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Monday 23rd

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  • Monday 23rd

    Morning all

    Last Waitrose delivery of the year today all in stock apart from my mincemeat fudge. Still have plenty of other treats and nibbles.

    Worked well yesterday cleaned downstairs and completed 4 teddy bear key rings for Valentines day. Fish tank clean today, grocery delivery, pop to the chemist for the repeats and the farm shop. Forget to get some serviettes, should make some really but never seem to have the time, maybe next year! Better pick up some more doggie chocolate mice for his nibbs.

    Apart from above got to make the star biccies, sandwiched with raspberry jam, the top layer has stars punched out, drenched in icing sugar for snow. Get the sausages out of the freezer for the sausage rolls tomorrow. Think that will be it and collapse in a chair this pm.

    Started to watch The Crown on Netflix, did not see the first time round and so far very good. Given up on The Trace as cannot fathom it out. Getting a bit piccy now we have so many choices. Mary Poppins tomorrow pm.

    Linda take it easy with the bed change, did ours yesterday all washed and dried but exhausting. Lee helped thank goodness but he never tucks the fitted sheet under properly, so have to check.

    Pleased you had a good trip down Mo and a lovely place to stay. Are you there all over Christmas?

    Dave busy in a flurry of paper shreds?

    Shelley hope you are resting and recovering well.

    HAGo and BBL x

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    Morning all! Dry at the moment - possible showers mid-morning, little breeze and temperatures dropping.

    Yesterday, after bedding change and laundry (not the bedding), I spent the rest of the morning unpicking the hem and corners of a fitted sheet - it must have been a cheap one because it doesn't fit the bed properly so as it is 100% cotton I decided to see if it would provide enough fabric to make a new craft table cover. If not, I'll probably cut it up and make some more bags to use in place of brown paper bags of which I have only a dozen or so left. Afternoon was a bit more family tree, a bit more knitting and a soak in the bath.

    Today, haven't had a good night and woke up with tickly cough being excessively annoying and a sinus headache. Was going to go out and see if I could get last bits of fresh food today, but OH says he is going to Grimsby and will get what we need - only milk, lettuce, cucumber and bread. Anything else we haven't got we will do without. Apart from clearing up the kitchen and doing another load of laundry I have no definite plans, but if I feel up to it I have three very large pieces of cotton to iron, plus also my craft fair pinnie and the bulk of the patchwork offcuts could do with seeing a bit of heat and pressure.

    Caroline - sounds like you had a busy day yesterday and another lined up for today - don't go too mad with it all and make yourself ill.
    Mo - glad you arrived safely, but shame sickness meant a trip was cancelled. Have a lovely day today and enjoy being with family and friends for the rest of the festivities.
    Dave - everything OK? Expect life is getting busy with visits and visitors for you at the moment.
    Shelley - hope you haven't overdone things and triggered anything nasty healthwise - take it steady.



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      Good morning all.

      Sunny at the moment here in Cornwall but impossible to tell what the day will bring weather wise.

      Yes we are here till the 26th Caroline the we have to go back via Ilfracombe to see Pete's sister so won't be home till about 8 or 9. I have to go back to work Friday sadly. Instead of rushing around seeing everyone we have made plans so Christmas Day we will have on our own, yes we have brought out Christmas lunch, and please ourselves. Can go visit or not as we will have seen all the family prior and done the gift deliveries. Late start this morning and we will pop in today a pick up a few things like fresh veg and bread then going to Trelissick to see the house all decorated for Christmas. Tonight off to meet outlaws in St Maws and one Grandson.

      Hope the sick take it easy and recover fully for the festivities.

      Catch you ll later.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Afternoon all....

        Been a bit busy, up and at em’ early to beat the crowds etc.
        All done, nothing more to buy, all of the visiting is finished, just got to go fetch my mom over for a few days. She was supposed to go to my sisters this year but her daughter and family have had their rented house sold, had to move out and not found anywhere else yet so they are living there, right houseful.
        Not done much cutting for a day or two, too busy.
        Have a goodun all.



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          Afternoon all,

          Dry and brightish here, not too cold either.

          Caroline you do sound sorted for the festive period, food and supplies in and a clean house. Feeling settled now all the rooms are back to normal?

          Linda you too sound organized, are you feeling any better? Fitted sheets can be strange, I have just bought a new one becuase the 2 I bought about a year ago have elastic all the way round not just on the corners, makes it really difficult to fit and it only goes one way as the bed is not square, but is very nearly. Its 6ft by 6ft and a half, so hard to tell. Have to just try and see if it fits, if not try the other way. Got a new one with elastic just on the corners, if it fits well and is nice I will buy another 2. Always buy 100% cotton, nothing like it.

          Glad you arrived safely Mo and Pete. Sounds like an idyllic place to spend xmas together in. You sound like you have it well planned and organized.

          Dave busy with family and young'uns? Hope you are feeling sorted too.

          Yesterday time just got away with me and before I knew it was late. Spent a very relaxed and happy day decorating the tree and the living room. I was impressed Simon managed to get a tree, he went out on a mission and ended up in the countryside at a farm, so all good.
          Simon and I had a simple dinner and watched some telly curled up on the sofa with a lovely fire going. Today nothing planned, need to do something about the bins but need Simon's help so maybe tomorrow.
          I have found that the coasters I made fit inside some little wooden boxes I have so will cover and decorate them over the next few days.
          Planning on tidying up my craft/sewing room while we are shut, just some gentle sorting and donating or throwing away stuff I am never going to do and make room for the things I want to concentrate on next year.
          I would like to have had time to talk to my consultant or my doctor before the holidays but it won't be till the new year now, just a few questions to set my mind at ease, not really sure what I should or should not do. I have been told I can't play rugby anymore but not sure if there any other do's and don'ts.

          Take care everyone and have a good evening.