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Christmas Eve

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  • Christmas Eve

    Morning All 53fdbcb63314230d75f3d83a0f22c267.jpg

    Made the star cookies yesterday, today a caramelised mandarin and cointreau vanilla sponge, filled with whipped cream and mandarins, smothered in mini stars. Sausage rolls to prep. May make some Lusikkaleivat to keep Lee happy, will have to be raspberry jam as no cloud berry in the cupboards and forgot to order from the Scandi shop, oops!

    Got some sewing done yesterday 3 Valentine key rings this time dawgies. Starting on the pearl faux leather heart ones today. Starting my shop sale on Boxing Day, fingers crossed it will bring in some sales and shift some stock.

    Going to order the 2 filling drawers from Ikea after Christmas then can start sorting my sewing room. Worked out with some wood at the bottom, they can sit above the skirting board. Who puts skirting board inside a cupboard? Martin Grant!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Eve x

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    Morning all! Still dark outside, but can hear rain dripping from the guttering when I stick my head outside the door. Supposed to clear up within an hour or two. Coolish, but bearable; would be nice to see a bit of sunshine again today.

    Yesterday, pottered around in the morning until OH said he was going shopping then started on the ironing. Got the two current craft table covers and the sheet I'd unpicked to make into a cover done, then started on the patchwork offcuts - didn't realise how much there was - but sorted and trimmed at the same time, so much more organised in that box now.

    Today, kitchen already partially cleared up, dining room table needs to be cleared, brother and his partner dropping round later this morning, but I have no other definite plans. Would be nice to get the knitting on the fronts of my cardigan finished then I can make a start on the sleeves, but it will be another day of going with the flow.

    Caroline - you've got those "superpower" batteries in again! You sound like a whirlwind and are making me tired just reading your plans
    Dave - hope Mom is safely installed and everyone is relaxing.
    Mo and Pete - hope you had an enjoyable day yesterday and are ready for the rounds of visiting today.
    Shelley - I am organized in my head, but this bloomin' cold and cough are hanging on and preventing me getting on and doing things, so it's still a mental list of stuff! I'll get there eventually



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      Morning all....

      Dark, gloomy here still.....
      Nothing much to do today. Food shopping done yesterday.
      Might do a bit of cutting, done none for two days, felt a bit ropey yesterday, went to bed early but feel better again today.
      Mom will be installed this afternoon, not getting her until around 3pm.
      Everything ready for tomorrow.
      Men never sound as busy as women this time of year for some reason? 😁😁



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        Afternoon all,

        Hope you are all having a pleasant Christmas eve.

        Caroline you are making me dizzy with your list of things to do or have done this last few weeks. Now a reorganize in the sewing room. Mind you that is the one thing I am going to do over the hols, tidy my sewing/craft room. All your xmas food treats sound yummy, Lee is a very lucky chap.
        Skirting board inside a cupboard? All our bedroom furniture has a space at the back to accommodate the skirting, so it all sits flush. I have a couple of other bits that do that too.

        Linda you too are making progress through your to do list. Your going with the flow days seem to be productive. Enjoy your visit with your brother and partner.

        Dave glad you are feeling better, hope mum is safely ensconced with a little glass of something in a comfy chair. Why not get a bit of paper shredding in before the festivities really get going and you are too full of xmas dinner to move for days

        Mo and Pete getting the visiting in before your quiet day tomorrow in your cosy sounding retreat?

        I started decorating one of the boxes for the coasters yesterday, more today. Not much else planned today. Tomorrow will be busy with cooking the christmas dinner, but then it will be easy dinners for several days so lots of time for sorting my craft room and spending hours lost in making boxes and things.

        We are only open till 4pm today so the hols start in half an hour

        Happy Christmas Eve everyone and if you don't get a chance to pop in tomorrow HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone.

        Take care and have a great few days.



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          Afternoon all.

          Busy day of doing the rounds with a lovely lunch at #2 Son's at which was announced that he and his long term partner are getting married, happy smillie faces all round. Back home now to please ourselves and slob out. It's very windy and raining so glad to be settled in our little holiday cottage. The tree is lit, presents underneath and it's beautifully peaceful.

          Caroline you are so organised, I have so much sorting out to do I won't know where to start when I retire.

          Sorry to hear you are still below par Linda. Know of so many people this virus has hit really hard, the cough goes on for months sometimes. Hope yours clears up quickly.

          Hope you are feeling much better now Shelley and can enjoy your quiet Christmas together doing as you please.

          We brought everything for our three bird roast dinner tomorrow and got the veg yesterday. Plenty of picky stuff as well and more than our fair share of alcohol. I can see a lot going back with us for new year.

          Wishing everyone Health and Happiness for the Christmas season and throughout 2020. If a little wealth comes your way too all the better. Will pop in tomorrow sometime I expect.

          Love to all.

          Mo and Pete XXXXXX
          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Now I've found my way back here I'm going to attempt to pop in more regularly, good to see so many familiar faces and hello Shelley I don't think we've met before

            Dave I don't know about the men being less busy this time of year - mine was working this morning and I've sent him to tesco twice since he got home! To be fair it was for food that I will be cooking and I'm set for a mammoth present wrapping session tonight complete with large glass of Baileys while he stays out of my way. Not sure why I thought it was a good idea wrapping all the stocking presents but Alex is still at that age where he believes (doubts are creeping in but can be swayed back again with a letter from Santa) so anything that keeps that magic alive.

            I see you're all suffering from the bad weather too, we've had local flooding with hubby having to divert twice to get home on Friday. Still soggy here which resulted in a trip to the dreaded soft play centre yesterday instead of the meet up we'd planned at the (flooded) park - did give me the chance to catch up in the warm with friends though so not all bad I guess.

            Wishing you all a merry Christmas x

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              Hello and nice to meet you Netty ( should I call you that?)

              I have been around for about 18 months now so although still the newest not so shiny new

              It would be lovely to have another voice at the coffee mornings or even the evenings for some of us.

              You also sound like you have a busy, foodie and presenty Christmas planned. Hope it goes well.

              Mo glad you and Pete are ready too. Good news on the marriage of son#2.

              Have a good sleep everyone and wake up on Christmas day full of Christmas cheer and enjoy yourselves.