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Friday 20th

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  • Friday 20th

    Morning all

    So good to hear from you Shelley and hope you are now on the road to recovery.

    Linda what are your plans today and did you get evreything done you wanted to yesterday?

    Mo resting?

    Dave chasing a toddler aorund?

    Today sorting the Valentines designs and writing 'To Do' lists for the next few days. Keep forgetting what we are up to.

    Had a power cut last night and has caused the iMac to go slow. Rebooted and now seems fine.

    We went mad and rang Sky to add netflix to our account. Thought would have to pay another £9 per month but as they renewed the contract reduced by £30.00. Lee is a happy bunny as was going to pay for it out of his pocket (record) money.

    Have decided when my iPhone packs up will go with BT as with broadband etc get so much cheaper on a monthly contract.

    HAGo and BBL x

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    Morning all! Heavy rain forecast for all day, but is dry at the moment. Temperatures starting to slide again but still feeling warmer than at the beginning of the week.

    Yesterday, got a couple of bits done around the house and some more bits of the patchwork fabric tacked together ready for machining. Decided I deserved a long soak in a hot aromatic bath in the afternoon and did nothing much after that as my sinuses suddenly decided to get severely blocked and I found I couldn't breathe at all well - cue aromatherapy oils and another early night.

    Today, need to pop into Barton for a couple of things and have a card to deliver to a friend in the village. Planning on doing that very soon to try and beat the rain. Then pottering for the rest of the day. OH is still very much under the weather and as I'm not fully fit yet meals are sparse and more snack like, so not a great deal of clearing up to be done.

    Shelley - delighted to hear that you are home and (hopefully) following doctors' orders regarding resting. Feet up, TV on, crochet to hand and cat on the lap sounds like it could be a good plan for the next few days.
    Caroline - getting well ahead with the planning for the next "celebration" of Valentine's Day, I'm sure you have loads of ideas and before long will have a new range of items for your Folksy shop
    Dave - family starting to get really excited about the coming festivities I expect - I find young children drain my energy with their excitement, hope you're coping better than I would!
    Mo - hope everything is going to plan and all the visits, wrapping, cleaning, cooking etc are under control.



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      Take it easy Linda as you are not over the 'bug' yet. Hope K feels better soon, men are not good when ill.


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        Morning all.

        Really dark and wet this morning. Been to the doctors for blood tests, done some shopping and back home by 9am, pretty pleased with that as I'm not really a morning person especially in the winter.

        Breakfast while I'm on here then I have a full on day of present wrapping, soup and mince pie making then we are out tonight at a drinks party so no not resting Caroline. Fortunately it's next door so no worries about driving home.

        Hermes were supposed to delivery a parcel yesterday between 5 and 9pm and of course we get a message saying couldn't find us, couldn't be arsed more like. Don't usually have a problem as deliveries were made by locals but obviously not this time of year. Trying to get hold of anyone to speak too is impossible apart from a robot to message who never come back to you. Pete is livid as they have already not delivered an order to one of our customers and we have no idea where the item is.

        Glad you are home Shelley, so be good and do what you are told to make a good recovery.

        Catch you all later.


        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
          Take it easy Linda as you are not over the 'bug' yet. Hope K feels better soon, men are not good when ill.
          Thanks Caroline - I am definitely still taking it easy - not much choice because I just don't have the energy to do anything else
          Today's chores done - didn't beat the rain, but didn't get too wet - rest of the day pottering and crafting when I feel like it

          K is quite good when he has these sort of lurgies - tends to go to sleep and wake up when he's better, with the occasional foray to the bathroom!



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            Gave up on couriers a few months ago and now use RM. May be dearer in some instances but so much quicker. Apart from this week, deliveries overloaded, all delivered next day regardless of size.
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              Morning all,

              Dry and bright here, not too cold.

              Well it has been an interesting few days, it started at 4am on Sunday morning. I woke up with really blurry vision in my right eye. I had been told that if this amongst a few other things happened, I should seek medical attention. I decided that at that time of the morning calling 999 was all I could do.
              The ambulance arrived and started doing some checks, they thought I had had a mini stroke and started doing lots of tests and decided I needed to go to hospital.
              Got to hospital and spent the next 2 days undergoing a raft of tests, including a constant ECG - wired up and with a portable gizmo to record everything.
              I was eventually diagnosed with AF (Atrial Fibrillation). News to me, I had no symptoms which is not unusual apparently. I think also they have caught it very early. I don't think they know what was wrong with my eye, I did have thorough tests done on it, possibly dry eye, but nothing conclusive.
              I did not have a stroke and all the tests were normal and I was fit to discharge on Thursday evening. This meant I spent my birthday in hospital - again - last year it was in the A&E of the Eye unit.
              So now I have to take blood thinners - not Warfarin - and beta blockers to slow my heart rate. I am going to go back for a check up in January and it is possible they will do a procedure to shock my heart back into the normal rhythm, this may fix it and I may not have to take the blood thinners anymore, but maybe not.

              All this meant we didn't get the tree up and no decorations. Yesterday had to go and buy food, Simon drove me and helped a lot. So we did most of the Christmas food shopping, need to go out on Monday for bread and milk. Not sure if we will get a tree, might not be one to get. I am not too bothered it will be less work.

              I also didn't get to write my cards out and post them off so I will send off a few emails explaining to the important ones and post on FB to all my many friends and acquaintances. Feels weird to have spent all year making cards and sending none.

              I am not really sure what I should or should not do, they didn't tell me to rest or anything. I feel normal but worry about the drugs I am taking, some of the side effects sound horrible. So I am pottering around nervously, I am sure it will all become clear. I am going to ring the number the hospital gave me for the medicines helpline.

              I have lost track what you are all up to, I guess much of the same - busy, busy.

              Caroline I am a bit confused - how have you given up on folksy and switched to RM?

              Linda glad you are both on the mend.

              Mo and Pete all well?

              Dave busy shredding paper again, over the man flu yet?

              Have a good day everyone.



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                Afternoon all...

                Good to see Shelley back on the block, speedy recovery, reading the posts, we are all dropping to bits just lately 😩😆.look after yourself, you know what’s best to do or not..
                Wet and miserable this end but not cold, definitely more mild.
                Washed the car in the tain...method in my madness, no need to rinse plus it washes clean easier as its constantly rained on 🤷🏻‍♂️
                yes, still shredding paper making my way through this pub dom Harry Clarke/ Poe cut...
                Sue just got in from having a new “Do”...again...
                Off to see mum later and second oldest son to drop pressies pff, pick pressies up....I see him apart from the visits to the others...don’t ask...
                Seeing the rest on Sunday..
                Caroline, we have Netflix, watch it much more than mainstream tv as its generally c**p viewing, all repeats or just plain rubbish soaps which we avoid like the plague!
                Linda, take it easy, loads of sick bugs, flu bugs etc around at this minute that are affecting everyone to a degree...



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                  Nice to see you back Shelley! Glad that you managed to get some of the chores done yesterday with assistance from Simon. I'm still trying to catch up with the chores that didn't get done whilst I was bed bound with my lurgy and bad back, so I have some sympathy for you. As long as you've got food and fuel in the house and the cats have food nothing else is desperately important, so just do what you can manage and rest a lot.



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                    Thank you Linda and Dave.

                    Yes Linda thats my approach, we have got plenty of food, cat food and we have just had a 1/4 of a ton of coal delivered. We are going to have short opening hours so late starts and early finishes with lots of sleep and rest, card making and general crafting. Simon bought me these mini models made of metal of the chinese temple of heaven and it came with a bonus gift of the Eiffel tower, so plenty to keep occupied over the holidays.

                    Glad you are improving Linda and you too Dave.