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Sunday 29th

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  • Sunday 29th

    Morning all! Still dark outside, but dry and comparatively moderate, bit of a breeze in the trees.

    Yesterday - bit of an improvement in that I got the horseradish mustard started and made a double batch of chilli sauce. By the time I'd cleared up from that lot I'd run out of steam so the rest of the day was knitting, more family tree tidying and dossing around.

    Today, need to finish the mustard and might make a start on another batch, depending on how I feel. Nothing else planned, so going with the flow again.

    Hope everyone had a good day yesterday, and today is favourable for all.
    Shelley - sounds like your car is being a PITA and hope you can get it sorted soon.

    HAGO and BBL

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    Morning All

    Mustard Linda, just ready for a cold winter. Pleased you had a rest though.

    I was so good food wise yesterday, cracker, chicken and rice. Along with the meds feel really good. Had a good day sewing wise, unsure as had not slept much but got through it all and had a second wind whilst Lee watched the Harlequins play. Valentines tags all done, photos and draft listings today. Plus may make a start on the vintage postcards.

    HAGO and BBL x


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      Morning all,
      Just breaking light here, no frost, dry, mild still.
      Mom goes home today, seems to have enjoyed her stay. You can never tell if they are itching to get back home to drop back into routine or if they are genuinely enjoying stepping out of the circle. She knows she can live here with us if she wants, loads of room, she’s been asked enough times, probably too far from her weekly routine 🤷🏻‍♂️
      Sue taking poor old Flo to the vets today to see what he can do for her missing nail. Its not bothering her as such, she is very subdued so it must be throbbing...we’ll see.
      Cutting later ( hooray) so I can make a dent in “Morella” and get a few more designs on the go...
      Might drop by on no 2 son as he lives a mile or two from mom, make sure he’s okay...
      Not much more to report so far.



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        Poor Flo Dave, hate it when they are in pain as cannot tell you. May just need an injection. Keep us up to date.


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          Just had another 3 sales, to a lady who has bought from me before. Think the discount code has helped. Fingers crossed for some more. All posted.


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            **Flo update**
            Vet says luckily the flesh bit is intact or they would have to operate and remove it.
            Got tablets, medicine to go in food and antiseptic to bathe it as it looks infected but should harden up over time and grow back as normal. I worry more about this mutt than the kids, not really but you know what I mean 🤷🏻‍♂️😁



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              Originally posted by 3dDave View Post
              **Flo update**
              Vet says luckily the flesh bit is intact or they would have to operate and remove it.
              Got tablets, medicine to go in food and antiseptic to bathe it as it looks infected but should harden up over time and grow back as normal. I worry more about this mutt than the kids, not really but you know what I mean 🤷🏻‍♂️😁

              Pleased to hear damage is not as serious as it might be. I hope Flo is pain free and back normal very soon.



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                Yay for those sales Caroline, your stuff is so lovely I'm not surprised.
                Linda your creations always sound so yummy, we had a handmade market at the library this autumn and the jam/preserve lady almost sold out.
                Dave glad Flo has got some meds and will be on the mend. Our Mollycat has arthritis and I discovered in the summer we can get a written prescription from the vets and buy online instead - it saves us over £300 a year!
                Mo you're not wrong about lego being expensive it costs an arm and a leg for a few bits of plastic! It's the go-to thing though when relatives ask what Alex wants for xmas. When I was little we didn't have sets to build we just got the bricks and things and made our own creations.
                Shelley sorry to hear what a pain your car is being, mine did that a few years back and yep had to get a new battery and it just wouldn't hold the charge. As for libraries being kept warm, probably those that house valuable books but ours is a little prefab type building in a village - I love working there but in the winter it's freezing and the summer absolutely boiling.
                Off to kill some spam now unless Dave has beaten me to it (edit - he beat me to it!)
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                  Afternoon all.

                  Latish start and decided not to waste the day so had a little trip to Durham Park about 20 miles away. Blurb said dressed for Christmas but little sign of that and not a lot of the house open as there are major repairs going on. What was on show was interesting though and we will go back later next year to see how the renovations are progressing. Made a pleasant few hours out on a nice winters day though.

                  Well done on the sales Caroline,hope you get some sleep tonight.

                  Poor Flo, hope she will be as right as rain soon. Safe trip with Mum and enjoy the time with your son.

                  Hope you got something nice and warm for Christmas to wear in the library Nettie.

                  Enjoy your evening all.

                  Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                  Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                    Afternoon all,

                    Dry and brightish here, not too cold.

                    Linda, slowly does it, take it in steps to get back to your norm. Mustards sound good, always have a bit with ham, Simon likes horseradish with beef.

                    Caroline glad you are feeling better with a combination of good food and meds. Well done on the sales and Valentines tags.

                    Dave glad to hear poor Flo is now got a plan of action and hope she is feeling better soon.
                    Do your vets have a Sunday surgery? We have to go to the emergency vet so unless it is an actual emergency I wait till Monday, becuase it is so much more expensive, if needed I will do it but I if I would wait myself to see a doctor I think its ok for them. I have been to the emergency vet, the most expensive and difficult to arrange was when one of the boys got hit by a car on Boxing day at 3am and it was a Sunday, but he did need it, he had broken his leg.
                    Bet you will be glad to tuck yourself away and get lost in some paper shredding, enjoy.

                    Netty, Yes I suppose it does matter how precious the books are, nevermind, hope it is warmer for you when you start back. Ah we had a Molly cat - she was with us for 20 years and 2 months. She didn't need any meds, but Pepper who died this October at 18 years, 3 months and 1 week was a thyroid cat for the last 3 years of her life and I only found out about online meds for the last 6 months of her life and never got round to organising it, would have saved thousands, oh well, now we know.
                    Thank you and Dave for saving us from the spam

                    Mo hope you are not in the shop today? Can't remember what the compromise was. Hope you are having a pleasant afternoon with Pete.

                    Today nothing much planned, working on the box, watching Eden and Brian Cox about the universe. Dinner then more box and telly in front of the fire. Might do some crochet or even some embroidery, I have long standing UFP that I should get working on. The recipient has been more than reasonably patient.

                    Have a good evening all.



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                      Yes Shelley, we use “Pets at home” pet shop with an in house vet practise. It has been open since Boxing day.


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                        Ah, thats worth remembering, we have one reasonably close to us. It might be easier in an emergency.