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Friday 27th

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  • Friday 27th

    Morning all, hope you have all recovered from the excesses.

    Dry today long dog walk later and post off the order I got Christmas Day! The sale worked for 1 item at least.

    I had some wonderful gifts a beautiful dish from Turkey with sterling silver decoration, Lindor strawberry and Cream truffles and some more choccies from my friend in Gloucester. She loved her quilted Christmas tree, bon bon dish and choccies. JL vouchers from DS and BIL. M & S vouchers from Lee's cousin. From Lee got a small pink bag wallet that will be useful for shopping instead of my large bag, cross over strap. A fitness mart watch that does BP and heart rate plus steps etc. Also nice large numbers to see the time. Crafty punches for scrapbook pages, The Greatest Showman CD, Butterfly earrings to match the necklace he got me last year. 3 books one on resin work, another vintage stitching and the Downton Abbey Film Companion. He was chuffed with all his gifts so it all went well.

    Healing mats are brilliant Dave but I find they go after a bit, never heard of soaking them Shelley my give that a try on a smaller one.

    Lego now that takes me back Netty, hope not take over the house.

    The lamb was delicious Shelley buy a rolled boneless joint as easier to carve and cooks perfectly. Curry today. I have started on Valentines Day got some items ready to post on the 14th Jan. Then will get down to Mother's Day and St. Patricks Day. The model looks so pretty Shelley as you said will keep you busy.

    Your gifts sound wonderful Mo, hope you had a safe journey back. Good luck at the shop today, you may be inundated with quality donations of unwanted Christmas gifts. Well you can dream.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Dry at the moment and only a gentle breeze around. Nowhere near daylight yet and it way past 8.00am so looks like we're in for a dull day, and some rain forecast for mid-afternoon.

    Yesterday was another slob around achieve nothing day. Came over ridiculously tired late afternoon so eventually gave up and went to bed before 7.00pm. Didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but a large, heavyweight hungry cat doesn't give you much choice - good job I did get up as I have a stiff back and think it's probably from lack of movement.

    Today, no plans, will just go with the flow again. May have to nip out for milk, but will avoid that if I can as no doubt 80% of the population will be out filling two or three trolleys each with enough food for a three month siege (and that's after in addition to the pile of comestibles they bought three days ago!). Seems like the stuffed up nose, tickly cough and sneezing are receding very slowly - still there but less intense.

    Caroline - what a lovely range of gifts you received and gave, glad everyone was pleased with everything.
    Mo and Pete - hope your mini-break has refreshed you both, and glad you were able to have a least one relaxing day in each other's company with no work pressures. Shame about the horrendous weather on the way home.
    Shelley - sounds like you got lots of useful presents too, and your crafting for the next few days is well planned out, along with fitting it round the necesary bits like eating
    Dave - Glad you managed a quiet-ish Christmas period after the hectic few weeks beforehand. Fingers itching to get started on some cutting to utilise your prezzies now?
    Netty - sounds like a pleasant Christmas in your household. Lego construction all over the place now? I hope there haven't been any unwanted collapses



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      Sorry about your back Linda, hope getting up eases it a bit. We have an Aqualisa power shower and have found if I turn the power bit on feels lovely against achey joints. Just take it easy x


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        Morning all.....
        Only half light here but not cold, no frost either...
        I woke up to the “ Sound of doom”......
        ....The bin lorry going past and the bin is still round the back 😩😩 need to put large bin bags at the top of the list, luckily the recycling centre is only a couple of miles away. Mom is still here, must be enjoying it, made no “ home” sounds yet...
        Took the dog for a run yesterday and shes broken a nail off so she’s limping around a bit...I’ll give it a day or two then take her to the vets. Dogs self heal rather well a lot of the time if you just leave them for things like that, she’s done this a few times..
        Itching to get cutting, done none for a fee days but will wait until moms gone home...
        Lego Netty...that takes me right back to when I was a kid, we had a square biscuit tin full of it. Lego sets, complete in the box are worth shoving in the loft for a rainy day. A girl I taught to cut and her OH buy a large kit each year, make it just once then box it up. Lego produce kits but not spare bits when the kit is no longer made, some of theirs are literally worth £100’s....Each!
        All in limbo now until the New Year gig next, bit of Jools Hootenanny then its back
        to normal.
        Have a goodun all.

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          Evening all.

          Back to work today, boo. Not very busy might just as well have opened from 10.30 to 4.00. Stripped the Christmas window display out and shoved all the sale wicker we have to try and sell in. I was so tempted to put a couple of the reindeer in a compromising position but thought I was bound to offend someone LOL

          Had a mountain of emails telling us that we have to up all our prices by 20%, yeh right, time someone from on high actually got down and dirty on the shop floor and saw what really goes on. Got a list of manufacturers with minimum prices we have to charge and a general one for minimum prices on specific items. Example, strappy vest top, minimum price £2.50. So we get a PEP and Co or Primark one in it's been worn, and we have to sell it for as much if not more than it cost new !!!!!

          On a happier note I forgot to say Pete also bought me a Kimono. I have one already which I absolutely love and wore it a lot in the summer as a light weight coat. I used to have a short one too but I grew out of it before I actually wore it, I was a bit optimistic in the first place regarding the size but a charity shop one so I just donated it back.

          Sounds as if everyone had a lovely time and some I see are still celebrating while others are onto Valentines LOL I love coming home to the Christmas lights and candles all lit, hate taking them all down. Actually the outside lights stay on all year and we always have candles on in the evenings and outside on summer evenings.

          Won't be long Dave before you can get cutting again.

          Have a good evening all.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Some lovely gifts mentioned here, glad everyone's had a good few days, spending a chilled Christmas in a cottage sounds like bliss Mo. Linda, my hubby bought me an electric back and neck heat pack thingy for Christmas, might be worth thinking about if your back is still giving you grief as it definitely helps.

            Mo I was working today too, and like you it was very quiet. Only had a handful of people through the door and about a quarter of them were just to use the loo! The library was really cold too as we'd been shut since Sunday, it had just got up to a decent temperature as it was approaching 5pm - typical. As it was quiet I did get a chance to plan most of the kids craft sessions for the year, it's quite a task coming up with cheap interesting activities that don't involve anything too messy (can't risk getting paint over the books) and can be done by young kids with little supervision as I need to also run the library at the same time.

            We leave our bins out all the time so luckily I never suffer from the sound of doom Dave but quite often hear neighbours bins being moved very hastily as they've recently changed our collection days and it's still catching people out.

            Caroline, yes the lego is indeed taking over the house...making it's way into the bathroom now too as he's taken a lego boat into his bath tonight.
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