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Tuesday 7th

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  • Tuesday 7th

    Morning all

    The journey into Haslemere yesterday was dreadful, road works and we had to stop at all the red lights. Took ages but made it with 5 minutes to spare and got a parking space. Lee then proceeded to switch on the radio after about 5 minutes all the electrics went off. He went into panic mode and tried to start the engine with it in gear, luckily the car would not start and asked him to put his foot on the clutch. It started. Now we are unsure if the battery as the original from new in 2014 so 6 years old in April or something more. Will take it to the local battery place for them to check and may have to go to Ford if electrics. Bring back the old cars where you understood what was going on, open the bonnet and all complicated now.

    Yesterday morning cleaned upstairs, stitched out the northern lights fair and made into a door pillow. Fabric left over from the love pillow made into a frame clutch bag and coin purse. Happy with what I achieved.

    Today clean downstairs, fish tank and make a start on the toilet roll holder, this one hangs.

    My bunny batteries I got for Christmas are working well!

    Will be BBL, HAGD x

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    Morning all! Dry, still dark, feels very chilly despite what BBC weather people say it should be. Forecasting rain for most of the afternoon, but will see as we escaped the heavy downpour forecast for yesterday.

    Yesterday, no Seville oranges found yet, but did get a couple of other bits. Still paranoid about that front tyre so dropped car off at tyre place on the way home and walked the last ¼ mile. Went back later in the afternoon, but he hadn't been able to find any reason for the problem, but took tyre off, cleaned wheel and tyre and resealed, which is what he'd done last summer when it lost pressure. Will keep an eye on it - if still have the problem them will have a new tyre despite current one seeming OK.
    Sorted out the old Christmas cards, including several past years that I'd saved for recycling and packed for posting to a charity that rescues blind dogs (another small space cleared in one of the craft storage areas!).

    Today, hairdressers at 9.30, also need to pop round to brother's and walk to the Lidl store nearby for some parmesan (OH won't eat the stuff from anywhere else). Couple of bits needed from the local Tesco, but it's on the same site as hairdresser's so easy to do. Post office on the way home to post the box of cards, and butchers - both in Barrow and 2 mins walk from each other. Did find the necessary mustard seeds yesterday, so starting off a small batch of lavender mustard when I get home. Will see how I feel if I do any other varieties.

    Caroline - hope the car is OK - that's three of us with car problems recently! (Hoping mine is sorted now as I've had three different things in the last few weeks!). You must have been buzzing yesterday to get all that done - don't go mad today.
    Mo - how was the shop yesterday? No doubt bins are overflowing with rubbish and unuseable donations - hope the Wednesday collection isn't delayed for any reason.
    Shelley - your shop open again today, hope you have time to make a start on the paperwork and still get a bit of crafting in. Expect things will be a little quieter than your busy period before Christmas.
    Dave - dog walk/craft room tidying/family visits? Expect it's a bit too wet and soggy to consider any detecting; I'm sure you've got plenty to keep you occupied.
    Andrew - back to the grind (employment) this week, hope you can still organise a bit a time to work on the crafting business stuff.
    Netty - still got Lego all over the house?



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      Morning Linda, hope you get everything done you have quite a list.

      Went to the local tyre place in the village, they checked the battery although a bit down nothing to worry about. He did say not using the car that much can cause a problem as all electric. The bonnet would not shut but he sorted that as well, no charge.

      Feel exhausted now so may not start anything today. Just get all the fabric pressed and hooped etc.


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        Morning all...

        Dull here but dry, ache a bit after cutting all of the Buddleia bushes back and pulling the roots up, luckily they don’t get that established if you grab them before the trunk thickens..hands are cut and full of bramble thorns so first job with the scalpel is to dig those out...
        Cutting later as per...still chipping away at Morella...
        Dog walking....
        Paid for Sue’s courses at the shop next to Petes, they want me to run some workshops in the Spring...
        Need to produce a few to donate to the Air Ambulance stall in Wales in March...
        Its all go this end again....😁
        Hope everyone is ok, have a goodun’.



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          Afternoon all,

          Dry, grey but mild here.

          Caroline seems to be car trouble time for us all. Batteries and tyres seem to be the order of the day. I have to bite the bullet this week and book mine in for a new clutch, can't put it off any longer. I had to get the battery done first as it would have been really difficult to try and get the clutch done and have to jump start the car to get it there and home
          You are definitely getting the most out of your new bunny batteries. (its a good job we all know what we are talking about )

          Linda shame no oranges yet, what do you think is wrong with your tyre? My tyre was going flat becuase my rim is slightly distorted and I get what is called a rim leak, as long as the pressure is correct it stays inflated, but as soon as it goes a little flat it loses all pressure in no time at all.
          How did the hairdressers go? and your long list of other things? You seem to be over your cold/flu/bug thing?

          Dave that sounds painful and removing them with a blade Ouch! Tough man hands I suppose Is that the taster courses or did Sue like it and you have paid for the full course? It should be good fun, hands on with some furniture restoration.

          Mo back in the shop? Pete busy?

          Andrew working, still forging ahead with the craft room and candle making?

          Netty back in the library? hope its warm.

          Today a slow day for me, last night had one of the worst nights sleep I have had for ages, so tired today. Some gentle work on the PC paying bills, pop out for some supplies - food and cat food.
          Not sure what else, still packing away the xmas decos - forgot about the ones in the shop, saw them when I opened up this morning. Putting off the vacuuming till tomorrow and need to see the doc too.
          Maybe some work on the butterfly cards this evening but definitely an early night - before midnight

          Take care all and have a good day.



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            Shelley, I had a rim leak on the front of mine, they paint liquid rubber on first to reseat it.
            Only taster courses just in case it turns out to be not what she wanted to do..
            I use the scalpel just to nick the skin so I can tweezer them out as they can go quite deep, surgical blades and a magnifying lamp are great for that.



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              Evening all.

              Couple of days in the shop now over and I have a day off tomorrow. Lots of donations thank goodness as we were very depleted but difficult to process when they all come in at once. Trying to get rid of Christmas but as we still have the official Sale of new goods can't get rid of those at the moment. Don't have a lot and have a stock take next Wednesday which shouldn't take long, mostly Christmas cards and a few odds and ends.

              Need to pay my car insurance tomorrow and give the house a clean. Pete hoovered through today which is a big help. My workroom is all tidy and sorted so no reason why I can't get on with some pyro and ink next week.

              Trying to shift some weight so it's a fast day tomorrow again so need to keep myself occupied LOL We are both still dry for January too.

              Everyone seems to be back up and running with their creations. Pete is back in the workshop as all events now booked for the year. Just need to get all the accommodation sorted ASAP.

              Glad all the cars are being sorted, can't do without them.

              Have a good evening all.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                Hello Caroline, Mo, Linda, Shelley, Dave and Andrew

                I hope the car problems aren't catching, I know mine will need new brake pads at some point but hopefully not yet. In the summer ATS told me they needed doing asap so when I took it to my usual garage for it's mot I mentioned it - turns out apparently still several thousands of miles left on them.

                I was working at the library on Sunday (and no Shelley not warm) and not in again until Friday but was doing dinnerlady duties at my son's school today. My usual day is Monday but they've talked me into doing some extra days as they are so short staffed - 2 mums started in Oct doing every day and both have left already.

                Linda lavender mustard sounds interesting and yes still lego creations everywhere that I'm not allowed to move, I'm going to have a rejig of Alex's bedroom next week and create a dedicated lego space so I can get my lounge back.

                Dave your wife's a lucky lady (apart from being married to you - joking!) doing those courses. We've recently completely updated our lounge (it was very 70's) and I've painted the built-in sideboard changing it from a dark red/brown varnish to a very light cream and changed the wooden knobs to crystal ones - completely transforming it. I want to try reupholstering a couple of chairs so they match the rest of the room so would love to do a course on it, suspect I'll have to make do with youtube videos.
                Visit Natty Netty for a huge selection of Iris Folding supplies


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                  Netty, rest assured she’s still a lucky lady, year 25 together....still not married 😁

                  Dave 😎


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                    Mo enjoy your day off, glad you have your crafting space back, now our tree is gone the room looks huge, won't last though

                    Nettie sorry its not been warm but at least you haven't had to spend lots of time there. A dedicated Lego space is a must for any kid serious about his/her bricks. I have a tall set of drawers and a few shelves in my craft room dedicated to lego.

                    Dave interesting you should mention that, Simon and I have been together for 44 years and not married but on a serious note we did some investigating and have decided its time to get married or a civil partnership which became possible Jan. 1st 2020.
                    For my protection really, I would have to pay inheritance tax if his estate is worth more than £325,000 approx (and it might be), no guarantee I would get his pension and in the case of medical decisions he would not have any rights. My brothers would be my legal next of kin and they know nothing of my wishes.

                    Common law does not exist in law.

                    We are going to sneak off and just sign the papers in the next few months, no wedding, no friends ,no party, no fuss. Just me and him, the registrar and the 2 required witnesses. No change of name and only tell close friends so if anything happens someone knows its legal.

                    We have been ok so far but neither of us is getting any younger.

                    And on that grim note - Goodnight all.



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                      Hi Shelley, you are correct, common law has no grounds really. We went to a solicitors a few years ago, found this out and made wills especially because Sue is 10 years older than me....we may get married as a formality but we both have allowances from our pensions for partner benefits after death and are both debt free.



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                        That sounds good, but if your estate is worth more than the limit at the time £325,000 now approx, she would have to pay inheritance tax, only as your wife or you as her husband can you avoid this. It may mean selling the family home to pay the bill.
                        We made wills and have left everything to each other but it doesn't count when it come to tax.
                        I am sure you know what you are doing but we have decided its not worth the risk, a mean old relative of Simon's or mine could come out of the blue and contest the will and cause all sorts of problems. We just wanted to be sure.

                        Nite all.



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                          A long term friend from BT got married last year, they have been together for 40+ years but again after 2 solicitors advice tied the knot. A very quiet affair no pomp and circumstance. Having worked in a solicitors you would not believe the heartache a lack of a piece of paper can cause.

                          Lee and I have been together since May 77 and married officially in a church in September 79.


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                            As most of you know Pete and I got married in 2015, it was technically a commitment ceremony with no legal paperwork but we had a Celebrant and the most fantastic weekend of celebrations. The most important thing was for us to show our commitment to each other in front of our nearest and dearest. Subsequently in 2018 we did the legal bit with just my best friend and sister as witnesses for all the reasons you are going to do it Shelley. I can't even remember that date it's not important but the commitment ceremony is our anniversary.

                            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.