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Monday 6th

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  • Monday 6th

    Morning All, Linda, Mo, Shelley, Netty, Dave and Andrew

    Very cold this morning but dry, Shiloh enjoyed his walk yesterday as no rain in sight. Took the decorations down and exhausting. Did finish the Love pillow though and prepped for a clutch bag and coin purse from the bits left over. Plus prepped the machine for the Northern Lights fairy. Stitching her onto a grey mottled cotton with a hint of silver.

    Housework today, may get some sewing done then to Haslemere Hospital for the b..bgram lorry.

    Ordered a large light tent Shelley as the small one is ideal for most things but not cushions etc. Only problem ordered from Wish and habe since found out they are a bit of a problem for deliveries. Will wait and see. Used PP as at least that way can get the money back quite quickly.

    Not much else to report, there was an ambulance opposite for about 3 hours last night, not sure who for as no houses that side. Will check with Jen that all is well with Colin this morning, as opposite their house. Hate when I see ambulances pull up and we get quite a few in this road.

    Put of the 10 houses only 3 have the originals in, Sarah & Phil, Lesley and Peter and us. Lesley and Peter have put theirs on the market so they are moving on. They are moving to a golfing complex as they play all the time. Sad to see them go. Hamptons now have 2 in the road and they are normally very good and sell quite quickly.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Still dark, dry, but feeling very cool. Heavy rain forecast for a couple of hours this afternoon, but so far nothing in the forecast for tomorrow.

    Yesterday got the last two lots of mustard labelled and shoehorned them into a space in the store room, informed customer for one of the lots that they were ready for collection and got the requisite number of jars packed in a tray for them. Did sort out a few more recipes which I might make, but didn't get round to starting off anything. Lots of family tree, bit of housework, bit of reading and not much else.

    Today, think I'm getting cabin fever and have a yearning to go into Grimsby - actually want to see if Seville oranges have arrived there and need a couple of other things from places I can walk to from the supermarket car park, rather than having to keep moving the car from shop to shop. No other plans, except the usual family tree tidying and general pottering.

    Sounds like you got quite a lot done yesterday Caroline, and plenty of stuff planned for today.
    Dave - managed to get all the stuff from the market up the stairs and put away?
    Mo - back in the shop, hope you don't get the usual huge pile of dross donations dumped outside the door.
    Andrew - what is the situation with the craft room/office? Still clearing out or have you got as far as starting the decoration and reorganising?
    Netty - back to work for you and school for Alex today?
    Shelley - shop closed today, so time for some sorting out and making a start on paperwork?



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      Morning all....

      Dark and gloomy here...
      Need to take the dog for a walk, see if it rains or not first...
      Got to go down to the unit next to Petes and pay for a few taster workshops that Sue wants a crack at. Basic upholstery and furniture painting, then if she likes those she’ll take the plunge and do some more detailed (and expensive) ones run by Jay Blades in his workshop opposite.
      I’ve noticed a good few broken roof tiles so I need to contact a roofing company about a quote and also the planning department for a notification agreement, the joys of living in a conservation area...
      The Buddleia bushes in the wood at the back went on the rampage last year and are growing over the shed etc so I need to go up and chop them back, also spotted some sycamore seedlings that have taken root and need sorting outxas no one tends to manage the woods and because the railway embankment at the back is high, everything lower down grows at 45 degrees toward our houses. About 5 years ago a tree snapped and dropped across next doors garden, smashed the fence, decking etc, it took over 12 months to get compensated so we tend to go up and chop low stuff down ourselves.
      That’s enough for today, Sue is at Amy’s watching Daniel, I’ll pop up if I’ve got time myself.



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        Evening all,

        Dark, dismal, rainy, blowy day here.

        Caroline, oh I hope it works out and you get your light tent soon. I got mine off amazon, I only buy dies from afar as there is never an urgency for them.
        I bet there was no desire for walks today if your weather is anything like ours.
        We took our tree and decorations down yesterday, pine needles everywhere, good job we cut it up where it was standing or there would have been needles all the through the house to the garden, fairly self contained in one corner. Got the dustpan and brush out and got the worst up today, vacuum out tomorrow and give the whole room a good clean.

        Linda glad you got the mustards sorted, did you get out to town? find any Sevilles? Hope the pottering goes well.

        Dave sounds like life is back to normal, Sue's lucky to get the chance to learn from such a talented guy. Good luck with the "gardening"

        Mo back in the shop, hope you haven't got too much yacky "donations" and people are not using you as a substitute for the tip. I am guessing though that post xmas must be a good time for worthwhile things as people are in with the new and out with the old.

        Netty back to work? hope its warmed up for you now. Any time for crafting?

        Andrew you too back to work? did you make progress with craft room sorting?

        This evening more work on the butterfly cards, tomorrow the start of our working week, need to try and get in the mood for paperwork, start with sorting and tidying up the paperwork and then paying the bills. A run round with the vacuum first though before I do anything.

        Take care all and have a good evening.