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New Years Day

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  • New Years Day

    Morning All, a new year! not sure where the last one went but lets hope this is a better year than the last one.

    Still binge watching the Queen and we now have quite a few films to watch.

    One set of drawers done, will do the other one today while instructions fresh in my mind. Then need to fin a saw to cut some strips of wood to raise the base unit above the skirting board. The hack saw would not work that well. Lee cannot remember where the saws are! but have seen the mitre saw so may have a go with that. Need to move the car out of the garage to get to though.

    Not much else planned Lee has his normal sea bass with prawns in a cream sauce with potato wedges, I have got chicken! but at least no more stomach issues. Boring, bland but works.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning All! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone; I hope it is peaceful, healthy and happy for us all - with the occasional little bit of wealth thrown in.

    Feels very chilly here and looking at local forecast temperatures are dropping to zero and not likely to pick up again until evening - seems the wrong way round to me! Otherwise, no breeze to speak of and hopefully staying dry.

    Yesterday turned into a doss around day - after car came back from the garage and I'd cleared the kitchen I couln't be bothered to do anything much, so spent most of the day on the laptop. Had a long lazy bath late afternoon and went to bed early to get started on a new book I'd been loaned months ago and not got round to.

    Today, got a load of laundry in the machine, kitchen clear up started. Bert still stalking George, George not knowing what he wants, except definitely not Bert's company. Need to print off labels for preserves and get bottles and jars labelled then find somewhere to put them until I can get the store room cleaned and rearranged. Tea tonight is the pies we would have had yesterday, had I remembered to get them out of the freezer in time.

    Caroline - hope you find the saws without too much trouble. Can't find any tools in this house as OH is so untidy and completely illogical in where he puts things.
    Dave - hope your car smells a bit sweeter this morning And hope Flo is continuing to improve.
    Shelley - glad you are well and it was just busy busy stuff that kept you from posting.
    Mo - glad you had a least one decent donation, surprised there were a lot as wouldn't have expected people to be clearing out much over the holiday period. Glad also you sorted the finances - I occasionally can't balance my bank statement and can't find the error for ages, even knowing it will be something stupid I've done. End up working further and further back to double check everything.
    Pete - nice to see a post from you on the thread
    Netty - hope all is OK and it's just general stuff keeping you from popping in.