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Friday 10th

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  • Friday 10th

    Morning All

    Not seen much of outside as too dark but looks dry although cold. Had 3 more sales last night need to get them sorted and in a post box before collection at 5 tonight.

    More sewing for me today and planning next projects. Ground to a halt a it think my batteries need a recharge, lol. Still got our Christmas village up until the 2nd Feb. Then replace with the Valentines display. Miss not having lights up but do have some battery fairy lights in white always round the fireplace.

    Dog walk and that will be it, HAGo and BBL x

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    Morning all! Showing streaks of daylight outside and dry, but temperatures definitely feeling more like January/February than springtime.

    Yesterday, didn't get home until after lunch and was definitely low on physical energy. Did get a few of the bits I went out for, some extra bits, but still no Seville's. Spent much of the afternoon finding printing off patterns to make pouches and nests to go to orphaned and rescued animals in Australia - there are a number of facebook groups started up to help collate the effort and the one I've joined is based in Lincoln so I can easily get collections of items and materials to her when I go that way. Also discovered that my hands really will not take crochet any more - not with large hooks and thick yarn, so am going to have to knit my contributions.

    Today, the regular clearing up is done but a couple of extra bits I want to do, then I am definitely going to finish the lavender mustard, having not got it done yesterday. If I have the energy I am also going to make a start on sorting out things in the store room, but first I have to clear space outside the room to put the boxes somewhere whilst I do the cleaning! It's like one of those childrens' games where you have to move tiles around within a frame and can only do one thing at a time and only in a certain order to achieve a result!

    Caroline - sounds like you need a day or two off from the crazy speed you've been working at recently. Just do essentials then pace yourself for the rest.
    Dave - doesn't sound like things have slowed down for you and Sue either. Good news that roofers can pass any removed tiles on to recyclers and pay you for them too.
    Andrew - last day of the rat race for this week? Hope you can devote a bit more time to the chandlery business over the weekend.
    Netty - library today? No doubt the Lego will come out and be spread around again once Alex is home from school - have you defined the space(s) he can use?
    Mo - went in four charity shops yesterday and didn't find a thing to buy - some of them had notices asking for donations, so it seems your problem of low stock isn't restricted to just you.
    Shelley - the car was fine , but the mustard didn't get done - it's on the "must do" for today; no Sevilles yet. Glad you managed a chat with the doctor and have clarified a few things. Hope the auction man gets back to you today.



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      I know what the clearing out is like, as you said clear space to add, then move around in a circle to put it all back.

      Taking a 'Me' day today. Reading, puzzles on the iPad and tv programmes. Finished The Queen now started an English dubbed series about murders on a ship. Love the 1930's styling.


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        I know what the clearing out is like, as you said clear space to add, then move around in a circle to put it all back.
        So often the way, but not this time Caroline As I move stuff out I am going leave out stuff which really shouldn't be there, isn't used or preserves which are close to or past their best before date.

        I have already done that this morning in an alcove in the kitchen and am in full spring clean and clear out mode for a little while (back starting to complain so will have to be careful!).



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          Morning all...

          Thanks for the flag Linda, gone now, second time, theyโ€™ll learn.
          Tantalisingly clise to completing Morella, all of the detail is cut, just got around 200 round dots about 3mm diameter to cut....only took about 90-100 hours ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†.
          Off to visit mama later, got some covers for her settee to fit..
          Amy and baby Daniel visited yesterday, went home around 7pm...heโ€™s a right live wire now, thank god โ€œ Paw patrolโ€ keeps him quiet, even the dog does a runner when heโ€™s around.
          I have clear out but all it really amount to is shuffling a few papers and emptying the waste bin ๐Ÿ˜‚.
          Hope cars are fixed, ailments are on the way out, best intentions to tidy intentions ๐Ÿ˜



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            Afternoon all,

            Dry, sunny and not too cold here.

            Caroline, take it steady, you don't need flat batteries. Good plan to take some "you time" and recharge. Well done on the sales.

            Linda glad you had a reasonable day out yesterday, the Sevilles will arrive eventually and then you will be busy, busy in the kitchen, so enjoy the time off while it lasts, think of it as the universe making time for you to help knit the things for the poor creatures in Aus
            I think many people who are clearing out have to deal with it like a game of 15s, I am actually waiting till the summer to clear out our little stores becuase I need to put it all in the garden and then put it back tidily or more probably throw most of it away. This is the other problem, if I could just point at things and they would magic themselves to the tip, this house would be emptier, tidy and organised. I might have to make a huge pile and pay someone to take it away.
            Did your long journey restore your confidence in your car tyre?

            Dave still making holes? Sounds tedious, but I am sure it will be worth it when finished. Hope the upholstery goes well. I don't envy you a young lad running around.
            Are you windows actually Velux? If so and they are under 10 years old they are still under guarantee (at least our were) and they will change the glass if its fogged.
            We found out by accident, our Velux was foggy and didn't clear during the summer ( I thought it would but apparently not) the man who came to fix said its a popular misconception that it will clear in the summer and by Sept/Oct he is very busy replacing glass.
            He asked if we knew how old the window was, I went and looked through the loft conversion file and luckily I found the receipt. He said ah you have 1 month (approx) left on the guarantee, this will be done free of charge. Well we were very happy about that and so glad we hadn't put it off. This one has lasted about 20 years with no fogging, we wondered if it was becuase it was fitted by the Velux man and not just the builder. Who knows.
            Worth checking.

            Mo back in the shop? Pete teaching?

            Andrew found any time to work on the craft side of things?

            Netty busy? sorted the Lego, found any time for creating?

            Today finish the vacuuming, more office paperwork and then card making later.

            My inserts I ordered arrived, they had gone astray with wrong address but they got here this morning. Very nice, I had been using standard copier paper, these are slightly more gsm and have a lovely finish, very pleased I went for 4 sizes. I can always cut down one or 2 for odd sizes I might use but my standard cards are covered. 100 inserts, 4 sizes inl. postage 5p short of ยฃ11.
            So I will finish off a few cards waiting for inserts then put the latest batch out in the shop.

            Have a good day everyone,

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              Afternoon all.

              Shop yesterday then had to go straight out with Pete to the turning club annual event which got cancelled before Christmas as the Voting for the election was in the hall on the same day. Short and sweet, full of old men ( excluding my Pete ) that have to be home for their Cocoa by 9pm. We were back home by 9 to a late tea of scrambled eggs on toast as really too late to bother with anything else.

              Day off today and had to go to the opticians first thing for a check up, nearly ยฃ500 for a new pair of glasses. Start of cataracts so need UV protection and not had to have a change of lens for 4 years. First quote was nearly ยฃ800, forget that one sonny. Then met up with a girlfriend for coffee and had to be prized away by her Husband at 12.30 and I needed to get back for lunch as Pete has his regular monthly pupil today. Easy lunch of homemade soup and garlic bread. Bovril for me as I'm fasting today but I will have the soup without the garlic bread this evening.

              Looking forward to seeing the latest masterpiece Dave.

              Enjoy your ME day Caroline.

              Be careful with your back Linda, the clear out can wait a bit.

              Hope you are able to work on your new cards Shelley.

              Need to decide what to do this afternoon, might just have a clear out of a cupboard to feel like I have achieved something today LOL

              Mo XX
              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                Paw Patrol! My son loves that and if that one gets old (although with little ones they never seem to) another one that gets the nod is Octonaughts. Oh to be young.

                Working week over so now some time for the family - ah bliss. On the candle front, we've received the labels which look great and so that part is ticked off which is a relief. Just going to order up the other 5 scent labels. We are now looking at the gift box element. We ordered some off one of the big candle sites which are shiny black on the outside however they have a white interior and overall don't look as good as we'd like...albeit acceptable.

                The question is do we use them and develop this element at a later date when we have some income or do we push the boat out and get it right first time?

                We are leaning towards getting a different box either a plain white one in a nicer card to which we'd add the label or we are exploring getting a box designed bespoke and manufactured - let's see what the costs are on that one!

                Aubrey Bay UK


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                  Andrew, good to see you back, sounding very productive ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
                  Shelley, no, the Velux windows are nearly 30 years old, you can replace the glass but now its a different size, different fixing kit etc which adds up to almost a new window. The sizes never change so as they have the roof stripped, might as well fit a couple of new ones ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป.



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                    Andrew welcome back, good to see you are making progress with labels and things, my advice ( if you want it) is not to get too bogged down with fussy things at the beginning, get it out there, get it selling and tweak as you go, don't buy too many boxes, labels, etc at one time, so you can change and adapt as you go.

                    Dave, oh well you had the value out of those then, that happened to our kitchen window when we had the firework fire in the garden years and years ago, it was only the glass that had cracked from the heat, but they didn't make double glazed windows to those standards or sizes so the whole window frame and all had to be replaced. Good job the insurance was paying for it.

                    Mo did you clear out the cupboard? did you feel you had accomplished something? Time for soup and a cozy evening with your leftover lights.

                    I finished of the cards and put them out inthe rack and put the boxes and their coasters in the window, just need to post some pictures on line. Trying to work out out to edit a short video to cut off the last 10-15 seconds.

                    Take care all and have a good evening.