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Sunday 15th

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  • Sunday 15th

    Morning all

    Completed the 2 mounts and framing yesterday. 1 to do for his Birthday in April but may get that done this week.

    Made a decision to start blogging again in the NY as know an image with a URL gets picked up by Google and drives traffic. May make a start on some posts now and schedule throughout January. A commitment I know but do not have to do every week just when I feel like it.

    Not much else to report, no more sales atm, may add a cut off date for Xmas delivery onto Folksy.

    Your deco's are looking good Mo wonderful display.

    Linda hope you took it easy yesterday.

    Dave more cutting or winding down now?

    Shelley did you get everything done?

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning All! dry and breezy and although it feels chilly, there's a different feel to things this morning. Might just be because I got up later, but there's already a lot of activity in the garden with birds and squirrels out and about.

    Yesterday, another boring day with not much achieved. Starting to think I need to make myself do things as its the inactivity that's making me feel so sluggish and "not bothered".

    Today, got laundry in the machine, hopefully do another load as my craft table cover and a couple of very large towels have been "in the queue" for some time. Not sure what else as don't want to overdo the back and I'm still coughing when I start moving around, but there's lots of bits to be sorted out and packed away around the house, and the cards for a few neighbours still need to be dropped through letter boxes.

    Caroline - glad the framing got done yesterday - another item crossed off the list
    Mo - hope the day in the shop isn't too tedious.
    Dave - how's the lurgy? Hope you've shaken it off.
    Shelley - didn't post yesterday - hope you're OK.



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      Linda I know what you mean, drifting this morning and Lee suggested we do the cleaning downstairs instead of Monday. Cleaning done. Lee is now outside sweeping up propellors from the 2 trees. Leaves gone but these things now are all over the grass.

      Just sorted some new stationary fro next year and bought some Valentines designs.

      Enjoy the rest of your day x


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        Afternoon all....

        Just been out with the dog, river is up again, park is flooded.
        Off to see Jessica, grand number one later, its her birthday on the 18th but she’s around 40 miles away, at school, her mum is a single parent that works day shifts so don’t see her as much.
        Got some cutting on the go, just to keep the fingers nimble...
        Having a quiet Christmas this year, only Amy and my mum coming...
        Went to HobbyC yesterday and stocked up on frames...
        Apart from all that, nothing doing this end....



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          Afternoon all,

          Dry, bright but cold here, yesterday it rained most of the day quite heavily at times.

          Caroline good idea to restart the blog, it reminds me I must do something about my website in the NY. I have been relying on FB too much.

          Linda I am sure you will get back into the swing of things once you have shaken off the remains of the bug. Just take it slowly and you will get your get up and go back.

          Dave enjoying time with family over the next few weeks, the NY will come round quick enough and normality will return.

          Mo enjoying your beautiful tree and decorations once you get back from the shop? Feet up with a glass of something.

          I didn't get time yesterday to pop in, my friend from spain is arriving today for quick overnight visit before she goes back tomorrow, really only squeezing a visit in for my birthday, she was over for her stepdad's funeal on the IOW. So busy getting the house presentable for guests, cleaning the loos and running around with the stick vacuum for a quick freshen up. I have taken to leaving the little dyson upstairs for those quick inbetween cleans I used to do with a broom as the cat litter gets everywhere and its not pleasant between the toes
          Going out in a minute to do the bins, first dry bit where I have time to do it.

          I did make some test xmas decos but only one of the 4 was to my liking so will make some more of those over the year ready for next xmas and give away the test ones, they are not terrible, just didn't work how I had imagined. Will do photos of everything tomorrow if I get time, its my birthday so I never know whats going to happen, mainly tree orientated.

          I think the general sense of everyone feeling like they are "drifting" is one reason Simon and I like to keep the shop going even though he has officially retired, we like the structure and I am not sure we would last very long with not many reasons to get up. Go mad I think from boredom.

          My car is almost sorted, thank you people for asking, just need a new battery.

          Take care all and have a good day.



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            Evening all.

            Steady trickle of people in the shop today. Managed to keep myself occupied. All 5 bags of 'donations' went in the bins. So short of stock not known anything like it in the six years I have been in there. Keep turning away masses of toys as I know they will be unsaleable and I don't have the room for them anyway. Very posh couple with a plum in their mouth called in with two huge boxes of bric a brac looked in them and told them it was all unsaleable so I couldn't take it. Filthy, broken, even smashed in a couple of cases. She said well put it in your bin then, I said take it home and put it in yours we have to pay for our waste to be taken away. Not happy people and they slammed the door on the way out.

            Another customer was trying to bargain the price down of something with me.
            He said how much are these.
            I said the price is on the ticket £ 7.95.
            He said I will give you £5.00.
            I said the price is £7.95.
            He said i don't want to pay £7.95.
            I said well you can't have it then.
            He paid £7.95.

            Had to wrap a few gifts tonight to go into work tomorrow and one to post. Apart from that going to do a quick cauliflower cheese with bacon and mushrooms for dinner and that's iut.

            Well done on deciding to blog again Caroline. I just can't apply myself to do it regularly enough.

            Take it easy still Linda and make a full recovery before Christmas.

            I will probably be late as always tomorrow Shelly so Happy Birthday in advance hope you have a wonderful day.

            Enjoy your visit Dave to GD No1.

            Have a good evening all.

            Mo XX
            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.