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Saturday 14th

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  • Saturday 14th

    Morning All

    Dry but cold and that wind yesterday was like a knife. Popped to the PO and that was it.

    Not sure if I mentioned but bought a couple of GOT prints for Lee, to frame for Xmas. Yesterday could not find the prints, searched high and low. Had to admit to him that I had lost them in the end. Then had a light bulb moment. We have drawers under the bed where I keep gifts etc. Pulled one out and there they were, breath. Will frame up today and cut the mounts.

    Not much else planned, HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all...

    Dry but cold here, log burner weather.
    Nothing doing today. Just need pop to town for a birthday gift for the oldest grand daughter. Might do some cutting later.
    Senior moments Caroline, my life is one big one 😁



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      Morning all! Chilly and breezy this morning, rain expected on and off most of the day.

      Yesterday, trip to the post office en route to Barton for a couple of chores. Nothing else much, bit more piecing of patchwork offcuts and catching up with TV programmes (don't know why I bother with most of them as I only have them on for background noise!).

      Today, nothing particular planned, still plenty of odd bits and bobs of clearing and packing away to be done, hopefully cranberry sauce order to be collected today. Our annual night out together tonight - acquaintances of ours doing a gig in Barton, they are excellent musicians and have a sense of humour which appeals to us so we like to go and listen. Still coughing a bit and still having to be careful with my back.

      Caroline - well done finding Lee's presents before Christmas! I bought something for K way back in August, but did remember where I'd put it so it's wrapped ready for him now
      Dave - more shopping! Hope you find something suitable without too much hassle.
      Mo - a busy day making your abode festive yesterday. Hope you managed to get everything done.
      Shelley - lost track of your activities - is the car sorted out now?



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        Evening all.

        Managed to get the tree and put up all the decorations yesterday apart from the wreath for the door. Couldn't find just a plain greenery wreath that I could add too as I usually do. I have a wicker one I might just doctor with ivy and berries. Put up the decorations in the traditional way with a bottle of fizz and Christmas music on the go.

        Shop day and fairly busy but nothing like a few years ago but made target anyway. Another day in paradise tomorrow from 10 till 4 follwed by Monday and Tuesday, then off for Christmas. Still have all the wrapping to do and must post my friends gift or it will be too late. pete tried to sort out the gifts into family boxes today but ended up with a box full over, will sort it later.

        Strictly final tonight so won't be doing much other than sat in front of the TV.

        Glad you all seem to be improving Linda, Dave and Caroline.

        Hope you have manged to get some crafting done Shelley.

        Have a good evening all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie