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Saturday 11th

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  • Saturday 11th

    Morning all

    I am recharged this morning and ready for the off in m y sewing room. Also want to start the moving of stuff to upstairs. Will do one drawer this pm when watching tv.

    You all sound super busy. Any events this w/e?

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Bit breezy outside, but dry at the moment, still dark though. Several hours of heavy rain forecast for this evening and overnight, so keeping fingers crossed it's not as heavy as predicted or we'll be on flood watch again.

    Yesterday - Never had such an energetic morning! Got all sorts of clearing and cleaning done, turfed out stuff that had collected in an alcove, diverted some to car boot/charity pile, gave one gadget away when mustard order collected. Finished lavender mustard, started the major clear out and sort out in the store room. Had to stop because back complaining but did some crochet and knitting for Australian animals charity and even managed an hour on family tree stuff. Think I must have had your batteries Caroline! LOL!

    Today, need to pop out to Barton for food essentials, still finding the right place for one or two of the bits from the alcove turn out, get labels done for recent preserves makes, carry on with store room clearing and sorting. Got some fabric to cut up and stitch for nest liners for Australian effort, so will need to get space organised to get machine out. Not going to go mad like yesterday or I'll do myself a mischief!

    No events for me until end of March.

    Caroline - worth having a comparatively restful day yesterday if you're ready to go today.
    Dave - any visitors expected/visits to make? How is the cutting going?
    Mo - shop today? Hope you have a good day
    Netty - back to the Lego, or plans for a fun time out somewhere with Alex?
    Shelley - any of the new batch of cards sold yet? Getting organised to get stuck into the official paperwork, or still tidying/sorting shop and craft stuff?
    Andrew - a couple of days to devote to the craft business side of things. You must be nearly there now with essential stuff; hope it's still going well.



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      Can I have the charger back now please Linda as need some extra oompf!


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        Morning all.

        Clear here but nippy, last few days have been really mild.
        Got no house projects on, might hack a bit more jungle away from the back in the woods.
        Got about two hours of cutting to complete “Morella” then apart from one that one on the go that I’ve cut before, I’ll need to look for another because this one was one I thought I’d never be able to do due to the amount of detail in it 🙄.
        Went to moms yesterday, fitted her covers, heard the gossip, then heard it again....then again 😆.
        Need to join the National trust today before I forget....
        Linda and Caroline sound busy, catch up later...



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          Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
          Can I have the charger back now please Linda as need some extra oompf!
          LOL! On its way I've still got some charge left, despite a slight change of plan for today. Kitchen and cooker are cleaned, but OH was conscious and vertical (he's definitely a night owl), so we've been to Brigg to get his belated Christmas present (decent quality pair of wellies), then to Barton for a couple of bits from Tesco. I've just had a bite to eat and am going to print my labels then set to on the store room sort out again.

          See ya later


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            Afternoon all,

            Dry, bright a bit windy and chill in the air.

            Last night the full moon was really bright, it was a partial eclipse but it just looked big and bright. I went out about 8:30pm to have a look - the eclipse lasted from 5pm - 9pm - but couldn't tell if it was eclipsed. It was just so bright it felt like a summer evening at 8:30 with sky not black just darkening. The tree branches were silhouetted against the sky increasing the effect of a pale dark blue sky, it was odd.

            Caroline still on the go, can't remember what you said you were moving upstairs or is just the fallout from the decorating? One drawer at a time is the way to go. Pleasant way to spend an evening in front of the telly.

            Linda glad to hear you are back at full charge, when Caroline is finished with it can you pass it on over here? Sometimes a good sort out is just good for the soul - space clearing - clears the mind

            Dave know what you mean about hearing the gossip again and again, I have one friend who doesn't seem to remember what they told you 10 minutes ago and just repeats himself continually, I have just learnt to nod, say oh and ignore it. I blame it on a life long relationship with too much alcohol. I have managed to discourage his visits and happily haven't seen him for over a year
            Hope the latest cut is finished? a myriad of holes completed. Got any plans for what you would like to visit once you have joined the NT?

            Mo back in the shop? good day off? Pete keeping busy?

            Netty found any time for crafting?

            Andrew finished clearing the craftroom/office? Decided on packaging?

            I am going out in a bit to collect my new repeats, pop in to the £ shop, see what they have, and pop in to Sainsburys for some milk, bread and other bits for the weekend.
            Still working on the cards, made a trial flower with new flower dies, looks ok, but not sure it works too well in blues, but looks ok with the blue themed card.

            I received a letter this morning from the hospital, got a date for the procedure to get my hear back into rhythm and the things I have to do, pre-admission on the thursday feb 13, procedure 14th feb both as day patient. Good news but a bit scary.

            Take care everyone and have a good day.

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              Hi Shelley....cut should be finished today, about an hour or so left...
              NT...we were in it a few years ago and visited quite a few places in England but then let the membership lapse. Now we are staying more in Wales we will be looking around there for places to visit so joining up again.

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                Hey, guys office is nice and clean, and the father in law give it a good lick of paint so looking really great.

                All labels have been ordered, correct wicks identified and ordered so once these arrive going to make up all the candles get the range photographed and a nice landscape header image for the site and we should be nearly there.

                I've taken the forum advice to not sweat the box design and go with what we have, for the time being, plain with a label.

                This may sound like a newbie question, but how do you guys source postal packaging? At the minute, we have a good stock of white crash boxes which are for mugs and fit one candle nice and snug. How do you deal with varying order sizes ie someone who wants 2 or 3 decent sized products? Do you buy the packing on demand or have a room full of boxes?
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                  Dave sounds like a plan, Wales must have its fair share of good places to go. Must be done by now with the 64 thousand holes to fill the Albert Hall

                  Andrew glad you have made some decisions and are moving forward with your plans. It wasn't really the forums advice - it was only my personal advice from experience.

                  I can't offer any advice with packaging. I send out cards so they go in sturdy cardboard envelopes when I post but many are sold from the shop so I don't need to worry about it. We get lots of packing material, bubble wrap, air bags of all sizes and shapes, polystyrene chips, and cardboard boxes of all sizes, these are sorted and flat packed and put inthe stores with the other packing stuff and saved for when needed, in the entire 43 years of our business we have never bought any packing materials for anything the business has had to send off.

                  However we did get lots of advertising from a company called RAJA Uk

                  Linda glad you got your present buying done, it can be like that round here, best laid plans......but when he is up and has a plan you best just go with or it might never get done

                  Have a good evening all.



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                    Evening all.

                    So busy in the shop today but lots of people buying small items so not huge takings. 34 bags of donations in, had to refuse the last dozen just couldn't take any more or they would have been in the shop for people to trip over them. Couldn't process all the 34 as it was and some await me Monday. Absolutely crackered and no alcohol to take the pain away LOL

                    Don't think we are going anywhere tomorrow and I may get around to clearing out some of the cupboards at last, will see how I feel in the morning.

                    The Fig Tree Christmas present that I reordered for my friend as Yodel did their usual laying about delivering before Christmas, arrived today and she was pretty pleased with it. It has figs on it already. Hardy patio tree that can fruit twice a year in good conditions aptly called Brown Turkey.

                    Glad to see everyone is duracel powered once again, may have to get some myself.

                    Brain not in gear so that's me done for today.

                    Enjoy your evening everyone.

                    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                      Mo you seem to be getting lot of donations, hope they are all good.

                      I had to go from one end of our high st. to the other so I went into each charity shop to see they had and it was odd, they were busy with people but not much buying going on. One of the shops had a large sign saying " No Donations - Thank you - For Reasons of Health and Safety" Had me scratching my head. another couple of shops down the way was shut " Sorry - No Staff" and further on down the road another was shut due to " No Power"
                      It was really weird.
                      Then I got home to find one of our phone lines, the one that runs the credit card machine was down, after a call to them it seems the whole area is down, but only virgin as our BT lines still work.

                      Enjoy your day off and hope you get some sorting done.

                      Have a good night all and sleep well.