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Saturday 4th

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  • Saturday 4th

    Morning all

    Dry and cold but good walking weather. Dog will go out today whether he likes it or not. Sat on the doorstep yesterday and refused to budge, we were getting wet trying to drag him down the drive, gave up in the end. He got booted out the back door where he stays under the garage overhang!

    Finished the final 2 vintage postcards yesterday. Stitching out a love pillow today and maybe make a start on a funny spare loo roll cover.

    Took the deco's down in the kitchen, tree etc tomorrow but will leave the village up until the 7th after Epiphany. ( A catholic thing)

    Hope you get done all you plan today, HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all...

    Bit of a flyer, just getting a cuppa before loading up for the Artisan market, giving it 10 minutes as its still dark out there....
    Not much on, still chipping away,
    Decs came down yesterday, need to chop the tree up and put it in the recycle bin...
    Got to dash, BBL..



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      Morning all! At long last seem to have reached the peak of sunrise getting later and later and there were signs of daylight just after 7.30am, and very welcome too. Dry and not too cool out there, but a lot of breeze in the trees.

      Yesterday, started the chilli mustard and made a large batch of garlic & chilli mustard, acted as support for sleeping cat for several hours and "part 3 of the annual bath" after the sleep. General tidying, more time on family tree, got a good couple of hours reading in as well.

      Today, finish chilli mustard but it's still looking very liquid so will need to sort texture before potting up. Might start off another mustard - so low on varieties that there's plenty to be made. Make a start on spring event applications, and have had a newsy email from a recently discovered cousin so need to answer that. No doubt more work on family tree and might try and get some more reading done. Thinking about going into town to search for Seville oranges (for marmalade), but likely to leave that until after the weekend; I know the season has started and they are available in more southern counties, but they have to be hunted out in this area as very few places have them (took me a whole morning and a lot of miles last year).

      Caroline - definitely back on a roll with the production line - don't do so much you burn out and lose your mojo
      Dave - hope the market is worthwhile; at least you'll have fellow stallholders for company if customer visits are a bit on the low side.
      Mo - shop again today? Hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday and got everything done.
      Shelley - Glad you (Simon) finally got the battery sorted on your car and fingers crossed it doesn't need any further attention for some time.
      Andrew - any plans for the weekend? I'm assuming you're not quite at the stage of going to selling events yet, but hopefully when everything is in place and there's plenty of stock you'll be getting out and about to build up a customer base.
      Netty - back in routine, family, work and life in general still getting in the way of your own crafting? LOL!

      HAGO all
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        Hope the mustards behaves Linda.

        Good luck at the fair Dave.
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          Hi all,

          Bit of a late rise today! Having a cuppa coffee before heading out for some paint and wallpaper for the new crafting room. Weather is lovely and bright today so hopefully, we can go for a nice walk too.

          Linda - yes we'd love to do some selling events. Rough plans are to get the labels agreed and printed in early Jan, send the products off (x6) for website photography mid-Jan and have the website completed in late Jan.

          We've decided to go down the route of click and drop with Royal Mail so early Feb I'm planning on testing out the little Zebra printer we've got for the RM postage labels and see how an order travels through the store on the website to our RM account.

          Mid-Feb we are planning to get some family members to buy a candle online so we can run the whole thing through to make sure it's squeaky clean.

          By the beginning of March maybe have all the stock (which we have in multiple boxes in various parts of the house) made up into lovely candles and then start to sell online.

          We are hugely excited by selling events so maybe that may tie in towards the end of the year when we've got everything else down. There's a lot to learn :-)

          Aubrey Bay UK


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            Hi Andrew, if I might suggest a Kindle book called “Your craft business: A step-by-step guide” by Kev Partner who is a member but not posted for a year or two.
            The book is generic for all crafts but Kev and his wife run a candle kit company so there is a slight bias your way. He gives tips and links on labels, packaging, pricing etc. Excellent book.



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              Thanks, I'll check that one out, Dave.
              Aubrey Bay UK


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                Afternoon all,

                Its been a dry bright day but cold.

                Caroline saw the little skirt on FB, very pretty, a little girl will look very sweet in it. You are going at full steam

                Dave hope your day at the market went well and you are back safely. Do you burn your tree on one of the log burners? We do, chop it up leave in the garden for a while, then use the the small branches for fire lighting and the larger trunk as logs.

                Linda hope you got the consistency sorted on the mustards, reminds me of when my mum would mix up mustard powder and it was all watery and horrible, she liked it like that so hey. Wonder why Sevilles are in the south first? Its not like they grow here, they are imported everywhere so unless its the time it takes to actually get up to you, I can't work out why.

                Andrew nothing like a lie in now and again, although Simon (my partner) is not usually up before the sun is past the yardarm He is a night owl, on his PC till the wee hours of the night, comes from years on the road with the bands. I don't want to be teaching you how to suck eggs but if you are going to do sales off a website with debit/credit cards you need to be PCI Compliant, you may already be compliant or know about, but just thought I would weigh in with my bit of advice.

                Mo a day in the shop? Pete busy keeping the home fires burning?

                Yesterday I did manage to do the photos, just need to crop, label and post them this evening.

                Today made a good start on the butterfly cards, cut and prepped everything, just some peaceful paper piecing this evening and put them together over the next couple of days. Xmas tree and decs come down Sunday and Monday ready for the first proper week of the year. I have to spend the next few weeks, doing paperwork - pay bills, do the VAT and the end of year TAX. Roll on February.
                Going to experiment with my new flower dies on the butterfly cards, but won't get stuck into Valentines till I have done most of the paperwork.

                Have a good evening everyone,



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                  Evening all.

                  Shop day and still the post Christmas donations keep coming in. Thankfully some are worth keeping but the bins are nearly full and collection not till Wednesday and the rag pen is nearly there too. Want to clear the shop of Christmas now but still have to have the wicker stars and donkeys, sorry reindeer, to try and clear. Loads of lovely dresses that no one wants these days, not much dressing up done it seems. Loath to rag some perfectly lovely and even some new dresses. Can keep a few for weddings in the spring I suppose.

                  Didn't do a great deal Sunday apart from a food shop, tidying up the last of the stuff in the conservatory and booking the events for the coming year. I need to paint a platter for a friends birthday at the beginning of March. She said last year she would love one when she could afford it so I will do it for her birthday gift instead. Needs to be planned especially for her and if I don't get on with it time will just fly by and I will be rushing it. We have lots of demos and Pete has tuitions in February so we will be time poor.

                  Tree and decorations will come down tomorrow afternoon, the house will seem so bare for ages afterwards although we still have candles lit most evenings.

                  Hope Shiloh enjoyed his walk in the end Caroline and Linda you got your mustard to the right consistency.

                  How did the Artisan Market go Dave ?

                  Nice to see you still with us Andrew.

                  Hope you are getting some crafting time Shelley.

                  Have a good evening all.

                  Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                  Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                    Just checking in,don't want to get out of the habit again. Been a busy few days so haven't had a chance to post, nothing too exciting mainly work and housework (boring!). Thursday we did go ice skating though, I'd never done it before as east anglia has always been a bit devoid of ice rinks but one opened in Cambridge a few months ago so thought we'd give it a go as Alex wanted to (and so did I ) and I really enjoyed it.

                    We took the decs down today, they'll be going in the loft tomorrow when I get home from work. And yes Linda life is still getting in the way of my own crafting although I did manage to make a xmas wreath for our front door last month.

                    Dave I hadn't realised you'd started to sell your creations, they are amazing so I'm not surprised.

                    And hello Andrew, I can remember how exciting all the getting ready to launch feelings were, sounds like you're doing it all very thoroughly and I'm sure it'll be successful!
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                      Mo, Shelley...the Artisan market was ok, poor footfall, first after Christmas always is but some ladies that saw my work in Petes outlet want me to run them a workshop.
                      Yes, the trunk goes in the wheelie bin, cut up, the limbs go in the kindling box.
                      Net, I bet Alex had a great time ice skating, not done that for years and we have an ice rink here in the town.
                      Since I’ve retired I do a craft fair every month and have a wall to fill in a mates card shop in a local craft centre.
                      Andrew, good luck with the launch, great buzz.