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Saturday 28th

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  • Saturday 28th

    Morning all

    I can see you Pete lurking in the wings, lol.

    Well the weather has been totally wrong, according to the widgets yesterday should have been dry, yet there was wet stuff coming down. Dog was a pain but managed to get him round to the post box, order gone at least. He flew home with me in hot pursuit (on the end of his lead) never jogged so much in my life! All in case a spec of rain hit him! Got faster as we neared home and surprised not dragged up the driveway on my nose.

    Heard from a lady I met at the Christmas fair and we are meeting for coffee on the 8th at our local pup (The Royal Exchange) used to be awful but taken over and refurbed by Red Mist Leisure. The ratings have gone from 0 to 5, a much better place for ladies than it used to be. It was so old fashioned your feet used to stick to the carpet as you walked on to. Went in once and never again in 30 years. This will be the first time.

    Getting on well with Valentines Day, have 2 cards done apart from the sentiments (Waiting for a hot foil die). Another 2 today to complete then can start on the message tags.

    Very poorly last night had a bilious attack. Think all the rich food has finally taken it's toll. I do get them sometimes as no gallbladder to take up the slack. Today rice and chicken, no cake, crisps, peanuts or choccies. The medication struggled and had to take 3 yesterday, good job have boxes of the tablets.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Dry and mild this morning - just the daylight missing!

    Yesterday was another day of nothing to show, but did quite a bit more tidying up on the family tree, and just about finished piecing bits of fabric together. Lots of moving around in the morning soon eased my back stiffness (thanks for the thought Netty, but I find heat is only effective for my back problems only as long as it is there).

    Today, kitchen area has been blitzed, and then some. I've decided to stop thinking about making a start on the mustard order and get on with it. If that resurrects my enthusiasm I might start off two or three versions of mustard - had one or two people come to my stall during the winter fairs looking for specific mustards which I've made before but didn't have at the time. Must be careful to not overdo things and start off too many in one go, but I do need to do a major restock on mustards.

    Caroline - sorry to hear you were ill last night; I hope you are feeling much better this morning, and very wise to stick to a bland diet for a little while until everything has settled.
    Dave - hope the dog is improving and not in pain today. Still enjoying Mom's company? You must be great hosts
    Mo - Not surprised the shop was quiet on the day after Boxing Day. What's with these ridiculous emails about pricing? I thought the new CEO had a bit more nous about charity shops. Have to admit I rarely bother to go in them these days as they all seem to have hiked prices to "boutique" level and I'm certainly not going to pay anything near original rrp for second hand clothing that I don't actually need. Used to enjoy going in charity shops looking for a bargain, and I would always buy something at each visit, but it's a waste of time these days.
    Netty - I used to hate going into work the day after the Christmas break (even worse when the break extended to four days!) as it was always far too cold to be comfortable right up until home time, when the effects of heating systems started to be felt.
    Shelley - hope you're OK, and yesterday was spent playing with your crafty goodies.



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      Afternoon all...
      Mild here, no rain, no frost.
      Dog still limping now and again so its the vets for her in the morning. I thought she’d broken a nail but she’s pulled it out and the pink bit I thought was nail is the pink flesh from the inside of the nail, luckily enough we’ve got pet insurance. Makes no odds, I’d just cough up anyway.
      Mom goes home tomorrow, finally got her to take the plunge and look at some “Retirement living” communities, she’s nearly 84, in a large 3 bed local authority house which is too much for her now plus the neighbourhood is pretty lawless so she is looking at downsizing to a retirement community.
      Might do some cutting later, done none for days...
      If there is one thing I don’t miss it was working for a company that worked every day of the year plus bank holidays with no set holidays, only floating days. I feel for you Net if you’ve had to go in just after Boxing day.
      Have a goodun’ all



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        Afternoon all,

        Dry, grey and cold here.

        Caroline you made me smile - visions of you flying up the drive pulled by an large dog desperate to keep dry Poor thing he really doesn't like the wet does he. Your local sounds familiar, how many sticky carpets we trekked over with all the equipment in and out of gigs, I wouldn't like to count.
        The things was we saw in the venues in the daytime with the "cleaning lights" on, we had some fun one afternoon and decided that the green mouldy stuff round the edge of the stage was where DJs came from There was at the time a mock battle between DJs and musicians with a serious note behind it that they stealing musicians jobs in live gigs, it was the rise of disco and the celebrity DJ.
        Hope you have got on top of the bilious attack and feeling your usual self - busy with projects and plans for the next ones

        Linda slowly getting back to your usual self too? A blitzed kitchen and the desire to cook up some things must be a good sign. I find movement the best for achy backs, sit for awhile then move for a bit and then rest and so on.

        Dave hope the doggo has improved, my friend who went to Spain has a little Jack and he tore 3 claws in the 6 months they stayed with us, one had to be removed under sedation, apparently he has funny claws - the quick is very close to the end of the nail so they bleed at the slightest injury.
        We never have the sound of doom here, luckily one my good friends works for the council bin collection and has given me extra bins so I have "slave" bins and always have empty ones and just swap them around, works well.
        Hope you have had a chance to get down to some paper shredding, must be getting frustrating by now.

        Mo it must miserable to be back when nothing happens and you might as well have stayed home, price rises? It seems that now the political situation has been resolved ( for good or for bad) the financial world is expecting great things from the UK financially, maybe your higher ups think they are in high finance.
        Never mind as you say 13 months till the last day, before we know it will be xmas again and we will be saying where did that year go and then you will only have a month to go

        Netty can I come round your house? Lego - I still have all mine, all the kits and all the boxes, every so often I will have a Lego hit and have a play. I have the programmable brick too and so play around with that and my computer. Simon buys me a kit every xmas or birthday but this year he bought me the model of the Temple of heaven for a change. Hope the library has warmed up, I always thought that they had to keep them warm and dry for the sake of the books.

        Yesterday was a nightmare, busy in the shop in the morning and early part of the afternoon, but we closed at 4pm. I had to get some food in but also needed some more boxes for my coasters so decided to take a run out to the range and charge the battery for a quick run to the chemist and Sainsburys. Jump started the car made it no problem to the range but then it wouldn't start to come home, I had to ring simon and get him to rescue me, so came home and he took me shopping, need to get to the chemist by Monday so will get him to take me then.
        After all that they only had one box, I did spend some of my xmas/birthday money on a set of 20 pigment ink pads, a quilling tool, some Wham storage trays and some pearl effect drops for the centre of my flowers, so not a dead loss.

        Today working on the next box and planning for the first of the Valentines cards, roast beef in gravy with bubble and squeak for dinner and then more crafting and silly tv.

        Next week a new battery for the car before I take it out again.

        Have a good evening everyone.



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 batteries are a sore ST had a fault so each morning it fired up, it would say “ Reduced acceleration” on the dash, and it would limp along then all of a sudden, burst into life. Took it to Ford, they took the dash out twice, telling me there were possible cracked wires, I looked on the ST owners site, it said it was a duff battery, not giving a full 12v on ignition, couple of revs and the alternator takes over. It failed again, took it to Ford, told the girl that actually wrote it on the job report this time, they didn’t look at it, took the dash out yet again....while I was on the phone to them about it the head mechanic went to her and said “ Just failed again..its the battery” Tried to charge me for the lot, I kicked off as they had misdiagnosed it, I just paid for the battery, they had to refund the £400 labour!


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            I have had this problem before, a new battery solved it. It shows up when the weather gets cold, It won't hold a charge and I am basically driving around on the alternator.
            People forget batteries don't last forever.

            £400 - that was well worth fighting for, well done, don't let the ba******ds get you

            My first bike didn't have a battery, it had a magneto and you had electric only while the engine was running, no problem cos it was only 50cc and had a kickstarter. Did mean though if you let the revs drop the lights would dim. At night it was safer to try and keep in a lower gear and keep the revs up.


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              Evening all.

              Very slow day in the Shop, everyone was at the sales again.

              Haha Caroline, Pete lurks around in the morning in case there is anything I have posted and forgotten to tell him LOL Most mornings when I'm off to work don't have the time these days.

              No gall bladder here either so have to be a bit restrained on the eating front. Only had three 'episodes' in 4 years so not too bad. Also over Christmas I could put on anything from 7 to 10 lb but this year so far only a couple of pounds as I try to eat sensibly and not gorge myself but still have treats. Got a diet pact with DD from January 1st we are going to be diet buddies to keep us on the straight and narrow and just do it week by week for a couple of months to start. Doctor recommends the 5:2 so going to give it a go once again.

              Hope your back eases Linda and you got the Mojo going again with the mustards.

              Dave hope the paw was sorted and you can now get back to some cutting. Hard for older people to move out of somewhere familiar and start again. Hope your Mum finds somewhere nice she can settle in.

              The last battery we had for the Berlingo caused lots of problems only to find it was running on the wrong one. Previous owner had installed incorrect battery, new one and she was fine from there on.

              Enjoy your crafting Shelley with all your new accessories.

              Never had Lego but loved playing with it in friends houses. It was too expensive for my Mum to buy along with Scalelectric which the boy down the road had, just loved it.

              Have a good evening all.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.