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Saturday 21st

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  • Saturday 21st

    Morning all

    So pleased to see you back Shelley and hope you can get yourself sorted. My sister has AF, hers are controlled by tablets which she can increase if she has an episode. Plus the blood thinners which are not Warfarin, these are much better as easier to regulate and not so many blood tests.

    Linda resting every now and then?

    Hope you enjoyed the drinks party Mo.

    Dave we have had Sky for 25+ years and love it, all the sports channels, plus BT sport which we get free and half price HD. Must admit very impressed with Netflix so far and have found loads of series and films. Started to watch Shooter last night, very good.

    Today cleaning upstairs, stripping the bed etc. The dryer will be on most of the day! Good job we have 60 days free electricity to come from BG.

    Not much else planned crafting wise, have dug out some vinyl for the heart teddy and dog key fobs. May start those Monday. Got to wait for some long barrel eyelets and washers. May arrive today but notice that the post is slowing up atm. Don't think it is our local sorting office as they say they are clear but elsewhere further back up the line. Think ours goes to the Jubilee centre in Guildford first.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Dry at the moment, but dark so can't see what's going on outside. Despite the promise of yesterday's forecast of a dry day today we now have a good possibility of some heavy rain this morning. After yesterday we could really do without it - the sewers had slowed down seriously after 12 hours continuous rain (level of water in the downstairs toilet rises alarmingly when sewers are not coping, but fortunately the dry night has allowed things to clear a bit and levels are back to normal at the moment).

    Yesterday - quick dash into Barton to do a couple of chores and was very pleased to find the supermarket was far less busy than it had been on Wednesday morning, so I got what I wanted and out again very quickly. Didn't get to the office to start on the paperwork - my chair at the desk is currently George's favourite place to hide from bully Bert and get some peace and quiet and I really didn't feel like disturbing him. Apart from wasting time on the laptop I got yet more of the patchwork fabric pieces tacked together and watched more recorded TV.

    Today, still struggling with energy levels and as I still have blocked sinuses I'm constantly feeling short of breath, so again not planning on anything major and will go with the flow once kitchen is cleared and cleaned.

    Caroline - I'm resting a lot (don't have much choice at the moment as energy levels still low). Take it steady with the cleaning and look after your back.
    Dave - getting into the Christmas spirit? I quite understand the logic of washing the car whilst it is raining - an energy saving solution to the task
    Mo - Hope you got all the presents wrapped and were able to enjoy the drinks party.
    Shelley - hope you've had a good night, and are ready for another day of taking things easy.

    Happy solstice everyone - looking forward to daylight hours increasing and signs of fresh new growth appearing



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      Afternoon all...

      Nice and bright today, not cold, blue sky.
      Went to see number two son yesterday to drop his card etc off, he’s doing ok...
      Dropped by moms to see her too...
      Linda, one thing I don’t miss now I am retired is going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark....
      Caroline, good luck with Netfix, we love it but its sometimes annoying when you want to watch a film they don’t appear to have...can’t win em’ all.



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        Linda, one thing I don’t miss now I am retired is going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark....
        Me too! (but to be truthful I'm not sure there isn't a great deal any of us miss about going to work! )

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          Afternoon all,

          Its been wet on and off all day now seems to just be rain and darkness.

          Caroline it does seem quite common and people seem to have a good quality of life. With the correct care and meds it isn't life limiting either, so I understand. I am getting used to the whole idea and trying not to worry.

          We have had Sky almost from the day it was available everything except the sports, neither of us watch anything but snooker regularly and most sport we want is on Eurosport, BBC or ITV. I have just this week discovered Sky Go and now have it on my PC and tablet so can watch anywhere in the house and I even got it in the hospital. Simon has an Android TV box and watches films and things on that too. He also has a satellite dish he can steer and watch from all over europe. No lack of things to watch just hard to choose

          We get free electric as part of the Warm Home scheme, I "use" it up in running my little heater in the office in the morning till the fire gets lit.

          Linda glad you are resting and recuperating, cats sound snuggly. Hope you are finished the kitchen cleaning and are watching some TV now.

          Dave getting the visiting done.
          We don't get up and go to work in the dark ever, shop opens at 10am, and shuts at 6pm but no driving involved so no problem.

          Mo busy in the shop? Pete getting the house ready for the festivities?

          Today taking it easy nothing major on, decorating the tree, popping out for some forgotten and last minute things after 6. My car won't start, it has been sat while I was in hospital and its got a flat battery. I get my money next thursday and I am going to get a new one fitted. Need a reliable car now.

          Oh I sold some cards on Sunday and took an order for 2 more of my butterfly cards, seem to be popular. Bought a box cutting die to make the 6in by 6in boxes for them as I have run out of the ready cut ones, perfect timing.
          I have also managed to utterly fail to send any cards as I was going to spend my Monday off doing them but hey ho, made me laugh, spent all year making them and sent none

          I had better join in the tree decorating if I want any say in how it looks

          Have a good evening all.



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            Late again, sorry but it's been a hectic day.

            Finished the wrapping this morning, then off to see my parents and sister this afternoon and this evening I have been making mince pies and doing some ironing oh yes, and writing to Thompson and Morgan who have sent a Fig Tree to us by Hermes and guess what, we haven't received it. It's a Christmas gift and we go away tomorrow till the 27th. We have another parcel that was supposed to be deliverd by Parcels to Go who also seem to be affiliated to Hermes so again we haven't received it.

            Glad you are feeling better Shelley and up to doing a little. Hope the tree turns out as expected.

            We don't watch the channels we have much less be bothered with Sky, Net flicks or whatever.

            Off to Cornwall tomorrow morning.

            Catch you all over the festive days, enjoy.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.