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Monday 13th

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  • Monday 13th

    Morning all, cold and wet here brrr.

    Cleaning upstairs for me today, must make my sewing room look respectable for the repair man on Thursday. Need Lee to lift the embroidery machine so I can dust underneath. Unfortunately he will see the mess as always dismantles. Tidied the other sewing table so he has room for the other 2 machines to service. Costing an arm and a leg but needs must, think may open a savings account alongside the business account to put money by each month for this type of expense. Also think the A-N is due for it's DD to be taken. Has yours gone out yet Mo?

    Started the scarf, undid, started again, undid after 3rd attempt and unpicking gave up. Made a spreadsheet of the design started again and now got into it. Quite easy when I get started it was working out the increases. My mind was addled, in other words tired. Will do a spreadsheet for the decreases when I have the width I want.

    Not much else to report HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Feels very chilly here, but hints of daylight showing before 7.30am (yay!). BBC forecast for very heavy rain and strong winds late afternoon and evening, local forecast shows a couple of hours of rain late tea time and a bit breezy all day. Will see......

    Yesterday, jars labelled and packed away, usual clearing up done, measured and cut up two double sheets for joey pouches and liners but still need to mark cuts for corners which should be rounded, so dug out the French curve set as I can't get the on-line templates to open up properly so can't print them. Rest of the day spent on long lazy bath, and family tree work (now in next phase which is going to be another long one, despite having deleted a few more people from the list).

    Today, usual tidying, got a small chore to do in Barton, and another corner of the kitchen needs to be cleared out, cleaned up and stuff put back - unfortunately it's under a table which I can't move so will be grovelling around on the floor for a while . Hope to get some more cutting done and start on stitching this afternoon.

    Caroline - does seem like spending money for nothing tangible for servicing, but always worth it in the long run.
    Mo - well done on the clearing out you've done; keep at it and eventually you'll be able to see where you've been.
    Dave - at a loose end now the big cutting project is done? Thought not! Sure you've got plenty of all sorts to keep you busy.
    Andrew - back to the grind today? Hope you made progress with the craft stuff over the weekend, but still had time for essential chores and a bit of relaxation time.
    Shelley - shop closed day, so sorting out paperwork and tidying shelves and stock room? How is the car doing? Mine is OK so far )
    Netty - sounds like you're going to be extra busy for a while - good plan to go out for dinner yesterday



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      Morning all...

      Cold and frosty here today, just thawing, it's a logburnery kinda day...
      Need to chop up old wooden garden furniture and do a skip run, got a rattan set to replace it.
      I’m like a bit of an empty dent now the biggie cut is finished, mount board run today because I’ve run out so I can frame it up. I have stuff to cut that I’ve cut before but they aren’t challenging as I know they work, need to look through the old illustrators, see what inspires me...they are all public domain pretty much so plenty of choice.
      Everyone sounds like they have plenty to do, Sue is clearing out the pantry under the stairs today so I’ll be upstairs put of the way 😁



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        Afternoon all,

        Grey, mild and drizzly here.

        Caroline that reminds me, I need to find out what has happen to my sewing machine repair guy, he was supposed to be coming to service my 2 industrial singers. He had to cancel for some reason and hasn't rescheduled yet, what with the hospital and just being busy I haven't put it at the top of the list. Once I have had my procedure I will give him a call.
        I hope you got it presentable in the sewing room ready for him. Good plan putting it on a spreadsheet, very useful things.

        Linda you have been productive, long lazy baths sound wonderful but when I try it, it always has loads of problems, it goes cold, its not comfy, my bum goes numb and to be honest I like a bit of a soak but then like to just get on with the washing bit and get out.
        You be careful of your back under the table.

        Dave, sounds like you need something challenging, hope you find it. Its not going to be easy after the last one.
        In our house the chopped up garden furniture would be on the fire warming the house, not down the tip. We burn anything we can.

        Mo you must have found the narnia of clothes at the back of your wardrobe to end up with less room after taking out lots

        Netty you have got a full week ahead of you but at least the coffers will be fuller, maybe you will find some crafty time at the weekend.

        Andrew start of the working week, candle making started yet?

        Today I had a lazy morning pottering about. My new guillotine arrived this morning, it was a "free gift" with a magazine subscription, as I bought this one every month I thought it would be worth saving money per issue and getting a useful gift. Its a Tim Holtz one so quite good. I have a very old one that looks like the one we had at school. Its great but I think it needs sharpening and it is very heavy and big. This new one is light plastic and works well, I can keep it downstairs so I can use it whenever needed without having to take the project up stairs.

        Butterfly no 2 finished just need to do to make the card then affix the butterfly to it. Then I need learn how to use my new box die and make 2 boxes for these cards, might have to order some heavy weight acetate if what I have isn't good enough.

        Have a good evening all.



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          Shelley...yep, the good wood will go in the wood stash, the rotten stuff, down the tip.
          I’ve had a paper guillotine for a few years, a Rexel office self sharpening one, its brill, light and plastic too.



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            Evening all.

            Shop day today. Lots more donations but not brilliant over the counter, Mondays are usually quiet in that respect.

            Hammering it down with rain and high winds at the moment, definitely a log burner evening it was on when I got home.

            I think it is Shelley, just shows how jammed up they all were. Lots more sorting to do but it was a start.

            Everyone seems super busy. Got to book the accommodation for all the events tonight then that's out of the way.

            Have a great evening all.


            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.