Off for coffee with retired BT colleagues this am. Lee's best mate Tayo has said he will try and come. He still is working and not far from Badshot Lea. Should be a fun morning.

    Yesterday did a lot of nothing but did do some knitting. My sewing room is so tidy may leave until after the machine servicing before I start using again. I am a bit messy

    Not much else to report hope you are all safe and sound, HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Thankfully a compartively peaceful night weather-wise after a frightening half an hour early in the evening when I thought the back door and windows were going to be blown in. Not looking good for today - heavy rain for a continuous 8 or 9 hours from midday (definitely going to be on flood watch) and gusts up to 45mph.

    Yesterday, nipped out for chores and necessary shopping in the morning, spent a couple of hours cutting round corners and some seam stitching on pouches and liners; stopped when the bobbin ran out of thread as back starting to complain. A couple of lengthy sessions on family tree and a couple of hours knitting in the evening.

    Today, have decided to leave weekly shopping until tomorrow when it should be drier and much less windy, kitchen not too bad so won't take long to clear. Hopefully more sewing of pouches and liners - got to do french seams on the liners so much trimming and clipping of corners to do, then turn through and iron ready for second part of the seam. Family tree and knitting fitting around whatever downpours there are and watching levels in the well and the dyke.

    Fingers crossed car problems appear to be sorted.

    Caroline - enjoy your coffee and catch up
    Dave - found an new cutting challenge yet?
    Mo - hope you got accommodation booked OK, and fingers crossed for a better day in the shop.
    Netty - hope you're not too tired out from the extra work
    Andrew - bothersome need to earn a living getting in the way of the crafting stuff
    Shelley - didn't get to the bit under the table yesterday; might consider it today if the sciatic nerve settles down, otherwise it can wait a bit longer. Any time to look at the box making die or is it still on the "to do" list?



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      Morning all....

      Windy as hell last night plus torrential rain, log burner working overtime, so much better than the heating.
      Dogs foot is okay, vet said just to keep it more clean as the nail won’t grow back if its dirty.....this dog is in and out of the garden like a yoyo, mole invasion equals digging...good luck with that!
      Went to the framers for some mount board, ordered a bespoke frame with non reflective glass for Morella, £60 😩....going up a notch with a quality frame with this one, HobbyC’s are more like Ikea wood quality ones now but with glass, you can’t screw rings in for string any longer, they split.
      Not found a new project yet, might lighten the mood with a bit of flamboyant Art nouveau Alphonse Mucha....
      Got a couple on the go now, one for me, donation to the air ambulance stall in Wales and a commission....
      Got to chop the old garden furniture up today if it stays dry and that’s me done!
      Have a goodun’ all, hope the weather is kind to you.



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        might lighten the mood with a bit of flamboyant Art nouveau Alphonse Mucha....
        Ooooooooh! Yes! (Didn't you do a Mucha design last year, or am I dreaming?)
        I love art nouveau style - and somewhere buried in a box or back of a drawer somewhere I've got at least one, if not two, cross stitch pieces of Alphonse Mucha ladies. I'll see if I can dig them out and post a picture.



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          Yes Linda, I did come to think about it, the girl with the Marguerites, it was all line work....🤔



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            Afternoon all,

            Wet and windy here today.

            Caroline hope you enjoyed your coffee morning and caught up with all the news. How's the knitting going?

            Linda hope the sciatica has passed, take care if you dare to go under the table
            Are you making little pouches for the joeys? Apparently the Australians are asking people not to send the little mittens anymore becuase they can't use them, they can't sterilize them and if they are acrylic they will melt under sterilization. They reckon they have lorry loads they can't use. Find that hard to imagine, but I suppose if everyone gets knitting/crocheting it could mount up.
            Oh fiddly french seams, I suppose thats to hide the stitching so it doesn't get caught up in a little claw or tooth. I do like the finish of a french seam though.

            Dave, well I guess you can only do your best at keeping the dog's foot clean. Oh I do like Mucha too, got several of his collected works books and some art work on the walls. Art Nouveau and the arts and crafts movement in general are a big favourite of mine. There is a good set of 4, the 4 seasons, full length ladies with arm fulls of flowers and flowing dresses, very beautiful.
            That non reflective glass is really weird, one of my tapestries was a commision and he got it framed with that glass and it flared really badly when the sunlight went across it. It also had a strange frosted look to it. Decided not use it again.

            Mo back in the shop?

            Andrew - nose to the grindstone?

            Netty back in the library? Hope its warmed up.

            Last night at about 9pm - 10pm approx the wind was wild, I have never heard wind like it. I thought it was a large plane landing in the car park behind us down in the industrial estate. As the airport is less than 5 miles away we do hear them.

            There have been 2 or 3 occasions when a large passenger plane has had to do an emergency landing at the airport, becuase the landing strip is only just long enough for it to land, they have to put the engines in to hard reverse and the noise it makes was similar to the wind last night. I only found out the other day that when that happens the plane has to be dismantled and put on lorries and take them to a larger airport to be rebuilt as they can't take off from our airport. Must be a real emergency to warrant that much of a workup and expense.

            As I sit and write this the wind has picked up and it really gusting and blowing a hooley out there. I think that finally Simon has managed to affix all the dishes and aerials sufficiently that they are staying put through all this, touch wood. We are on a yellow warning till midnight tomorrow so we will see.

            Butterfly card no 2 coming along well, should be finished this evening then just the boxes to make, will have fit that in round the important paperwork that will take up the rest of the month.

            Need to get out to Sainsburys for some much need food supplies later, running round with the vacuum next and thats about it for today.

            Take care all and hope you all stay safe from the wind and rain.


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              Stay safe Shelley, awful here already taken some heavy wheelie bins and tipped them over. Trees almost bent in half and roaring like a traction engine.


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                Thanks Caroline, literally just got back, rain lashed and wind whipped, traffic chaos with a detour running right outside the front door and its a long detour as they are mending a bridge so all need to move up to the next bridge. Sat through 3 sets of green traffic lights 50 yards from home.

                Ok now, supplies in for he next 4-5 days, battening down the hatches and keeping my head down. Warm fire going and crafting supplies to last weeks and paperwork to occupy the mind.

                We have one trampolin in the road already about a mile from but posted by a friend from down there. No wheelie bins yet.

                Take care everyone, if you don't need to go out, don't.