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Sunday 12th

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  • Sunday 12th

    Morning all

    Wet and windy here, think we have the start of Brendan, Mo and Dave could be in for a battering today.

    Finished the toilet roll cover, reads ' changing the toilet paper does not cause brain damage'. My wool arrived tried to make a start on the shawl last night but too dark, will have another go this pm. Planning on adding a picot edge and pom poms and beads to make fun. Mixed colour yarn.

    Today making a start on sets of 4 cute mice for cards. Plan to sell as a set of 4. Stitching onto HC white glitter felt. The card is a sort of glitter/pearl effect cannot remember the name. Has a circular apperture and will edge this in silver glitter die cut.

    Not much else planned, roast chicken today not had a chook for months. Pigs in blankets, stuffing, roasties, broccoli, carrots and parsnips. A proper Sunday lunch.

    Stay safe from Storm Brendan.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Slightly less cold and definitely less wind this morning. Rain overnight - frighteningly heavy and vicious wind and rain about 8.00pm last night, but fortunately only last a few minutes. Heavy rain forecast for a couple of hours this morning - keeping fingers crossed it's not too severe as the well and dyke levels have risen a bit.

    Yesterday, after the longer than planned outing I got on with the store room tidy up, which is now done. "Reserve" stock has been checked, re-boxed and relabelled, and stock lists updated. Did get the labels printed, but still sitting on the side waiting for some action from me. Had an email inviting me to a small Christmas fayre in November; after consideration and further information decided to give it a try - about 3/4 hour away, but next but one village to MIL, so combine with a visit. A bowls club with its own building including bar and dining facilities; seems to be reasonably active additional to the bowls, well supported and is in a fairly affluent area, so even though mid-week fayre and only 2½ hours figure it's worth a try. Bit of knitting, bit of crochet and bit of family tree filled the rest of the day.

    Today, going to try and get the stock of empty jars and bottles sorted and rearranged now the filled jars have been sorted and there is some shelf space in that area. Found some cotton fabric so find pattern for joey pouch liners for Australian effort and get some cut out. Jars to be labelled and packed away. Household clearing up well underway so shouldn't take too long to complete. Chillin' if there is any day left after chores done.

    Caroline - still busy creating and making - you seem to be in a glitter phase at the moment
    Dave - hope you don't get the full force of the storm heading in from the west and the roof can withstand the weather
    Mo - likewise, hope the storm isn't as bad as BBC predicting. Shame about having to decline some donations - wonder whether you might have missed one or two little gems, but if you haven't got the space or the time so be it.
    Netty - busy catching up with household and family stuff after the first working week of the year, buried in Lego again
    Andrew - I think I'm going to come and use your office - it sounds like an ideal place to get organised and be able to concentrate on things I can't help with the postal packaging as don't sell on-line - too costly and too many legalities to be considered. I'm happy keeping it at hobby level and enjoying the social side of the various local events I go to during the year.
    Shelley - bit of an odd day shopping-wise for you. Hope your phone lines are now sorted out and you can take card payments again.



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      Morning all...

      Clear here dry and still.
      Was windy last night and heavy rain but only for about an hour, then back to normal.
      Nothing doing today, walking the dog then that’s it really. Sue wants to book her back in at the vets as the toe she ripped a nail from is still swollen so she wants it checked out.
      Morella finally finished...110 hours worth..
      Got another on the mat but just a normal one.
      Nothing more to report, hope everyone is damage free, I’ll be back for a catch up later.



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        Morning all.

        Wet and windy late evening. The sun is out this morning but I can see dark clouds looming again but wind not too bad at the moment.

        Late start but I do feel better for it this morning. Pete is going to put up a replacement clothes rail for me today and I could really do with starting a clear out. Just one small cupboard will make me feel as if I have done something.

        We are going to have a roast dinner too his evening Caroline, like one now and again I will have to cut back on the roasties though might do without lunch to compensate LOL

        Glad you are all sorted now Linda and Dave has come to the end of his mammoth cut. Have you posted it on FB yet Dave ?

        Mice cards sound cute Caroline look forward to seeing them finished.

        Hope everything is sorted with you Shelley and you payment system is up and running again.

        Andrew you seem to be moving on a pace and so organised.

        Have a good day all, keep warm, dry ( oh here comes the rain again ) and safe.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Spent hours today emptying wardrobes and clearing out my hanging rails and despite having a very full black bag of clothing to sell in the shop and another half a black bag of rags I still can't get everything back on the rails without jamming it all up again ? Nice feeling of having done something positive though. Still not done the shelved cupboard maybe on my next day off. Not even going to think about the shoe mountain.................

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Afternoon all,

            Its been breezy and wet here.

            Caroline definitely keeping busy. Your mice sound very sweet. Do you know this chinese new year is the year of the rat/mouse? You could perhaps mention this, might encourage someone to buy it.
            Roast dinner, mmm. I did a beef roast for xmas and one new year day, probably will do another at the end of the month having a bit of a break.

            Linda hope the waters stay away. Your unexpected day out sounded good, its nice when that sort of thing happens. You seem on top of the sorting. Well done on making contributions for Australia, I have seen a couple of groups on FB doing things. Toyed with the idea but not sure I could coordinated the getting it to people part.

            Dave I am surprised you have another one on the mat so soon after the 64 thousand holes one, you were really making confetti with that one, but what a stunner, worth the effort. Hope the you don't have too much rain and have the waters rising.

            Mo glad you benefited from a lie in, hope your clear out went well. I am going to be ruthless in the spring and get rid of most of the clothes in the wardrobe. Having decided in the summer that if I didn't wear it by next spring its going as a donation. I don't need all those clothes, I never wear them, and I can have room for the ones I do wear that never make it into the wardrobe becuase there is no room
            Have you any idea why one of charity shops would decline donations on the grounds of "Health & Safety" or was just an excuse to stop getting any more?

            Andrew plodding on with things, received any candle wicks yet? interested to know when you actually start making candles

            Netty enjoying a day off?

            Yesterday I finished one of the butterfly cards, started on the second one, doing the fiddly paper piecing (fiddly but I enjoy it) I had a brain wave and changed the colours of the flower and it looks very pretty if I say so myself.
            Next big step will be making the card boxes using the new die set, should be fun.

            The credit card line was at fault, I rang virgin and they said there was outage in our area, its back up today, so all go.

            Something simple for supper, and more card making this evening.

            Take care everyone and have a good evening.



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              Hello all

              Today has been wet and windy even though the weather forecast said dry (even while it was raining I checked and it said dry!). Sounds like some of you are in for a storm over the next two days so please stay safe, the husband was travelling down to Bristol today for a few days with work so I did warn him it doesn't look good.

              I found myself working an extra day at the library this week, my manager texted me Thurs morning asking if I could open up as she was stuck in bed with a seized back and it sounds like I may need to cover for her next week too. Add to this the extra lunchtime I've agreed to do at school and I'm starting to run out of time to do other things.

              No roast dinner for us today as the husband is away so I took Alex to Prezzo for dinner instead - John always eats at nice places on expenses while he's away so thought we'd treat ourselves too. Downside of him being away is that Alex misses him and won't go to sleep....have had to go upstairs 4 times already tonight but at least it's helps to burn all those calories I consumed tonight

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                I am in a glitter phase Linda, mainly because everything I have is glittered, lol. Did you get the jars sorted?

                Morella is fantastic Dave.

                Oh Mo, I do not have many clothes got rid of the power suits when I left BT as never would have worn again. Must go through my wardrobe as have stuff I never wear but like so loathe to get ri of it, stupid really.

                This technology Shelley, can't live with it or without.

                Netty you are keeping busy, don't over do it or all could backfire.


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                  ''Have you any idea why one of charity shops would decline donations on the grounds of "Health & Safety" or was just an excuse to stop getting any more?''

                  Shelley it depends on what it is. We are not allowed to take baby things like reins, baby bouncers, car seats etc in case the fabric strapping or fixture and fittings are worn. Riding hats and safety helmets unless new and boxed in case they have had a knock and you wouldn't necessarily see the damage inside. Skates and boards in case the wheels are unstable. Electrical goods as I can't PAT test them in my shop. If I have so many donations all at once and I can no longer keep the shop floor clear, a clear pathway to a fire exit or there are trip hazzards. for all those reasons I can refuse donations on the grounds of health and safety.

                  Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                  Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                    Ah yes that makes sense, a sort of catch all for those sorts of things. Thanks Mo.