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Sunday 5th

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  • Sunday 5th

    Morning all

    Another dry day but cold, good dog walking weather and yes Shiloh did grace us with his presence yesterday.

    Linda did the mustard behave in the end?

    Andrew I use Click and Drop with RM but print off the labels direct. Most of mine go in the larger letterbox but if not our local PO opens at 7am and closes at 10pm. In a small local shop. Very handy.

    How did the butterfly cards go Shelley?

    Mo how did the clearing in the shop go? Are you home today?

    Oh dear Netty, housework is so boring why can we not have self cleaning houses.

    Sorry about the Artisan fair Dave but suppose quite near Christmas. Used to do the Farnham Maltings monthly event but always left Jan and Feb as a waste of time and energy.

    Today deco's come down and may have to go into cleaning mode and do downstairs. Finished the embroidery for the pillow, cut out ready to stitch also the pillow pad cut out, stuffing ready. Would be good to get that done today but if not will have to wait until Tuesday.

    Sorry got distracted for a few minutes there as the computer kept telling me keyboard batteries low, unless you change them they keep switching off the keyboard! Plus getting nudged by the dog as he wants the froth from my cappuccino! Things I have to put up with, now have his head draped across my right arm. Better sort him before a lot of gobblydegook appears on the screen.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Daylight struggling to raise its head, dry and but positively balmy out there for the time of year. Some gusty winds due during the day, but nothing excessive forecast.

    Yesterday, yes - got the mustard sorted after I realised my stupid mistake in mis-calculating the ratios of dry and wet ingredients. Mustard easy to sort usually - too wet add more seeds and/or flour, too dry add more vinegar and/or wine or water. I have written out a large Postit not with reminders about calculating quantities very carefully and stuck it on the recipe sheet! Other than that I spent a lot of time on the familly tree tidying - still not at the end of this phase, but getting closer.

    Today, have done the usual tidying, printed off the ingredients labels for the mustards - 3½ dozen jars to be labelled - copied application forms for a fair in March and a social weekend in August and got them ready to post, need to look out more mustard recipes, and no doubt more family tree stuff.

    Caroline - glad Shiloh graced you on the walk yesterday Don't go mad with the cleaning - anything you can't manage will still be there tomorrow. Still creating and producing )
    Dave - sounds like the market was more or less as expected but the workshop request a bonus. I don't do fairs in January or February - costs too much as people come to look but rarely buy. May do one or two in March, but treat those as "getting back into practice" for the spring/summer events.
    Netty - a nice treat for you to get out to the ice skating, I hope you can manage a few more trips this year, especially as Alex also enjoyed himself.
    Andrew - Wow! You really are organised with the crafting and all the non-craft stuff that goes with running a small business. It's a lot of hard work, but when you make that first sale the enjoyment is so great
    Shelley - Seville's (like nearly everything) take so long to get here because we are one of the forgotten parts of the country. The area is "out on a limb" between the Humber and the Wash, is mainly an agricultural area, no particularly large towns or cities and very little in the way of decent public transport.
    Mo - are the wicker donkeys the one you were forced to have 12 months ago, or did they send you a new lot this time? Oooh! another platter to be painted - can't wait to see the pictures )



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      Morning all...

      Dry and dull here today...
      Not got much on today, bit of cutting at some point,
      Can take the dog walking now her foot is healing, so I’ll do that later but no running for the ball..
      Unloaded the craft fair stuff but needs lugging up two flights of stairs yet to the craft room..
      Might skip the next market as it won’t be much busier than this one then March Wales starts calling again so I need to time manage a bit. mean we DON’T have self cleaning houses? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️😄



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        [QUOTE mean we DON’T have self cleaning houses? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️😄


        in our dreams lol


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          Evening all.

          Late start and decided to go to Hungerford for a mooch and a bit of lunch. Didn't take the van far too tempting and too broke this time of year for large expenses as just paid al the deposits for 4 shows. Just as well couple of items we could have been tempted too LOL

          Taken the decorations down and the house is just about back to normal and I have craft space again. Pete will do a thorough hoover as there will be pine needles you don't see in artificial light and I will do a big clean on Wednesday when I next have a day off.

          All downhill to Spring now. Our honeysuckle thinks spring is already here and is making lots of leaf and flower heads, hope any frost doesn't set it back too much.

          Have a good evening all.


          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Evening all,

            Dry and bright here, bit chilly though.

            Caroline did the dog walking go well? My keyboard batteries needed changing awhile ago, the light flashes but thats all, when I replaced them it was like having a new keyboard, it was missing the first letter of everything I started to write, I will know next time that when it starts doing that its time for new batteries.

            Linda glad you got the mustard sorted, I do a similar thing with recipes, first time I follow the recipe exactly and it usually turns out well, the second time I think oh yes I remember how to make it and don't follow the recipe precisely and it turns out edible but not as nice as the first time. I have learnt to not assume I know the recipe until I have done it a few times.
            Glad you are possibly seeing the light at the end of this section of family tree sorting.

            Dave, glad the dog is much better. Probably a good plan to miss the next market.

            Mo sounds like a nice Sunday morning. You are lucky to have Pete to help with the housework.

            At the risk of upsetting all those wonderful men who do do the housework, most men think the fairies come in the night and with the help of elves get the housework done. Simon has no idea how to use the vacuum, couldn't load the dishwasher to save his life. His forte is all the heavy work, doing the fire, the bins, carrying things for me up and down the stairs and giving me a hand when asked. He is a dab hand at putting up shelves and building me craft/office desks, and doing all the electrical/electronic things.
            As for cooking, his idea of getting himself dinner if I am away or ill, is to eat cereal.

            Andrew a busy day today or other things on?

            Netty, life getting the way again? have you made any time for your crafting?

            Today taking down the decos and the tree, its not our usual type of tree becuase we got it so late we didn't have much choice. We normally get a soft low shed one, this one is scratchy and has dumped most of its needles on the floor. We are chopping it up in situe with the secateurs becuase if we move it through the house to garden it leave a trail of devastation. I will get the dustpan and brush and get up the worst of them up and then run round with the vacuum.

            Woke up with a bit of a swollen face, think I have an abcess on my top rear tooth on the left, no toothache just hurts to open my mouth all the way and I can feel the swelling. As no pain will try and sort it tomorrow.

            Working on the butterfly cards still, finished one butterfly, will do the other one, tonight and then start putting them together. Also need to sort out the photos and post them on FB.

            Have a good evening all.