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Thursday 19th

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  • Thursday 19th

    Morning all

    Anyone know how Shelley is nothing on FB, do hope she is okay.

    Linda hope you are taking it easy and not rushing round the countryside today.

    Mo are you home now until after Christmas? how did you manage that?

    Dave still cutting or having a break?

    Today I plan to play around with Folksy, going to have a sale on Boxing Day to mid Jan. Need to be able to hide things not in the sale as a blanket % reduction. Things that are left will then decide do I keep or sell cheap on Ebay. My business bank account looks a bit odd think I have missed some things off my account, will get to work on that as well today. so a boring day of paperwork for me......

    Careful on the pavements. Another hair dresser at the salon slipped on leaves and has broken her right arm. A friend from Midhurst slipped on ice and has broken her ankle, so a dangerous time out there atm.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Definitely feels several degrees warmer this morning, but it's wet outside and rain expected later this afternoon and overnight.

    Yesterday - got morning chores done then spent the rest of the day trying to find things to do at the front of the house so I could hear when the parcel courier arrived. Wasted day - nothing turned up and I could have been getting on with stuff in the extension (can't hear phone or door knocking in those rooms). Also OH's cold is really taking hold, so I've been trying to get food and drink into him.

    Today, got to hang around again waiting to see if parcel turns up - this particular courier company does not have a good reputation in this village and their tracking system is a waste of time.

    Haven't seen anything from Shelley; hoping everything is OK and she's just been ordered bed rest or similar.
    Caroline - hope you get the accounts sorted out; it's very annoying when you know something isn't quite right but you can't see what it is immediately. One of the jobs I'm waiting to do is my accounts (office in the extension).
    Mo - I know you've got lots to do before you set off for the family visits, but hope you managed a bit of a lie-in and a relaxed breakfast this morning.
    Dave - How's the lurgy? Hope you've managed to shake it off and are feeling 100% now.



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      Get a cordless door bell Linda, we carry the hub around with us if in the garden or workroom etc. Mind you our Postie always comes round the back if no reply and he knows we are in. Went to go to the post yesterday and Postie was doing his rounds and he took the package for me, all labeled and paid for just pop in a letter box.


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        Our posties are brilliant Caroline - they know to come round to the side door if needed (don't even bother with front door), and will go above and beyond their remit.
        This is one of the notorious courier companies, and you can bet that even if they did bother to ring a doorbell, by the time I'd extricated myself from paperwork, walked to the front of the house, got out of the back door and round to the front they'd have disappeared like a rat with a whatsit up its backside!
        Quite often we have people claim they can't find us, despite the fact we give detailed information and the name of the house is carved in a lintel over the top middle window. There are 18 properties in our road and only on one side - it's pure laziness and lack of care on behalf of the delivery drivers - others manage very well.

        Wouldn't swap our posties for anything and I'd much rather pay a little extra for delivery and have things brought by Royal Mail than some poor so and so who has an impossible delivery timetable to keep for what amounts to less than national minimum wage.



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          Good morning all.

          We split Christmas between us at work Caroline. One has a few days before and the other after and over NY. I usually have the before because of lack of time due to events and getting to Cornwall even if we are not there over Christmas need to visit.

          We were in Rickmansworth yesterday visiting Daughter #3 and family. Today I have to go into town for an appointment and get a couple of things, not the best idea it's the last market before Chistmas, it will be heaving. Have to park on the outskirts and walk in no chance of getting into Sainsburys at 10am today. This afternoon will be finishing the big clean, not much to do and topping up last weeks with a hoover and flick of the duster. Have a mountain of gifts to wrap, mince pies to make, a bit of ironing Pete has done the rest but he hates wrestling with the sheets and my odds tops as he puts it LOL I want to make a wreath for the front door too. Have tomorrow as well to get it all done, then Saturday at my parents and Sunday off to Cornwall.

          Apparently we have two parcels arriving today but Pete will be home to take them in. Got a fig tree arriving for our friend too so hope that turns up before we go, should do.

          Hope Shelley is recovering well and out of hospital. Sure she just needs some peace and quiet to help her get well again.

          Hope you are recovered too Dave and everyone's backs are better.

          Got to go, catch everyone later. Have a good day all.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Well I am delighted to say that my parcel has beeen delivered safely - I did get a notification about 10.30 that delivery would be attempted between 11.00am and 1.00pm. The delivery man must have been here before as he didn't knock on the front door, but came round to the side - frightened the wotsits out of the cat lazing on my chair when he knocked! Have to extend congratulations to the courier company.



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              Afternoon all

              All ok my end, man flu has had second thoughts.
              Nothing much on the cutting board, just cutting a Harry Clarke for something to do, always wanted to cut this image but every pub dom file on the net has been so compressed that its not clear and very blocky once enlarged to A3 so I sourced the original 1925 edition of the book and photographed the actual pages, tidied them up and printed I can cut it A3 but its about 60 hours worth.
              Just awaiting one delivery, some conservation grade glue from an artist supplier.
              Just taking it easy until the holiday period is over.
              Hope Shelley is okay...
              Hope everyone else are well..



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                Evening all,

                Just a quick hello, I am out of hospital and at home recovering. Taking things slowly and resting. I will pop in tomorrow morningish and tell you more about what happened.

                Hope you are all ok.

                Have a good night's sleep.